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The time has come once again. In September, we chose 30 of the finest fantasy freaks from around the world to participate in the world's most exclusive fantasy competition, the Premier Fantasy Championship. Each participant took the reigns of an NBA team, building around one "franchise player." At the end of the first three months, one of these GM's with a losing record will be removed and replaced with the top GM in his team's corresponding D-League (one D-League created for each NBA team, made up of 12 owners who were not selected for the original PFC). After the first full month of the season, Matt Wurst was removed as GM of the Knicks and replaced with Allen Redmon.

Now that another month is out of the way, it is time for you, the public, to decide: Who will be the second GM to be removed from the PFC?

Cast your Vote and View each GM's transaction history HERE

Although it is up to you how you vote, I have a few suggestions when determining who is no longer worthy to participate in this competition.

  • Draft. Take a look at the results of the draft here. First month aside, was this an acceptable draft?
  • Record. Only those teams with a losing record during the period are eligible to be removed from the PFC after the first month of action. Do you remove the team with the worst record? Overall record is also a consideration, but an emphasis should be put on recent production. View the standings here.
  • Schedule. Record only tells part of the story, of course. Did some teams have tough match-ups against top teams? Lineups are set once weekly, so are some losses due to games played over production? Were some match-ups closer than they appeared?
  • Transactions. After the first month of the season, we all were given a good idea of which teams needed to make improvements and which did not. Were productive changes made? Were any changes made? This league also uses an auction waiver system. Each team is limited to a $100 pool that lasts them the entire season. Waivers run every Saturday morning at 1 am ET. If a GM wants a player, they must put in a bid, not knowing how much other GM's are bidding (if they bid at all), also keeping in mind that this $100 will need to last them the season. Did the GM's make good moves? Did they overpay? Did they inevitably drop the players they overpaid for?
  • Injuries. Given that each team starts six players with a bench of two and the waiver wire rarely produces a more than marginally productive player, injuries have a significant effect. This goes both ways. Is a GM's team suffering due to injuries, but those that could have been predicted due to a player's extensive history? Were the injuries to players not typically hurt and are difficult to overcome? View all rosters here.
  • Cast your Vote and View each GM's transaction history and defense HERE
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