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    10 a.m. ET.
    Tuesday, October 31
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Re: 2006 Premier Fantasy Championship Draft
Mon., September 25, 2006
PFC Owners and General Managers
CC: NBA Fantasy Owners and General Managers


Welcome back to another season of fantasy basketball and congratulations on being selected to take part in the most exclusive fantasy, taking the Ultimate Fantasy Commissioner to the ultimate level.

As you know, you are one of 30 people selected from around the world to run an NBA fantasy team. And just like any other fantasy league, I, as your commissioner, will also be operating one of the 30 teams. Neither the Fantasy Guru himself, Jon Loomer, or NBA TV's Rick Kamla wanted to step up and be the commissioner of this league and put himself out there for public consumption, but I am ready for the challenge and my resume speaks for itself.

2006-07 PFC Draft Order
Franchise Player
1 Ruey Yen Atlanta Hawks Marvin Williams
2 James Crouch Los Angeles Clippers Tim Thomas
3 Carlos Aguilar Miami Heat Udonis Haslem
4 Daniel Kos Memphis Grizzlies Damon Stoudamire
5 Justin Esposito Milwaukee Bucks Mo Williams
6 Thomas Jones Portland Trailblazers Zach Randolph
7 Haiwei Wang Utah Jazz Carlos Boozer
8 Joel Thaw Orlando Magic Darko Milicic
9 Brian Hanson Charlotte Bobcats Gerald Wallace
10 Matt Wurst New York Knicks Stephon Marbury
11 Jerald Yearous Indiana Pacers Jermaine O'Neal
12 Eric Carmichael Phoenix Suns Boris Diaw
13 David Hughes New Jersey Nets Richard Jefferson
14 Keith Wayland Denver Nuggets Carmelo Anthony
15 Julian Cone Toronto Raptors Chris Bosh
16 Mark Gundersen Chicago Bulls Kirk Hinrich
17 Ben Falk Golden State Warriors Jason Richardson
18 Ben Swets Sacramento Kings Mike Bibby
19 Enrique Lopez San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan
20 Andrew Westerdale Detroit Pistons Chauncey Billups
21 Daniel Consing Houston Rockets Yao Ming
22 Kyle Knaub New Orleans Hornets Chris Paul
23 Mark Pion Philadelphia 76ers Allen Iverson
24 Bruce Dixon Boston Celtics Paul Pierce
25 Donald Lew Seattle Sonics Ray Allen
26 James Anderson Washington Wizards Gilbert Arenas
27 Zdenko Vranjes Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki
28 David Byrd Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant
29 Christopher Anderson Minnesota Timberwolves Kevin Garnett
30 Kris Henry Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James
So who made the cut?

This ownership group is much more diverse than the actual NBA Board of Governors. We've got nearly 10 countries represented, Baby Boomers, flower children, Gen X-ers and even a few teenagers. Professionally, we've got everything covered... an insurance agent, an attorney, teachers, students (philosophy student, meet physics grad student), a loan officer, a personal trainer, web designers and even a mediator, which may come in handy later in the season.

You are in some pretty elite company as everyone in this league has a very impressive resume. Everyone has won fantasy leagues at all levels and of all types. Celtics GM Bruce Dixon wins 50% or more of his ESPN leagues, Clippers GM James Crouch won 9 titles in 14 leagues on Yahoo!, Lakers GM David Byrd has won 80% of his leagues, Raptors GM Julian Cone won four straight leagues competing in New Zealand, and Magic GM Joel Thaw bought a laptop just to take with him on vacation to manage his teams. Oh yeah? Well, I was three-time Eastern New York Bird Calling champion from '94-'97. Ok, not really, but I am the two-time defending Office League champ, and I know more about the WNBA than anyone on the planet (which is really the secret to my success).

Hopefully by now, everyone is clear with just how this works. I know it took some time for everyone to get it... the e-mails and message board posts certainly made us question whether a few of you are "experts" as you claim, but that is in the past. You have your franchise and you have selected one player from that team as your franchise player. Based on that, we now have a draft order and can begin picking teams.

Of course, just because you made it this far does not mean your work is done. In fact, things are about to get even tougher. Remeber, when you signed on to this gig, it was for a month-to-month "contract" for the first three months of the season. If you have a record below .500 in any month, your job might be on the line. The public will decide your fate in a vote if you are one of the teams with a losing record. Each month, one owner will be fired and replaced by another applicant from the PFC Developmental League pool (even me)!

Each GM has chosen and submitted a franchise player from the actual NBA team's roster and is listed at right. Your choice will determine our league draft order based on preseason projections (see the FREE Draft Center) and our FSPI ('s fantasy rating system). The team with the best franchise player picks last; worst franchise player picks first. The Hawks kept Marvin Williams, who was the lowest-ranked player retained, while the Cavs chose Lebron James, who was the top-ranked player.

Since we hail from all over the world and adhere to different schedules, our draft will be conducted over e-mail. Picks will be made within the draft page of the league similar to a live draft, and e-mail alerts will be sent out to league members to let them know a pick has been made. Outside of the e-mail, the other main difference between an e-mail draft and a live draft is that the time limit to pick a player can be hours instead of minutes. So, it may take a week to get this done, but we'll get it done. Unfortunately, we will miss out on making fun of owners who try and draft a player who has already been selected.

The Draft begins Monday, October 2 at 10 a.m. ET.

Also, unlike your typical fantasy snake draft that goes first to last, last to first, the PFC mirrors the actual NBA. If you pick first, you'll be picking 30 picks later as well. No snake.

You were chosen by the Fantasy staff for a reason. You know your stuff. But we'll see just how much you know and how deep your knowledge goes... Each team will draft eight players. Think about that: 30 teams times eight players. That's 240 players! We may be taking NBA D-League prospects by the time we get to the end.

Our roster spots look like this: PG, SG, SF, PF, C, Util, Bench, Bench.

If you need a refresher on the rules or format or postseason, well you're already behind the 8-ball. But you can click here to get all of that.

With that, let the Draft begin... and let's hurry this thing up, already.

Good luck, Go Knicks and remember to say NO to drugs!


P.S. - For those of you who will be following along this season, I will keep a running update throughout the season of just how things are playing out. Check out The League Office for all updates and pay extra close attention because you might be selected to replace one of the owners during the year.