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League Office | Public View

Jon Loomer: First, it's me. As I'm sure you've noticed (oh, the world's noticed), I did not contribute my weekly PFC article last Wednesday. Crazy times in the NBA, my friend. Truth is, I won't be able to contribute this week or next week either. Why? Vegas, baby. Vegas. Heading to All-Star in the morning, and I have a long week of non-fantasy hoopla on my agenda.

Thing is, though, that people still care about the PFC. We need to keep the public updated. So, I thought.... We have some very intelligent people in this league. They all know fantasy (clearly). I'm assuming they can spell. Why not open the floor to the men of the PFC?

And let it be done. I invited all to cover for me, and luckily the response wasn't crickets. This week, Justin Esposito of the PFC Milwaukee Bucks will be filling in. Justin, you have the floor. Make sure to sweep it up on your way out...

by Justin Esposito of the PFC Milwaukee Bucks

The All-Star break is upon us, giving each owner an opportunity to assess their franchise’s strengths and weaknesses. No longer having to worry about being fired is a huge deal. They’re free to do what is in their best interests. When looking to trade there are three factors that these GM’s must consider.

  1. Health – There is nothing that you will hear complained about more than injuries. Do I trade Marcus Camby, Antawn Jamison, or Baron Davis at discounted rates? Or do I take the risk that they will be able to return healthy and stay healthy? Most PFC owners would rather have a player out for a set period of time than the guy with the dreaded day to day.
  2. Schedule – In leagues, like the PFC, where weekly transactions are used, scheduling is huge. If your focus is making the playoffs, the Hawks, Rockets, and Kings have the most regular season games left. If you are confident you’ll be in the playoffs you may want to look at players from the Wizards and Nuggets as those teams have the best playoff schedule.
  3. Production – In the end, if your players don’t produce it doesn’t matter if they are hurt or have a lot of games. One factor to consider is playing time. More playing time equals more production. Guys like Randy Foye and LaMarcus Aldridge look to have significantly more minutes in the second half of the season than they did in the first.


Steve Nash. Nash will now miss the All-Star Game. This is actually a nice break for fantasy owners. Nash often tires near the end of the season. The hope would be that that this extended break provides him the fresh legs he needs for the rest of the season.

Michael Redd. Michael Redd has now missed 18 games. When this injury is done he will have missed 20 games. That is because Redd will return after the All Star Break. Redd was having his best season, and his injury has devastated the Bucks team that has gone 3 – 15 without him.

Antawn Jamison. Antawn could return as early as February 22, but more likely will return at the beginning of March. Jamison is a great buy low candidate as the Wizards have a favorable playoff schedule.

Rashard Lewis. Lewis returned to action Saturday night, and with a few games under his belt is now back to must play in all fantasy formats.

Andres Nocioni. Nocioni has the dreaded plantar fasciatis. He is due back after the All-Star Break, but watch him closely as the Bulls may limit his minutes in order to ensure his long term health/trade value.

Jason Kidd. Stop reading this and go pick up Marcus Williams in any daily transaction leagues you might be in. Jason has lower back problems, and will miss the next two games and most likely the All-Star Game. Marcus Williams is now a great pickup in daily transaction leagues. I hope you got him.

Mo Williams. Mo re-aggravated his left shoulder injury, and he is questionable for the Bucks two games this week. Mo is a warrior, and he will play if he is able. Check to see if he plays tonight before putting him in your lineup tomorrow.

Baron Davis. Davis will undergo left knee surgery, and is out at least two weeks. It was just a matter of time.

Match-up of the week

Dallas Mavericks vs. Minnesota Timberwolves
In a match-up of two Western Conference likely playoff bound foes. These teams would actually meet if the playoffs started today. Both teams shook off injuries and battled to a narrow 5 to 3 victory for Dallas. Dallas was without Baron Davis whose injury announcement came too late to get him out of the lineup. The point guard heavy Dallas franchise that normally dominates assists was not able to pull that category this week. They were able to pull down the rebounds category by 10 and the blocks category by two due to the fact that Tony Battie missed three games with a bone chip in his right thumb.

Visitor Wins Home Wins
Denver Nuggets 6 Detroit Pistons 2
Atlanta Hawks 5 Cleveland Cavaliers 3
Charlotte Bobcats 6 Indiana Pacers 2
Orlando Magic 4 Chicago Bulls 3
Washington Wizards 7 Milwaukee Bucks 1
Miami Heat 8 New York Knicks 0
Toronto Raptors 6 New Jersey Nets 2
Boston Celtics 5 Philadelphia 76ers 3
Utah Jazz 5 New Orleans/OK Hornets 3
Memphis Grizzlies 0 Seattle SuperSonics 7
Dallas Mavericks 5 Minnesota Timberwolves 3
Portland Trailblazers 7 San Antonio Spurs 1
Phoenix Suns 5 Golden State Warriors 3
Sacramento Kings 4 Los Angeles Clippers 4
Houston Rockets 4 Los Angeles Lakers 4

League Moves

In the never ending game of musical fantasy players …

The Minnesota Timberwolves add Shareef Abdur-Rahim for $32 and drop Brian Cook
Waiver wire money remaining: $14
Analysis: No team has more games left than the Kings, but will SAR’s knees allow him to play in them or will he sit on his injury throne? His eligibility at SF, PF, and C is a nice bonus.

The Milwaukee Bucks add J.J. Redick for $7 and drop Darrell Armstrong
Waiver wire money remaining: $64
Analysis: A little over 12 points and almost two threes for J.J. in his last five games, but will his playing time disappear as the Magic regain their health? Darrell Armstrong could be a player to watch with Tinsley’s propensity to miss games.

The Orlando Magic add Trevor Ariza for $3 and drop Darius Songalia
Waiver wire money remaining: $7
Analysis: Maybe a week or two early stashing Ariza away, but Songalia won’t be missed.

The Boston Celtics add Doug Christie for $2 and drop Nate Robinson
Waiver wire money remaining: $21
Analysis: Has anybody seen Doug Christie’s reality show? Maybe that’s why he’s back in the NBA, or he needed a break from his wife. So, I have seen the show!

The Los Angeles Lakers add Damien Wilkins for $2 and drop Ersan Ilyasova
Waiver wire money remaining: $10
Analysis: In Bob Hill’s quest to make a dollar out of 59 cents he has changed the rotation yet again. This week's beneficiary Damien Wilkins. This could be grand theft, but more than likely just the flavor of this week with Rashard Lewis back in the lineup.

The Houston Rockets add Eduardo Najera for $2 and drop Quinton Ross
Waiver wire money remaining: $67
Analysis: If Camby or Nene is out Najera can be a nice role player for a fantasy team. If they are healthy he’s a nice role player for an NBA team.

The Miami Heat add Lawrence Roberts for $1 and drop Jannero Pargo
Waiver wire money remaining: $70
Analysis: If Pau Gasol gets traded Roberts could be a nice addition. With Chris Paul’s return Pargo was an easy subtraction.

The Chicago Bulls add Sarunas Jasikevicius for $1 and drop Rashad McCants
Waiver wire money remaining: $63
Analysis: With Baron Davis out Sarunas can put up nice PG numbers for a fantasy team, and fortunately for Sarunas owners his defense or lack there of won’t count against you. A great pickup.

The Philadelphia 76ers add Joey Graham and Brian Cardinal for $1 each and drop Michael Finley and Craig Smith
Waiver wire money remaining: $4
Analysis: I have no idea on why Finley was dropped for either of these guys. Mark Pion, the 76ers owner, likes to explain things and he will have his opportunity here.

Doug Christie is seemingly back from the dead and on a PFC roster.
(Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images)

PFC Quick Facts
The PFC is a global fantasy basketball competition with 30 of the world's best players vying for the title.
More than 9,000 people worldwide applied for the opportunity to compete.
Each participant is the fantasy general manager for an NBA team. Each GM picked a franchise player from their assigned team and built their roster - with players from any other NBA team - from there.
Every general manager has selected eight players for their fantasy squad.
Participants run the risk of losing their spot in the competition should they underperform. The public votes who will lose their job, and another top applicant will take over as a new GM.
For more in-depth information on the PFC, read here.

Overall Records

Eastern Conference

Detroit Pistons 62 55 3
Milwaukee Bucks 63 56 1
Cleveland Cavaliers 58 60 2
Indiana Pacers 57 60 3
Chicago Bulls 41 75 4

Toronto Raptors 66 53 1
Boston Celtics 63 54 3
Philadelphia 76ers 58 56 6
New Jersey Nets 50 65 5
New York Knicks 30 86 4

Miami Heat 85 33 2
Atlanta Hawks 73 46 1
Charlotte Bobcats 71 47 2
Washington Wizards 66 54 0
Orlando Magic 60 56 4

Western Conference

Portland Trailblazers 83 35 2
Utah Jazz 72 47 1
Denver Nuggets 65 51 4
Minnesota Timberwolves 60 57 3
Seattle SuperSonics 54 63 3

Phoenix Suns 57 61 2
Sacramento Kings 52 64 4
Los Angeles Lakers 51 66 3
Golden State Warriors 49 68 3
Los Angeles Clippers 45 72 3

Dallas Mavericks 70 48 2
Houston Rockets 59 57 4
San Antonio Spurs 50 67 3
Memphis Grizzlies 48 70 2
New Orleans/OK Hornets 41 77 2