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What strategy did you use that helped you succeed in Pick One Challenge?
The first priority is to pick hot players who are playing above their head (example - Jamal Crawford during specific periods last year). Second priority is to pick players who are getting extra playing time because of injuries (John Salmons & Francisco Garcia). From mid-march start using all the starts you have not used yet, and in the final weeks concentrate on rookies and players on very weak teams that are experimenting with young players.

What strategy did you use that helped you succeed in NBA Stock Exchange?
Buy players before back-to-back games, sell them afterwards. Try to put all your budget on the court every day, but only use players that you can reasonably expect to give you at least 35 points. Always do your trading at the opening of the trading floor (be prepared!!!). Use the draft to make money (draft players to sell them a couple of days later - don't be loyal). Don't fall too far behind, or ahead of the pace. A few games ahead of pace is ideal. Most important - make sure you know who is currently hot, who is playing, and who is injured.

How will your induction into the NBA.com Fantasy Basketball Hall of Fame change your life?
Are you kidding me? The second inductee into the Hall of Fame? My life is complete now! I am going to retire to a small island in the pacific, where all my fans cannot find me (female fans - write me for the exact address), and live off my prize money.

Induction Speech:
Ahem. Is this thing on?

Two years ago, if someone had asked me to talk of my fantasy achievements, I would not think they were talking about sports (well, not this kind of sports anyway).

This is a relatively new addiction for me, and it seems I reached the peak of my career pretty quickly, so I guess it's time to go into rehab. Immediately after the playoffs. I swear. Really. Besides, I can stop any time I want to.

It's not like NBA Fantasy has any negative side effects - I don't like to sleep at night anyway. And I don't have anything better to do at work than sit waiting for the NBASE trading floor to open, repeatedly hitting the refresh button. And of course there is no better reading than boxscores and player news. Let me just pause a minute to refresh the player news page, I still need to pick my Drive to the Finals player for tonight. There, I'm back.

I really don't see why people look at me strangely when I organize my transatlantic flights so that I will be online at a specific hour. Don't they understand how much money I could lose if I don't sell Stephen Jackson in time? If not, there must be something wrong with them!!! They probably picked Elton Brand in the draft and stayed with him all season. Or they may be one of these strange people who play for the monthly prize. Some people have no endurance, I tell you.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who contributed to my success: The people who followed the "expert" advice on nba.com/fantasy, the people who did not plan for the long term in Pick One and picked all the all-stars before the All-Star Game, and the people who planned for the long term in NBASE.

I also want to thank all the enablers for my addiction: nba.com, rotowire and rotoworld (who are those people who put in the player updates anyway?), and the forum members, who gave me the feeling I am not alone, am not the most childish man in the world (not by a long shot, it appears), and helped my ego when I was not in the top of the rankings by showing that I was on pace to get there, as long as I did not take any days off. Zayfe and Silvio, thank you, you really deserve it.

Finally, I want to thank Kobe, LeBron, CP3, Superman, Nash and the rest of the NBA players, without whom, following the NBA would be boring (well, technically there wouldn't be an NBA, but you know what I mean).

The NBA - where me in the Hall Of Fame happens!

Yossi Tamari Quick Facts
Age: 37

Induction Year: 2008

City/State/Country: Raanana, Israel

Education: B.Sc. Computer Science, Technion, Israel

Occupation: CTO - BackFlip Software

Years Playing Fantasy Basketball: 2 years

Other Fantasy Sports Played: None

Favorite NBA Team: LA Lakers (at the moment)

Favorite NBA Player: Steve Nash

Claim to Fame: Best Combined Rank for 2007-08 NBA Stock Exchange and Pick One Challenge fantasy games on NBA.com