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Posted by By Jon Loomer on June 14, 2006 10:01 a.m. ET


Ah, sweet redemption.

The typical person, after failure after countless failure, would change the strategy that led to said failures. Me? I'm stubborn.

Although we needed the points in Games 1 and 2, I told you to wait on Wade. Although I had nothing statistically from the playoffs to back this up, I said that Wade was most likely to put up his big games at home.

Do you hear that patting noise? That's my back.

And when given the option of picking Wade or Shaq for Game 3, I said it had to be Wade. Big players step up in big games. This is Wade's team, and the Heat need a victory at home.


Wade puts up a stunning 57 PRA in a classic NBA Playoff battle. Suddenly, the Experts shoot up to 148th place and 26 points from the Top 50.

Will we make it? I'm holding out hope. Especially considering we still haven't used Shaq, we've got a shot. Game 3 was Wade's time to shine. Maybe, just maybe, Game 4 will be all Shaq's.

It should be noted that the overall leader picked Wade last night. That person just seems to make all of the right picks. They are firmly entrenched in first place, and barring a disaster should take home the grand prize.

It should also be noted that 33 of the top 50 teams picked Wade last night. What does that tell me? It tells me that the strategy we've been preaching is the right one to follow. Clearly, these individuals also saved Wade despite the urge to use him early on. Use the underdogs, save the studs on the favorites. It works.

Another pleasant development is the emergence (re-emergence?) of Erick Dampier. He has been invisible from a fantasy perspective, and even considering our lack of options at this point he was considered a last resort. Now? I like him for Game 6 -- if there is one -- back in Dallas.

The plan otherwise is to take Shaq for Game 4 and Jason Williams for Game 5. Home games, best players we have left on the Heat.

And now that we have another viable Mavs player to pick from, we suddenly can go six games without sweating. Seven? Well, that may raise our body temperature a bit. At that point, we're scouring through Gary Payton, Keith Van Horn, Adrian Griffin, etc.....

But for now, allow the Experts bask in the glow of our own genius.

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