Drive to the Finals Expert Pick: 4/23/08
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By Rob Peterson

For my money, no movie has a better opening 13 minutes than Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I mean, just look at what you get in that quarter hour:

-- conniving sidekicks
-- poison darts ("Still fresh! Three days!")
-- the crack of a whip which announces one of the greatest character intros ever as Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones steps from the shadow into the light
-- caves
-- tarantulas
-- impaled corpses
-- chasms
-- more darts
-- a golden idol, a bag of sand (but not enough sand)
-- even more darts
-- deception from said conniving sidekick which nearly renders our hero dead
-- a leap back over the chasm
-- a slide under the door that would entomb him
-- a newly impaled corpse
-- a gigantic stone that nearly rolls over Indy
-- a plunge through cobwebs and at the feet of a local tribe whose idol you've just pilfered.

Top it off with an evil, rival archeologist who looks like he went to a prep school with an attitude to match ("Again we see that there is nothing that you possess that I cannot take away.") and finally a chase into a plane with a gigantic snake.

"I hate snakes, Jock. I hate 'em."

Ah, Indy, seemingly indestructible, but human.

Joe Johnson faces a simlar task in Game 2 against the Celtics in Boston on Wednesday (8 p.m. ET, TNT). Going into Boston against the Celtics smothering D is akin to Indy heading into that cave at the opening of Raiders. It's going to take guile, guts and a little gumption to get a decent numbers.

Johnson and teammate Al Horford each emerged from the Game 1 shellacking with a 32 PRA. And while Horford wouldn't be a bad pick for Game 2, we're going to go with the vet with a chip on his shoulder (drafted by Boston and Paul Pierce openly questioned Johnson's All-Star selection).

The Hawks may not come out winners in Game 2, but Johnson could bring out a golden PRA from Boston's house of horrors.

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Joe Johnson, ATLWhen: Wednesday, April 23 at 7:30 p.m. ET
Opponent: @ Boston
Pts: 21.7 Reb: 4.5 Ast: 5.8
Regular Season Average PRA: 32.0
Yesterday's Pick: Chris Bosh, TOR
Expert Pick Playoffs Total: 105
Expert Pick Archive
1. Allen Iverson, DEN @ LAL (36.5 PRA)
2. Al Horford, ATL @ BOS (21.3 PRA)
3. Rasheed Wallace, PHI @ DET (21.1 PRA)
If you want to go with Iverson, that's your choice. He may be a very good choice. He may be a better selection, however, if the Nuggets return to Denver down 2-0. Then you'll need to use him. But he is a viable alternative. Considering he had a nifty 34 PRA in his first game against the Sixers, Rasheed Wallace could be your pick too. Of course, that's if you think you need to use a Piston right now.
We think Joe Johnson's fantasy goblet will overflow in Game 2 against the Celtics.
(Scott Cunningham/Getty Images/NBAE)

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