Early in the draft...

Tony Potts: "Two all-star point guards? It's over kids!!"

Later in the draft...

Bill Simmons: "Could somebody break the news to Tony that we have to start a center in this league?"

Bill Simmons: "Tony's team is sponsored by California Donuts."

What do celebrities know about fantasy basketball?

Shouldn't they be on red carpets, on TV and at the hottest parties that we regular people don't attend?

Apparently not. Twelve celebrities are participating in the third annual NBA Cares Celebrity Fantasy League. Theses celebrities will face off in weekly head-to-head matchups, focused on bringing home the title in April. Sure, everyone wants to win, but the celebs will also receive money to give toward their selected charity at the end of the season. The amount of money he receives is dependent upon his final place in the standings.

Each owner drafted a 13-player roster comprised of three guards, three forwards, one center, two utility players, and four bench players. The settings include weighted categories, which award more points for scoring boards, blocks, assists and steals.

Participants: (and first round selection)

Two buddies, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, will battle it out in the Celeb League!

1. Kenny Smith - LeBron James - CLE [SF]
2. Donald Faison - Kevin Garnett - BOS [PF]
3. Zach Gilford - Shawn Marion - PHX [SF,PF]
4. Adam McKay - Gilbert Arenas - WAS [PG]
5. Bernie Mac - Kobe Bryant - LAL [SG]
6. James Denton - Josh Smith - ATL [SG,SF]
7. Spike Lee - Steve Nash - PHX [PG]
8. Tony Potts - Jason Kidd - NJN [PG]
9. Bill Simmons - Dwyane Wade - MIA [SG]
10. Will Ferrell - Dirk Nowitzki - DAL [PF]
11. Samuel L. Jackson - Amare Stoudemire -PHX [C]
12. George Lopez - Andre Iguodala - PHI [SG,SF]

See the full rosters here!