All-NBA First Fantasy Team presented by Sirius: Through December

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Each month, we will chart the top fantasy performers at each position according to the Fantasy Sports Performance Index. When the regular season comes to a close, we will hand out the hardware in the following categories: Most Valuable Player, Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, Center, Rookie of the Year, and Bounce-Back Player of the Year. For more information on the awards and how they are determined, go here.

Injuries, suspensions and trades have changed the All-NBA Fantasy landscape in only a month. Rashard Lewis has fallen from the top spot in the MVP race and has been replaced by Gilbert Arenas. The Lamar Odom injury has helped Kobe Bryant -- as he continues to recover from his own injury -- emerge as an All-NBA candidate. Andre Iguodala is "the man" now in Philadelphia, launching him into fantasy stardom. Carmelo Anthony sits and his rating plummets.

Stats through:
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Most Valuable Player
Player NameFGFTPtsRebAstStlBlk3sFSPI
Gilbert Arenas.439.82730.
Shawn Marion.518.85619.
Steve Nash.532.88920.
Dwyane Wade.479.81227.
Kevin Garnett.482.81321.712.

Point Guards
Player NameFGFTPtsRebAstStlBlk3sFSPI
Gilbert Arenas.439.82730.
Steve Nash.532.88920.
Jason Kidd.416.82413.
Baron Davis.434.73121.
C. Billups.429.87918.

Shooting Guards
Player NameFGFTPtsRebAstStlBlk3sFSPI
Dwyane Wade.479.81227.
Kobe Bryant.475.84928.
Michael Redd.470.84927.
Vince Carter.448.80525.
Paul Pierce.458.80126.

Small Forwards
Player NameFGFTPtsRebAstStlBlk3sFSPI
Shawn Marion.518.85619.
LeBron James.484.70527.
Rashard Lewis.488.90121.
Caron Butler.485.87620.
Andre Iguodala.485.81816.

Power Forwards
Player NameFGFTPtsRebAstStlBlk3sFSPI
Kevin Garnett.482.81321.712.
Dirk Nowitzki.492.89923.
Elton Brand.545.75019.
A. Jamison.463.78219.
Carlos Boozer.539.71121.511.

Player NameFGFTPtsRebAstStlBlk3sFSPI
Yao Ming.522.86725.
Tim Duncan.561.63320.410.
Dwight Howard.569.66716.912.
Jermaine O'Neal.464.73119.310.
Marcus Camby.494.70411.811.

Top Rookies
Player NameFGFTPtsRebAstStlBlk3sFSPI
Jorge Garbajosa.437.7509.
Paul Millsap.569.7006.
S. Williams.448.8436.
Andrea Bargnani.398.8129.
Randy Foye.451.8478.

Bounce Back Player
Player NameFGFTPtsRebAstStlBlk3sFSPI
A. Stoudemire.621.76517.
Andris Biedrins.627.56010.
David Lee.625.76910.610.
Matt Barnes.480.76110.
Emeka Okafor.512.56415.

Award Explanation | Read the Monthly Article

Bryant and Iguodala have emerged as All-NBA candidates.
(Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images)

Award Details
Award Determination: All awards are based on player fantasy performance in's FSPI. FSPI determines the best all-around fantasy players in standard eight category leagues, weighing averages and totals equally. Players are compared to the league average and league maximum to determine dominance in each category.

Position Eligibility: Position eligibility is based off of Ultimate Fantasy Commissioner eligibility. Within that game, a player is eligible at a particular position if he started 10 games there last year or this year. Since many players qualify at multiple positions, players are shifted around to make the best possible All-NBA Fantasy Team.