October 11, 2007
No place like home . . . no place like home . . -- Boston Herald Sports
London balling: Allen's big game helps carry KG, Pierce -- Boston Herald Sports

October 10, 2007
Big Al Has Their Attention -- Boston Herald Sports
Perkins Front, Center -- Boston Herald Sports
Allen Takes a Strange Route to His Routes -- The Boston Globe

October 9, 2007
In Wolves Clothing -- Boston Herald Sports
Being a Brit's All Mixed Up -- Boston Herald Sports
Back Dancing With Wolves -- The Boston Globe

October 8, 2007
1st game goes on growth chart -- Boston Herald Sports
London calling - as are ex-teammates -- The Boston Globe
Rivers flooded with joy -- Boston Herald Sports

October 7, 2007
Celtics build a bond in ancient Rome -- The Boston Globe
Celts impress in opening act -- The Boston Globe
Garnett leads Celtics to first preseason win -- ESPN

October 6, 2007
Celts stars make a point -- Boston Herald Sports
All-Star trio growing up overseas -- The Boston Globe
Garnett gives rookies some treatment -- Boston Herald Sports

October 5, 2007
Four players focus on making Celtics -- The Boston Globe
Sights, sounds and smells of Italy -- ESPN
For starters, they’re much improved -- Boston Herald Sports

October 4, 2007
New motto promotes team success -- Boston Herald Sports
Green in Italy: Five observations on traveling Celtics -- ESPN
Garnett firing up his new team, makes himself at home in Rome -- ESPN

October 3, 2007
Doc makes point on guard shortage -- Boston Herald Sports
Growing pains for this 'Baby' -- Boston Herald Sports

October 2, 2007
Garnett to face former team in London as part of NBA exhibition tour -- CBS Sportsline
Trio tries some fancy footwork -- Boston Herald Sports
Ray Allen likes idea of NBA expanding overseas -- The Globes and Mail Boston

October 1, 2007
No time for C’s to relax - Right to work in Italy -- Boston Herald Sports
Celtics were the league’s biggest winners in offseason -- MSN NBC
Matter of practice for Garnett -- The Boston Globe

September 27,2007
Celtics Add Two As They Set Off For Europe -- The Boston Globe

September 25, 2007
Pierce hopes Europe trip will help team gel with Garnett, Allen -- The Boston Globe
Pierce hopes to build chemistry with K.G., Allen on trip to Europe -- CBS Sportsline
With Burden Lifted, Reborn Pierce Excited to Start Camp -- Boston Celtics

September 13, 2007
Doc Rivers, Boston Celtics: Conference Call

September 12, 2007
Rivers Relishes Training Camp Euro Trip -- Boston Celtics

October 11, 2007
Golden Generation returns home to hero's welcome - Globe and Mail
Playoff atmosphere welcomes Grizzlies and Raptors -Globe and Mail

October 10, 2007
Garbajosa, Calderon Share Special Bond - Globe and Mail
Bosh Has Sore Knee -Globe and Mail
Garbajosa, Calderon Excited to Play Host in Spain - Toronto Star
Calderon, Garbajosa Don't Mind Extra Hype - Toronto Sun
A Love it, hate it, Eurotour may be biennial event - Toronto Star
Raptors Open To Playing Games Overseas Every Other Year - SportsBusiness Daily

October 9, 2007
Small-Forward Position Remains a Question Mark - Globe and Mail
Raptors Say 'Arrivederci' - Toronto Star
Calderon, Garbajosa Don't Mind Extra Hype - Toronto Sun
A $24-Million Bench-Warmer - Toronto Sun

October 8, 2007
Rusty Bosh takes one step at a time -- Toronto Star
Five observations on the Raptors' return 'home' -- ESPN
Raptors not liking everything they see -- The Globe and Mail Toronto

October 7, 2007
Bargnani uneasy being home -- Toronto Star
Raptors now all friends -- Toronto Star
Raptors, Celtics put on more than just an exhibition game -- The Globe and Mail Toronto

October 6, 2007
Nesterovic not rocking the boat -- Toronto Star
Friday Raptors mail bag -- Toronto Star
Raptors exercise option on Bargnani -- The Globe and Mail Toronto

October 5, 2007
Sam Smith on Wealth -- ESPN
Bargnani making strides on and off the court -- The Globe and Mail Toronto
D the key for uptempo Raps -- Toronto Sun

October 4, 2007
Raptors Q&A --Toronto Star
Fans, and pigeons, flock to see roaming tourists -- Toronto Star
Hollinger's Team Forecast: Toronto Raptors -- ESPN

October 3, 2007
Raps embrace Italy's charm --Toronto Sun
Raptors smiling all the way to the bank -- The Globe and Mail Toronto

October 2, 2007
Forget Venice, Ford says, I'm just here to work hard --Toronto Star
Joyful afternoon in Italy -- Toronto Star
Raps' working holiday continues -- Toronto Star

October 1, 2007
Bargnani appears poised to flourish on centre stage -- Toronto Sun
Ford sees stars on horizon -- Toronto Sun

September 29, 2007
Raptors bound for Europe -- The Globe and Mail Toronto

September 27, 2007
Bargnani Still Growing As He Heads Home
Andrea Bargnani Conference Call -- Toronto Sun

September 26, 2007
Bargnani Looking Forward To Having Training Camp In Italy -- Toronto Raptors

September 25, 2007
Bargnani will be in demand - Toronto Sun
Smith: Nothin' but (Inter)Net -- Toronto Star

September 20, 2007
Jose Ready For Camp
Jose Calderon Conference Call
Calderon Can't Wait For Camp -- The Globe and Mail

October 11, 2007
K.G.'s new era starts well-Minnesota Twin Cities.com
Some familiar, some oh-so-strange -Star Tribune

October 10, 2007
New Wolves Credit Celtics for Giving Them Taste of NBA -Star Tribune
Slew of Ankle Injuries Keep Roster in Flux -Star Tribune

October 9, 2007
Timberwolves Get Their First Chance to Face Kevin Garnett - St. Paul Pioneer Press
Ryan Gomes Pleases Randy Wittman - St. Paul Pioneer Press
Wolves wowed by crowds in Turkey -- Star Tribune

October 8, 2007
London calling - as are ex-teammates -- The Boston Globe and Mail

October 7, 2007
Minnesota Timberwolves fend off late rally in Turkey -- Minnesota Twin Cities.com
Two newcomers spark Wolves' exhibition victory -- Minneapolis Star Tribune
Timberwolves beat Turkish team Efes Pilsen 84-81 in Istanbul -- Minnesota Twin Cities.com

October 6, 2007
Madsen says he will return in 5 or 6 weeks -- Minnesota Twin Cities.com
Wolves: Coach looks for multitaskers -- Minneapolis Star Tribune

October 5, 2007
Craig Smith and Chris Richard could vie for time at power forward -- Minnesota Twin Cities.com
Wolves: Rookie Richard makes nice with the rims -- Minneapolis Star Tribune
Giving Back -- Minnesota Twin Cities.com

October 4, 2007
Gimpy McCants sits -- Minnesota Twin Cities.com
Wolves keep court date, meet with young Turks -- Minneapolis Star Tribune

October 3, 2007
Minnesota Timberwolves' Craig Smith improves strength, stamina -- Minnesota Twin Cities.com
Wolves: Practice is predictable, hotel life bland -- Minnesota Twin Cities.com

October 2, 2007
First update from Turkey -- Minnesota Twin Cities.com
Minnesota Timberwolves' trip to Turkey is 'breathtaking' ... and tedious -- Minnesota Twin Cities.com

September 29, 2007
Generation next - Timberwolves begin future without their Big Ticket -- CNN Sports Illustrated
Rashad McCants believes it'll take everyone on the Timberwolves..... -- Minnesota Twin Cities.com

September 28, 2007
Wolves Bring NBA Cares to Istanbul

September 25, 2007
Wolves: Camp will open with surplus - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Randy Wittman, Minnesota Timberwolves: Conference Call
Randy Foye, Minnesota Timberwolves: Conference Call

September 24, 2007
Timberwolves Go Camping Abroad for Preseason

October 10, 2007
Griz have to pound the boards - Commercial Appeal
Griz, Raptors learn lesson in intensity - Commercial Appeal

October 10, 2007
Grizzlies Fall in Preseason Opener to Malaga - Commercial Appeal
Precocious Conley Gets Hang of Things - Commercial Appeal

October 9, 2007
Defense integral to Grizzlies' plans - Commercial Appeal
Ex-Hog Jefferson Uses Trip as Chance to Learn - Commercial Appeal
Darko Milicic Seems to Be Fitting in With Grizzlies -- Detroit Free Press

October 8, 2007
Michael Conley: “I’m Having a Good Time”
Grizzlies help with anniversary -- Memphis Commercial Appeal

October 7, 2007
Grizzlies in Spain Hometown heroes -- Memphis Commercial Appeal
Lowry returns; Swift tweaks knee -- Memphis Commercial Appeal

October 6, 2007
Players visit sick kids at Spanish hospital -- Memphis Commercial Appeal

October 5, 2007
Jacobsen improved game while starring in Europe -- Memphis Commercial Appeal
Iavaroni's days in Spain fond, not-so-fond -- Memphis Commercial Appeal
Versatile offseason acquisitions give Iavaroni several different lineup options -- Memphis Commercial Appeal

October 4, 2007
Strength in reserve -- Memphis Commercial Appeal

October 3, 2007
Griz hope positive attitude leads them -- Memphis Commercial Appeal
Lowry's ankle keeps improving -- Memphis Commercial Appeal

October 2, 2007
Perhaps it's always Darko before the dawn for new Grizzly -- Memphis Commercial Appeal

September 29, 2007
There's nothing hopeless about the Grizzlies this season -- Memphis Commercial Appeal
Unlike last year, Griz healthy and raring to go -- Memphis Commercial Appeal

September 28, 2007
Pau Gasol’s thoughts on the upcoming season... -- Memphis Commercial Appeal

September 27, 2007
Pau Gasol, Memphis Grizzlies: Conference Call

September 20, 2007
Marc Iavaroni, Memphis Grizzlies: Conference Call