The list of stores participating to the tourney is as following:
- Madrid . C.C. Plaza Norte (SS de los Reyes) - Day 14th July
- Madrid. C/General Yagüe, 52 - Day 23th June
- Madrid. C/Fray Luis de León, 14 - Day 23th June
- Getafe . Plaza Canto Redondo. 3 - Day 23th June
- Leganés. C/Madrid, 16 - Day 23thJune
- Guadalajara. Virgen de la Soledad, 26 - Day 23th June
- Segovia .Plaza de Somorrostro, 13 - Day 23th June
- Velez Málaga. C/Cervantes, 13 - Day 23th June
- Granada . C/Alhamar, 23 - Day 23th June
- Granada. CC Carrefour - Day 23th June
- Motril. C/Nueva,37 - Day 23th June
- Lucena. C/Jaime, 16 - Day 23th June
- Algeciras, C/Sevilla,15 (Plaza Neda) - Day 23th June
- Cádiz. Avda Andalucía, 92 - Day 23th June
- Cádiz. C/Ancha, 1 - Day 23th June
- Chiclana, Alameda del Río, 2 - Day 23th June
- Chiclana. Avda. Descubrimientos, 124 - Day 23th June
- Cartagena. CC.Parque Mediterraneo - Day 23th June

An average of 30 persons per store participated to the gaming tourney activation. However, the number of participants changed significantly from one store to another. Some of the stores attracted a higher number of participants whereas some others were visited by a less number of players. But, finally, the average number of participants per store was about 30 persons.

Stores were very satisfied from the gaming tourney activation. This activation enabled them to gain new clients. Through this activation, they had the chance to present their new games to the visitors. They would like to organize more tournaments like this in order to take advantage of increasing traffic to the stores.

The participants were from different age categories. However, the majority of participants were between 12 and 25 years old.

The tournaments were organized in two stages: one in the morning and another one in the afternoon. The big prize for the winner of each store was a XBOX360 core system console from Microsoft.

The other prizes were as following:
2º Premium - NBA 07 Live 07 (PS2) + T-Shirt of Gamestop
3º Premium - FIFA 07 (PS2)