Málaga, SPAIN, 6 de October del 2007. The Grizzlies' third practice in Spanish territory took place in the main court of the Palacio de Deportes "Jose Mª. Martin Carpena."

In this occasion, Marc Iavaroni's team played a five-minute game focusing on an offense to defense transitional system. They also worked on plays to always leave a thrower with a clear shot from the perimeter.

Casey Jacobsen, who after playing in Germany returns to the Grizzlies in a great shape, was one of the stars of that short game. The forward almost shot to perfection all of his three-pointers.

"It is very simple to work with a coach such as Iavaroni," said Jacobsen. "He has the quality to connect with his players and can easily communicate his ideas very clearly."

The final part of this practice was animated by hundreds of young people and children, who from the stands, vigorously cheered on every free-throw a player did, especially Mike Miller's.

Afterward, more than 1000 kids took part of a basketball clinic led by NBA legend Kenny Smith. In addition, the Grizzlies also participated on a basketball clinic with special children from the Special Olympics as part of the NBA Cares initiative.

Juan Carlos Navarro had his first press conference with local media. Below is a partial transcription of it:

How do you feel training with your new team?
At the moment I feel very well. The team is very smart. We have many young players, and veterans like Damon, Mike and Pau are always making sure we don?t forget we are the rookies, but thank heavens as there has been no hazing.

How is your adaptation with the new language going?
Clearly, it is very different. During practice, I listen to words and orders that are not said in the same form as in Spanish, but I hope to improve with every day that passes. So far, Pau helps me with those terms that I do not understand yet.

What has been the most difficult part so far?
I believe it has been the language. When I am in court playing five-on-five, I feel very comfortable because it is my work and what I always believed that I did well.

What has coach Marc said to you?
I believe he trusts me. He has seen me play often, and at the moment I believe that he is very happy. We have a great team, which seeing it so close just confuses me more on how they had such bad season last time around. This is a team with a lot of talent. We want to do have a great season and get to the playoffs.