MŠlaga, SPAIN, Oct. 8 -- The Memphis Grizzlies selected Michael Conley with the fourth overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft. Conley gives the Grizzlies great depth at the point guard spot. He is trying to catch up with coach Marc Iavaroniís system as quick as possible, and, with Damon Stoudamire, he has a great mentor to develop his game and make a smooth adjustment to the league.

NBA.com spoke with Conley right after the team's practice in Malaga, Spain, as part of the NBA Europe Live training camp.

How you can help the Grizzlies to become a better team for this season?
I think my playmaker skills, my ways to get my teammates open, the way I get a 100 perecent of each of my teammates I think that helps out. With the team chemistry on and off the court will allow this team to be more successful.

What do you looking forward the most for your first NBA season?
Iím just looking forward for the first real game when we have to play San Antonio ,the current NBA champs, and to see how we are going to match up with them and things like that.

What is the main difference playing along big men like Pau Gasol and Greg Oden?
Pau is more a skill big man, he can shoot the ball, pass the ball, he is a great team player, and he can definitely get you open to get an easy shot. Itís a different style, Greg is more of a big man he can finish down low and he can find the space to dunk the ball very easily.

What do you think about Juan Carlos Navarro?
I think he is a great player; he is one of the best in Spain. He is trying to prove himself in the NBA now. And for sure he is going to help us to become a better team. He is learning everything very quickly.

Both of you guys are in your rookie season, how does it feel to share that with him?
Itís a big difference between us, he got a lot of international experience and heís older than me. But at the same time weíre rookies together so we have to look out for each other. Weíre becoming good friends with this trip and he is also teaching me a lot of Spanish. Itís pretty cool have a fellow rookie like him.

How is your relationship with Damon Stoudamire as your mentor?
He has been huge as a mentor; he is the kind of player who knows hot to make teams better. He is helping me a lot even that weíre competing for the point guard position, he is still trying to help me out to become a better player for the future. It's just a blessing to be his teammate and friend.

In other word what is your bigger strength?

Who is funniest guy in the team so far?
I would have to say Brian Cardinal; he has to be funniest guy by far.

How do you feel in MŠlaga, Spain?
Itís a great city; there are a lot of things to do around here. I love the culture; Iím having a good time here.