Dance Team Bio
Regarded among the best dance teams in the NBA, the Raptors Dance Pak are a group of 17 beautiful, talented and articulate women who perform at all Raptors home games. A key element of the Raptors in-game entertainment, the squad is comprised of highly skilled dancers adept in a variety of dance forms. More then just an in-arena feature, the Raptors Dance Pak make countless charitable and promotional appearances.

Mascot Bio/Fact Sheet
Position: Mascot/Fan Exciter
Height: 5í9Ē (he looks much bigger on TV)
Weight: 165 lbs. of pure solid fur!
Age: 65,000,009
NBA Experience: 9 Years
High School: Jurassic High
College: University of Dinosaurus
Offseason Home: Toronto, and maybe a few golf courses!!
Acquired: Only living Raptor left, so it was a natural fit!
Career Transactions: Once a Raptor, Always a Raptor!
Contract Status: Iím here for life and loving every minute of it!

Career Highlights:
Over the past nine seasons, the Raptor has made more than 3,500 appearances all over Toronto, Canada, and North America. The Raptor has even performed in Europe in such places as England, Belgium and Holland. In fact, The Raptor has been the only mascot invited back not twice but four times to the Holland Basketball Week Tournament!

Other Little Tidbits:
# Has a .989 successful dunking percentage, thatís pretty good!!!
# Named Rookie Mascot of the Year in 1996
# Attended NBA All-Star Game in 1997
# Has signed 46, 271 autographs (his hand is pretty sore!)
# Starred in a NIKE Fun Police commercial
# Has eaten 93 pounds of popcorn and not one kernel got stuck in his teeth!
# Single-handedly helped the Toronto Raptors win their first-ever playoff series (well, he was in the building so thatís pretty close!)
# Voted most popular mascot in the NBA (Three years and running , by the way!)

# Full name is The Raptor.
# Enjoys making people laugh, whether with him or at him, usually at him.
# Has played golf with Arnold Palmer, Peter Jacobson and Mike Weir.
# Favourite Movies: Jurassic Park 1,2,3 (The Raptors get a bad reputation, we are not all like that!!), and The Land Before Time.
# Favourite Colours: Red, Purple, Black Silver and White.
# Favourite TV Show: Survivor
# Favourite Food: bulls, bucks, hornets, hawks, wolves, and grizzlies
# Favourite Book: Raptors Game Day Magazine
# Favourite Raptor Player: EVERYONE!!!