Mascot Bio

Born in Vancouver, Canada in 1995, Grizz has been part of every Grizzlies game since the team joined the league. Grizz moved with the team to Memphis in the year 2001 and instantly became a fan favorite.

After the team launched the new look for the 2004/05 season, Grizz alarmed all his fans by disappearing for the pre-season. Happily, Grizz came home sporting a whole new look and was welcomed back with a standing ovation upon his return. Known for his lovable antics and dramatic dunks, Grizz gets the crowd into every game. Fans can always count on Grizz to deliver t-shirts in dramatic fashion.

Grizz loves helping out in community events too, and often represents the team at Read to Achieve events, basketball camps and clinics and more. His customized van outfitted with video games, monitors and tunes makes regular appearances around town.