Lo mejor de los concursos de Clavados

Con el regreso del AllStar a Denver, casa del concurso original “ABA Dunk Contest” y donde se llevó acabo el primero concurso de ‘Dunk’ de la NBA en 1984, queremos que los usuarios elijan cual concurso de ‘Dunks’ ha sido el mejor de todos los tiempos.

Hemos revisado horas de todos los concursos de ‘Dunks’, para poder preseleccionar los mejores de los 19 torneos. Aquí es cuando tu entras al juego. Observa cada uno de los video clip de los diferentes clavados y dale tu propia calificación de 6 a 10. Nosotros recopilaremos los resultados, y luego anunciaremos al ganador el próximo 17 de Febrero.

Disfruta de los mejores ‘Dunks’ de todos los tiempos y haz parte de esta votación.

Mira y califica los Clavados de 1989-95:

1989: Kenny Walker's Baseline Rock-the-Baby
Cuando lo llamaban "Sky" era por algo. Comienza desde la esquina izquierda, Walker hace una baselina, atraviesa el tablero y luego en el aire pasa la bola por detras.
Ver el clavado de Walker 250k

1990: Kenny Smith's Backward Bounce-Off-the-Glass 180
Before he was giving nicknames on TNT's Inside the NBA, Kenny "The Jet" Smith was rockin' rims. He received a 49.8 (out of 50) for this. We have to ask: What 0.2 didn't the judges like?
Watch Smith's dunk: 250k

1990: Dominique Wilkins' Two-Handed Windmill
How good was this dunk? Just watch the dunk and then watch Isiah Thomas's and Magic Johnson's reaction to it. Everything about it -- the dunker, the dunk and the look -- is vintage.
Watch Wilkins' dunk: 250k

1991: Dee Brown's Peek-A-Boo
With a pump of his shoes and nothing but 65 feet of hardwood between him and the 1991 Slam Dunk title, Dee Brown adds a bit of lefty flair at the end of this instant classic.
Watch Brown's dunk: 250k

1991: Shawn Kemp's Kickback, Double-Pump
With Black Box's then-hit, "Everybody, Everybody," blaring, Kemp unleashes a powerful, yet graceful double-clutch one-hander after taking off from just inside the foul line.
Watch Kemp's dunk: 250k

1992: Cedric Ceballos' Hocus-Pocus Blindfolded
With help from then-teammate Dan Majerle, Caballos goes where no dunker had gone before: Blindfolded. The dunk was tough, but so was the full-court run leading up to it.
Watch Ceballos' dunk: 250k

1993: Harold Miner's Reverse Jackknife
For a guy 6-5, Harold Miner got a lot of power out of his dunks. On this dunk, Miner attacks the rim by bringing the ball from his toes over his head and throwing it down hard.
Watch Miner's dunk: 250k

1994: Isaiah Rider's Between-the-Legs
At the time, Sir Charles said it "might be the best dunk I've ever seen." Rider called it the "East Bay Funk Dunk." Whatever it's called, this dunk is now a much-copied classic.
Watch Rider's dunk: 250k

1995: Harold Miner's Off-the-Glass, Two-Handed Tomahawk
A simple, yet effective dunk that received big points for its power and the air Miner gets as his head almost scrapes the rim. Gary Payton and Dikembe Mutombo loved it.
Watch Miner's dunk: 250k