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Image link to Best Of The Best

Best Of The Best

When high-risers attack the basket with ferocity, even the best shot blockers should take precaution. That's the situation Rudy Gay put denial specialist Serge Ibaka in as Gay lands in the Dunk HQ mix.

Image link to Dunks Of The Week

Dunks Of The Week

Youngsters. Vets. Big men. Guards. There was plenty of high-flying going around.

Image link to Go Get It

Go Get It

From Lob City to the Mile High City, check out the best alley-oops of 2014-15.

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Clean-up Man

  • Climb The Ladder

    James Harden misses on the drive and Nick Johnson is there for the high-flying putback finish.

  • Davis Damage

    Jrue Holiday misses the layup but Anthony Davis is there for the put-back dunk.

  • Russ Is Back

    Russell Westbrook flies for a nasty one-hand putback.

Diesel's Dunks

Image link to Lift off

Lift off

Shaq is back with the latest countdown of his favorite jams.


Image link to Practice run

Practice run

The Suns show why they may be one of the most athletic teams.



If the Dunk Contest was team-based, which team would win?

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Total Votes: 4,132

All Ball Blog

Image link to All by himself

All by himself

Gerald Green once again makes a splash off the glass.

Image link to Green skies

Green skies

Jeff Green recently took to the air to add to his highlight reel.

The Starters

Image link to Early plea

Early plea

Besides LeBron, who else should enter the Dunk Contest?

All Ball Blog

Image link to The future is now

The future is now

Is rookie Zach LaVine about to become the NBA's best dunker?