Draft History
2009 2008 2007 2006 2005
32. Jermaine Taylor 18. JaVale McGee 16. Nick Young 18. Oleksiy Pecherov 49. Andray Blatche
47. Bill Walker 47. Dominic McGuire 48. Vladimir Veremeenk

96.2, 26th

101.0, 16th

Returning players:
G Gilbert Arenas
C Andray Blatche
F Al Thornton
G Nick Young
C JaVale McGee

Free agents:
G Mike Miller (unrestricted)
G Randy Foye (restricted)
G Earl Boykins (unrestricted)
C Fabricio Oberto (unrestricted)
G Mike James (unrestricted)
G Javaris Crittenton (unrestricted).

Areas of strength:
Andray Blatche put up solid numbers following the All-Star break, while JaVale McGee, who's an inch taller at 7-foot, gives the Wizards a pair of intriguing if unproven big men. With minutes and maturity, they could blossom into solid starters.

Needs work:
After trading Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler during the mid-season fire sale, the Wizards were left without a consistent scorer at the swing positions. Al Thornton and Nick Young are the best of the lot, but they're still developing.

Two stats that matter:
94 out of a possible 328
-- That's how many games Kwame Brown, the last No. 1 overall pick by the Wizards, started before he was dumped.

4 --
that's how many seasons he lasted in Washington.

The way to go:
John Wall. There's no debate. Even if the Wizards hang onto Gilbert Arenas, Wall is the showman that Washington needs in order to draw a crowd and get forgiveness for 2009-10. Washington could use this draft to instill goodwill among the customers.