Draft History
2009 2008 2007 2006 2005
1. Blake Griffin 7. Eric Gordon 14. Al Thornton 34. Paul Davis 12. Yaroslav Korolev
35. DeAndre Jordan 45. Jared Jordan 52. Guillermo Diaz 32. Daniel Ewing

100.9, 27th

107.1, 20th

Under contract:
G: Baron Davis
G: Eric Gordon
F: Blake Griffin
C: DeAndre Jordan
C: Chris Kaman

Free agents:
G: Steve Blake (unrestricted)
G: Bobby Brown (restricted)
F: Rasual Butler (unrestricted)
G: Mardy Collins (restricted)
F: Drew Gooden (unrestricted)
F: Steve Novak
F: Travis Outlaw
C: Brian Skinner
F: Craig Smith

Areas of Strength:
The Clippers have a very good balance of youth and experience, with one proven big man, Chris Kaman, and another filled with potential, Blake Griffin.

Needs work:
Same problem as always -- they need to find, build, purchase, imagine or chisel stability. Somehow, some way, a roster and a coach need a few years of growing together.

Two Stats That Matter:
-- Lottery-pick rookies who will be in training camp, Griffin as the 2009 selection after missing all this season with a knee injury and the No. 8 pick this time.

76 -- Games played by Chris Kaman, after being limited to 31 and 56 the previous two seasons because of injury.

The Way To Go:
The Clippers will be shopping for a small forward at some stage of the offseason, probably via free agency with the ability to offer a max contract. Otherwise, they will replenish the roster that has only five players under contract, plus a sixth who will come from the draft.