Mock Drafts

SECAUCUS, NJ, June 24, 2008 -- has been keeping track of mock drafts for several years now. And for the second straight year, we're preparing for the Draft with two mock drafts of our own.

The first (on the left) is a mock draft conducted among the writers here at headquarters. The second (on the left) was done in the Fan Voice among fans of the teams selecting.

The goal wasn't predicting who will get selected where, but rather discussing which player(s) each team should consider when making their pick.

Pick Fan Voice
1 Derrick Rose
Yes, the Bulls desperately need a consistent frontcourt scorer and while Michael Beasley would look good in a Chicago uniform, the opportunity to pass on a difference maker (ultimately think J. Kidd, D.Wade) in ex-Simeon star Derrick Rose is not happening (Note: With all due respect to the Bucks/Hawks, this is not 2005 redux) .. speed, crazy athleticism, poise – defense makes offense in Vinny Del Negro's system and Rose is more than happy to oblige on his home turf.

Draft Fact: If the Bulls do indeed pick Rose, he becomes only the third guard to be selected No. 1 overall in the last 28 years --Magic Johnson (1980) and Allen Iverson ('96) are the others.
-- John Hareas

Derrick Rose
Point guards have always played a huge role on the floor. And right now, teams with good all-around point guards seem to succeed. Derrick Rose is a rare find, a very athletic point guard who possesses a extra gear that you rarely see in a point guard. In other words, he's explosive.

Del Negro wants a fast and quick offense. When I think fast and quick, I'm thinking transition and pushing the ball. The speed of Derrick Rose would be much needed. Not only does he gets his teammates involved in the open floor, but he also can take it in by himself and score. He's not one-dimensional at all

Unlike Hinrich, Rose can create his shot, not only can he penetrate, he can also hit the jumper. And on top of that, he can also defend. And he can be your go to guy as well. He gives you plenty of back court depth too. Derrick Rose could answer plenty of Chicagos back court problems. And he would also bring more interest back to Chicago. He is the hometown kid, ain't he? He would be great for business and he would get us plenty of attention.
-- db5

2 Michael Beasley
I know, you've heard talk that the Heat may go with OJ Mayo. That they may trade the pick. That since Shawn Marion won't opt out of his deal that Beasley is a bad fit for this team. Don't listen to any of it.

Michael Beasley is the most physically gifted of any player in this draft. He put up absolutely gaudy numbers as a freshman at Kansas State. Beasley not only has an inside and outside offensive game, but he's a beast on both ends of the court. There may be a debate over whether he or Derrick Rose should be the first pick in the draft, but there should be no question when it comes to Beasley or Mayo (or anyone else not named Rose for that matter).

The Heat won 15 games last season. The concern should not be filling the biggest need for this team. They need talent. And adding the most talented player on the board can only help their chances for success. Marion and Beasley may be similar players, but does that mean that you wouldn't want two Dwyane Wades? Or two LeBrons? Of course, this is silly talk. Take the best player -- by far -- at this stage in the draft. Take Michael Beasley.
-- Jon Loomer

Michael Beasley
Michael Beasley is one of the best post players and best rebounders in this year’s draft. Beasley is bigger, stronger, quicker and more explosive than all of his opponents so far, allowing him to dominate the offensive glass. He is very efficient all throughout with the terrific coordination he possesses, as well as with his awesome hands and reaction time. He improved greatly shooting off the dribble from mid-range.

He has impressive court vision to see the floor and make passes when needed the most. He makes some very tough shots when driving to the basket thanks to his body strength and control. He will develop more and reach his potential in just nick of time. The Heat will improved their rebounding, post defense, and his teammates Wade and Marion will have an easy job to operate their offense. Defensively, Beasley must improve on his perimeter defense if he is to play small forward.
-- smackyou

3 Brook Lopez
The T-Wolves got the No. 3 pick in the wrong draft. They've got a glaring need at center, because even a serviceable player there maximizes Al Jefferson's value and production by sliding him to the four. (See: Any 2007-08 column by Robson, Britt) The catch is the top of this draft is all about the guards and power forwards, whether you're looking 1-2 or anywhere in the top 10. Too bad Minnesota already drafted its "backcourt of the future" in Randy Foye and Rashad McCants; selecting a guard means somebody's minutes will soon be played for another squad.

Brook Lopez is the most polished big man available, but worries about a low ceiling create a quandry drafting in the top three. Minnesota's likely best off dealing down to add value while remaining able to make the sensible pick, but even if they hold their position, Lopez's offensive game -- and defensive potential -- slot smoothly into the Timberwolves' punchless pivot.

Also, the inevitable preseason "Twin in the Twin Cities" feature headline will save the Star Tribune or Pioneer Press copy editors at least five minutes the day it's turned in.
-- Ben Couch

O.J. Mayo
O.J. is a great choice for the T-Wolves because he is dominant on both sides of the ball. He has no problem taking it to the hole, and can always rely on his outside jumper and ability to create his own shot if need be. O.J. is also an opponent's nightmare, using his quickness to play tight defense against his man. If the T-Wolves follow my advice, O.J. will give Minnesota's backcourt some much-needed help and, with Al Jefferson, will make the Timberwolves a winning team again.
-- zjlwolves3
4 O.J. Mayo
Point guard is the biggest of many needs for the Sonics, but O.J. Mayo is too talented to pass up in this spot. Mayo has nice size at 6-4 and is an explosive scorer, though some skeptics think he lacks the height to play off the ball. He also has the confidence of a veteran player, despite spending only one season at USC. Mayo can handle the ball extremely well and has shown the ability to hold up under pressure defenses. The ceiling is real high on this kid and he has the skills to play both guard spots.
-- Mike Weilamann
Jerryd Bayless
He would be a good fit because Earl Watson and Luke Ridnour are not the future point guards of Seattle. His jump shot is good. Can he pass well? He will but I predict he will average four assists per game. Bayless may lead the Sonics to 30 wins.
-- domingolittle
5 Kevin Love
Take a glance at the Grizzlies roster. Kwame Brown. Jason Collins. Darko Milicic. Those are the only players with a big "C" next to their name. That's not good. So, Memphis absolutely must go big with their first pick. The question is, who? The T-Wolves already reached for the better of the Lopez Twins from Stanford, so the Grizz can roll the dice and choose super-athletic, untested, LSU freshman Anthony Randolph. Or they can be smart and pick energetic, enthusiastic UCLA pivot-man Kevin Love and let the post-Pau good vibrations roll in Memphis.
-- Jim Reilly
Eric Gordon
On the premise that you draft the best talent before need. Although Kevin Love may fit a need, I believe his stock has only risen due to the lack of a quality frontcourt players and that Love is not worth a #5 pick. Gordon brings a toughness of his own and can score the basket. He was a top four prospect before a hard season for IU. The idea of signing Marc Gasol also would relieve some of the need for frontcourt depth. But for now it is talent over need.
-- iam_thekiller
6 Jerryd Bayless
The Knicks would be happy to welcome their second Arizona import this offseason. Bayless's silky smooth style seems tailor-made for D'Antoni's run-and-gun system. Knicks fans will quickly forget their hopes of snagging Agent Zero after watching Bayless mature into the point guard position next season with his dynamic and show stopping talent.
-- Tony Stewart
Brook Lopez
The Knicks need a big man who can actually ball.
-- big baby33
7 Eric Gordon
The Clippers need depth in the backcourt and should choose to add a legitimate scoring threat in Gordon, who led the Big Ten in scoring as a freshman. With Shaun Livingston still recovering from a knee injury, there is a need for a point guard and it is tempting to stay local and grab UCLA's Russell Westbrook, but Gordon is too talented to pass up. And if Livingston can return to form, him and Gordon in the backcourt would be fun to watch and tough to match up against.
-- Chris Bubeck
Russell Westbrook

-- Fan Voice Vote
8 Joe Alexander
Joe Alexander speaks Mandarin. That makes for a nice story, and a funny one if the Bucks do right and pair Alexander with Yi Jianlian. The two can make fun of their frontcourt foes in Chinese, then chuckle and exchange high-fives as they sprint back on defense. But that's not what intrigues me about Alexander, who is a rarity (and no, it's not the Mandarin thing). By selecting Alexander at No. 8, the Bucks get the best player left on the board and they fill a need. That's rare.

Milwaukee hasn't had a killer three since Glenn Robinson left. Alexander could displace a creaky Desmond Mason and an ineffective Bobby Simmons while giving the Bucks athleticism, youth and energy at the position. Basically, a pulse. Sure, Alexander hasn't been playing organized ball as long as some other potential draftees and he's older (21, 22 in Dec.), but as a work in progress, he's been known to work hard and progress quickly.

At No. 8, Alexander should find himself in Milwaukee green and red next season.
-- Rob Peterson

Joe Alexander
Being a challenged team athletically, Milwaukee needs a prospect who can dominate both the ground and air. This is exactly what Alexander brings to the table. With the sole exception of Mason, who consistently displays his array of mid air lay-ups and dunks, and Redd, who beats his defender off the dribble and penetrates to the hole for easy twos, Milwaukee is a one dimensional, jump shooting team.

Even the bigs, like Bogut, Villanueva, and Yi, are relatively soft in the post, often settling for perimeter shots. Alexander can change the norm in Brew City with his physical, relentless style of play. His biggest asset is his versatility, as he scores both inside the paint and from the perimeter. Alexander utilizes his smooth, mechanically sound release with his accurate mid range jumpers. But, Alexander does most of his damage in the paint, as he is capable of posting up his defenders, unafraid of contact.

Additionally, he likes to drive to the hole, beating his man off the dribble, and either shoot a soft jumper or drive to the rim and finish with authority. In addition to being offensively sound, Alexander can crash the boards and block shots. Above all else, he plays the game with a lot of gut and heart, diving for the loose balls and displaying that "team first" mentality. In a sense, his demeanor is an extension of Coach Skiles personality, so there would not be any chemistry issues amongst the two. Alexander has expressed desire to wear a Bucks uni, and Milwaukee openly covets him. So, the logical choice at No. 8 is Joe Alexander.
-- jordangunit

9 Russell Westbrook
Raymond Felton hasn't taken the strides most expected since Charlotte took him 5th overall in the 2005 NBA Draft. The selection of Westbrook provides the Bobcats with an experienced, backup point guard who possesses a lot of the same skills that Felton does (smart, efficient, disciplined) and is a lock-down defender. Westbrook will provide a steady presence should Felton get injured or struggle with his shot once again. With that said, don't be surprised if the Bobcats trade this pick. We all know Larry Brown's propensity to build a team of veterans, so the Bobcats may elect to draft and trade for a veteran big man to complement Emeka Okafor (who the Bobcats are expected to bring back). If not, the Bobcats will look to fill the big man hole via free agency.
-- Justin Lyons
Kevin Love
Doesn't Larry Brown love guys who play the right way? Love is about as fundamentally sound as anyone in the draft. He's an incredibly strong big man with a bball IQ off the charts. Great mix of physicality and finesse in his game and shows maturity well beyond his years.

The Bobcats need another big man to play along-side Okafor and Love is no center. He would be a great fit with the Cats, certainly making them much better.
-- *big_n*

10 Danilo Gallinari
The Nets have young frontcourt pieces in Josh Boone, Nenad Krstic (if resigned) and Sean Williams, but none has all the tools they need in a cornerstone big man. And while, with Devin Harris, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson, the bulk of their talent is in the backcourt, the Nets need perimeter help off the bench as well.

So, New Jersey needs everything. And fortunately, they have two first round picks in this draft. They also have a lot of other assets to make a deal, so don't be shocked if they're involved in a trade or two on Thursday. If they stay put, they need to consider what will be available at pick No. 21. And that area of the draft looks to be big-heavy, so the Nets can feel comfortable getting a perimeter player with No. 10.

Danilo Gallinari would fill the need for a shooter, as well as somebody to back up Carter and Jefferson. And if RJ is shipped out, he may see a larger role than expected.

Oh yeah, we hear he likes the NY/NJ area.
-- John Schuhmann

Danilo Gallinari
A versatile small forward who resembles Dirk Nowitzki will add much needed outside shooting and scoring for the Nets as well as open the possibility of moving Richard Jefferson for a veteran big man.
-- sethgutt
11 D.J. Augustin
There is more than one need on Indiana’s roster, so if this pick can bring back multiple resources, they should look to move it. Larry Bird has even hinted at such an option lately. But in reality, the most pressing need for this team is at the One (apologies to all you Andre Owens fans). Looking what’s left on the board Indiana is more than happy to select D.J. Augustin, an unselfish player with an explosive first step. His long-range shooting touch fits right into Jim O’Brien’s offensive schemes as well.

Augustin lacks height at only 5-11, but does have a solid frame and will be able to handle the rigors of an NBA season. With the point guard position their most glaring problem, Augustin should move right in and help sooner than later.
-- Darren Misener

Anthony Randolph
After the first 10 picks, Anthony Randolph is the highest remaining prospect on the Pacers’ draft list – by a wide margin. He has as much upside as anyone else in the draft, is ambidextrous, is long enough to consistently rebound and block shots, can lead a fast break and create his own shot, can play both the three and four, and is motivated. He is poised to excel within Coach O’Brien’s preferred style of play.

From here our most obvious needs remain the one and five in order to preemptively fill the looming absences of Jamaal Tinsley and Jermaine O’Neal. However, the league is saturated with excess point guards that can be acquired via trade or free agency, and the value of holding onto O’Neal’s soon expiring contract is rising by the second due to the cap space it will create.
-- thecapitalists

12 Anthony Randolph
In the post Mike Bibby era, Sacramento is in need of a point guard, but they will have to look elsewhere for a floor general. With the 12th pick, there is no point guard available that has the ability to lead the Kings. So, Sacramento will select the best available, LSU forward Anthony Randolph.

A player with tremendous potential, Randolph is a good athlete who has a strong set of offensive skills and is continuously developing on the defensive end. Registering 8.5 rebounds per game in his freshman year at LSU, Randolph could help the Kings on the boards, as they finished second to last in the league in rebounding this past season. At 6-10 and 205 pounds, Randolph will need to put on some weight. While he will not make an immediate impact, with his athletic prowess and diverse skill set, Randolph could develop into a solid player for the Kings.
-- Lauren Brill

D.J. Augustin
Beno Udrih is the only legitimate point guard on the Kings depth chart currently, so the Kings have to snatch up Augustin. Augustin has the ability to run an NBA team although his size is questioned. With a pick this late in the draft they have to go with the best available player, and that player is DJ Augustin.
-- grove_21
13 Mario Chalmers
Considering their solid depth and youth in every position, it would be shocking if the Blazers don't package this pick with a player or two to acquire a steady-handed veteran. If they decide to keep their pick, look for the team to take the best availiable point guard. Coming off the bench, both Jarret Jack and Steve Blake can provide solid spot point guard play but neither can penetrate into the paint or create scoring opportunities off the dribble.

Mario Chalmers has good size for a point guard, (6-2, 170 pds) and while he does need work on his assist-to-turnover ratio, he can penetrate, shoot, and play good defense. Drafting him would alleviate the pressure placed on Brandon Roy to be a facilitator and allow the budding Blazers star to focus on his scoring at the shooting guard position. It would also allow coach Nate McMillian to run a fast-paced offense with his versatile combination of athletic players.
-- Alex Labidou

DeAndre Jordan
Entering the 2008-09 NBA season, the Portland Trailblazers are virtually gaining two top draft picks before draft day even begins. Greg Oden, the number one pick of last year’s draft who sat out all of last season because of micro-fracture knee surgery is planning on making his NBA debut this year. Along with Oden, Rudy Fernandez, a high talented Spanish player who opted to stay overseas this past season, is making his debut as well.

With that said, Portland has enough young talent on their roster and are in no need of any one specific player. Instead, they will select the best overall player still remaining on the draft board and could possibly use him in a draft day deal in exchange for a much needed veteran on this young Trail Blazer’s team. I believe the best available player is DeAndre Jordan. Although it is said he has slipped down in several other mock drafts, Jordan has the NBA body only after his freshman season and has the greatest potential as a big man in this league.
-- dynasty0207

14 Donte Greene
The 6-9 Green is a gifted athlete and oversized wing player who can fill up the scoresheet quickly. He averaged 17 and seven as a true freshman in one of the nation's top college conferences, and can also hit the outside shot, setting a school freshman record with 90 three-pointers.

Green could team up with Andris Biedrens (restricted FA) and the promising Brandan Wright to give Golden State a young, big, and talented frontcourt. Green also makes sense since most of Golden State's wing players (Pietrus, Barnes, Azubuike) are not under contract for next season and can leave as free agents. He will fit in well with the uptempo system in Golden State where he can play small forward, as he does not appear to be strong enough to play power forward at the NBA level. The Warriors could also use a point guard with the uncertainty of the Baron Davis situation but with both Chalmers and Augustin off the board, they should take the best available player that fits their system.

Draft Fact: No Warriors rookie has averaged double-figures in scoring since Jason Richardson (14.4) and Gilbert Arenas (10.9) in 2001-02.
-- Matthew Brennan

Donte Greene
He is the perfect fit for Nellie's offense. He is a high-scoring forward that is very versatile. In Golden State's offense he can either play small forward or power forward.
-- stevebrunette3
15 Brandon Rush
The Suns would love to plan for the future and draft a point guard to eventually take over for Steve Nash, but with both Mario Chalmers and D.J. Augustin off the board, they’ll opt for the athletic Brandon Rush at No. 15.

Phoenix found itself in an unfamiliar position last season with an uncharacteristic lack of perimeter shooting, so they will jump at the opportunity to select Rush, whose 3-point capabilities will flourish in the Suns’ system. He plays extremely well off the ball and will take advantage of open looks presented to him by Nash or when defenses decide to collapse on Amare Stoudemire and Shaquille O’Neal.

With a 6-foot-6 frame and great athletic ability, Rush can excel in transition, has the versatility to play either the two or the three and will be a solid defensive presence, which will be a requirement under the reign of new head coach Terry Porter.
-- Dan Savage

Marreese Speights
Now that Donte Greene and DJ Augustin aren't available, and Chase Budinger is going back to Arizona, I think the Suns will get the big man from Flordia. Speights is often compared to Juwan Howard. He has a good shot along with a HUGE wingspan, so his shot-blocking abilty is almost unlimited in the paint. Could be a nice backup for Shaq and Amare next year along with Skinner, Alando Tucker and Sean Marks.
-- jeff3006
16 Kosta Koufos
Sixers General Manager Ed Stefanski made his Draft intentions quite clear: "We'd like to get a power forward if we could. As a secondary goal, we'd like to get a point guard, but I think 'big' is the No. 1 priority."

Kosta Koufos is certainly big. Listed at 7-0, 265 pounds, Koufos KO'd Big Ten opponents in his freshman season, ranking fifth in the conference in scoring average (14.4 per game), fifth in rebounding (6.7), second in blocked shots (1.8) and seventh in field goal percentage (.508). Koufos has the chiseled upper body of an action figure that makes him a handful to deal with in the paint, combined with a skilled European feel for the gamed culled during his time as a member of the Greek U18 National Team.

That inside/outside approach to the Four position could automatically vault Koufos ahead of the four players -- Reggie Evans, Jason Smith, Shavlik Randolph, Louis Amundson -- who split time at power forward last season for Philadelphia. Koufos is coming off an impressive array of draft workouts that have solidified his position on the fringe of the Lottery. While there should be a bundle of bigs on the board when the 76ers take pick 16 (Darrell Arthur, DeAndre Jordan, Robin Lopez, etc.), Koufos is the superior selection.
-- Dave McMenamin

Kosta Koufos
New General Manager Ed Stefanski, according to reports, is looking for the best player available in the 2008 NBA Draft. The former GM of the New Jersey Nets, who brought in the likes of Bostjan Nachbar and Nenad Krstic, spoke very highly of Koufos in an interview, and looks to be sold on him. Koufos has a unique skill-set that very few center’s have: he can run the floor, play with either his face or back to the basket, and shoot the long-range jumper, with 3-point range. His huge size provides depth to the team in a spot where they need help.
-- mattkorman
17 DeAndre Jordan
The Raptors need a body who can make life easier for Chris Bosh in the paint. Jordan is a good leaper who can run the floor, and he possesses a legit 7-foot frame. If he focuses on building his fundamentals and the mental aspect of the game, he has a high ceiling in terms of productivity. Given the fact that he is so young, it remains to be seen whether Jordan can realize his potential. Still, the Raptors can afford to wait, and big athletic bodies are hard to find.
-- Brad Friedman
Nicolas Batum
Described by some as France's answer to Rudy Gay, he is a very athletic 6'8" forward with an explosive first step and the ability to get to the rim quickly. His game is still a little raw, but we feel that given the time to develop he could become a real impact player in the NBA, with a very versatile offensive game and the potential to become an excellent defender at the wing position. He still tends to disappear at times in games, but with increased confidence he can become a game-changing player.
-- they banned o canada
18 Chris Douglas-Roberts
Much uncertainly surrounds the Wizards heading into this offseason with All-Stars Antawn Jamison and Gilbert Arenas unrestricted free agents. While there have been rumblings that GM Ernie Grunfeld will try to re-sign two-thirds of his own Big Three, the likelihood of that happening seems slim, especially when it comes to the unpredictable Arenas who one day wants max money and the next day is willing to take a pay cut so others can get theirs.

Truth be told, the Wizards are desperate for a low post presence, but with many of the more accomplished big men gone by this point, and a real possibility that Agent Zero will not be back, Grunfeld fills another need by selecting Douglas-Roberts, a tough scorer who has a bit of Rip Hamilton in him. He may not always make it look pretty, but Douglas-Roberts has shown that he can fill it up against top competition.
-- Andrew Pearson

Darrell Arthur

-- Fan Voice Vote
19 Ryan Anderson
The Cavaliers were basically a 3-point make away from upsetting the eventual NBA champion Celtics in Game 7 of their Eastern Conference Semifinal series. Although Daniel Gibson, Cleveland’s most proficient 3-point threat, didn’t play in that game due to an ankle injury, it was apparent that the Cavs need another consistent 3-point option.

The player to draft is Ryan Anderson, a 6-foot-10 forward who can hit long-range shots and utilize his length to outwork his opponents. Anderson led the Pac-10 in scoring this past season and became the first Cal player to compile at least 600 points and 300 rebounds in one season. I expect him to flourish alongside LeBron James and capitalize off of Cleveland’s outstanding ability to grab offensive rebounds for second-chance opportunities.
-- Josh Cohen

JaVale McGee

-- Fan Voice Vote
20 JaVale McGee
With injuries surrounding their frontcourt for years and Marcus Camby possibly on the trading block, the Nuggets are going big in the draft despite the need for a point guard. Denver needs to focus on defense but also needs a player who can keep up with its up-tempo offensive system, which makes JaVale McGee the ideal fit. McGee is an extremely long athletic 7-footer who was one of the nations top shot blockers last season and can play either the four or five in the NBA.
-- Michael Slane
Roy Hibbert
Hibbert would be a good pick for the Nuggets because our starting C, Marcus Camby will probably be gone next season and Hibbert's college stats are almost exactly like Camby's stats. Hibbert will be a great defensive threat for the Nuggets and will be a great offensive player too.
-- alleniversonfan3
21 J.J. Hickson
I went small (Gallinari) at 10 thinking there would be a solid group of bigs available at 21, and I was right. In addition to Hickson, Darrell Arthur, Robin Lopez, Roy Hibbert, Alexis Ajinca, Jason Thompson and Marreese Speights are still on the board. I narrowed that expansive list down to three: Arthur, Hickson and Speights, looking for some athleticism, but also some big-conference experience (sorry Mr. Thompson). Hickson gives the Nets another young big who is more of scorer than Sean Williams, but who also has some untapped potential.
-- John Schuhmann
Robin Lopez
Lopez could rebound the basketball and if Krstic is healthy they could start as your starting frontcourt with RJ. Or Gallinari could start at the 4 and Lopez at the 5 for an athletic line up. Lopez should improve in the post offensively and take the starting job easy if he has the intensity and post D he had at Stanford.
-- brooklyn legend
22 Courtney Lee
Look: As far as shooting guards go, Maurice Evans and Keith Bogans are fine. But since the Magic are more than happy with their starting frontcourt, they have no choice but to try and upgrade elsewhere. Addressing the point guard spot is a possibility, but with five more years invested in Jameer Nelson and Mario Chalmers hypothetically gone, it's not at all that sensible.

Selecting Courtney Lee, on the other hand, is. His game draws favorable, but not far-fetched comparisons to Brandon Roy, as the two share the following adjectives: polished, fluid, smart, well-rounded and NBA-ready. They also both have mid-range games, two first names, and a reputation for being too passive and unselfish on offense – though, keep in mind, passivity is something the Magic might prefer in a fourth option.

If not Lee, Orlando needs a rebounder. Marreese Speights will be the best available, and J.J Hickson would also deserve a look if he's still around. The gamble? Serge Ibaka. If he pans out, a frontcourt with he and Dwight Howard would just be really unfair.
-- Ben Hubner

Chris Douglas-Roberts
Since all the big men are gone I went with an alternate pick by drafting CDR. Chris can bring a very good midrange game by the way he can use runners, ball fakes, he has a solid touch on his shot and very crafty around the basket. Chris played point guard in high school and early in his college career. Since Arroyo is not coming back and still no word from Mo Evans, we need his guard play.
-- cartman19-x
23 Roy Hibbert
Hibbert will supply the necessity of a big guy in the middle off the bench. His 7-2 presence in the paint will take care of the dirty work when they need to rest Mehmet Okur. He won’t get a 10-10 per night but definitely he’ll contribute Utah to have a deeper bench.
-- Mauricio Mendoza
Mario Chalmers
The Jazz don't need another "project" big man as they already have K. Fesenko.

The Jazz don't need another swing man as they already have CJ Miles, whose game is nearly identical to Brandon Rush's, and last year's #1 Mo Almond couldn't even get out of the D-League.

What the Jazz need is a clutch, good defending, backup PG with a championship pedigree … Super Mario!
-- mcwelk

24 Jason Thompson
The Sonics need big men and Jason Thompson fills the bill at power forward. Although he didn’t face big time competition in college (Rider), there are numerous reasons that his stock has risen considerably over the last few months. Thompson possesses great athleticism and a nice shooter’s touch for his size (6-10). He’ll need to work on his inside game at the next level, but his upside is too good to pass on here as the Sonics get a lottery talent at No. 24.
-- Mike Weilamann
Jason Thompson
The Sonics need a big man who can score and defend. Jason Thompson is the guy who fits that spot. His hook shot is great and and he's ready for the NBA. His only problem is that his strength is below average. He is a great fit for the Sonics.
-- domingolittle
25 Nicolas Batum
With T-mac being vulnerable, the Rockets need another versatile swingman who can provide a little bit of everything on both ends of the floor. A healthy Nicolas Batum looks like an ideal pick.

Batum is a long and very athletic 6-8 player from France, who has a very high basketball IQ and can play tough defense on opponents' No. 2 and 3. Also, Batum had shown a nice range on his jump shot. The good news is, after a long day of extensive testing in Cleveland, Nicolas Batum has been cleared to continue working out for NBA teams.
-- Mo Wang

J.J. Hickson
He is a big guy who can score the the basketball at will. He can put up 20 points a night and rebound at least ten times a game. He is very skilled and has a very good post-up move. Also if Yao goes down he will be there to step up and surprise many fans.
-- nv$
26 Robin Lopez
I don’t think the Spurs will go with an international pick again this year, despite what happened with Tiago Splitter, who just signed a multiyear contract with Spain’s Tau Cerámica. All the experts are saying that the Spurs needs another big guy who can control the boards a back up for Oberto/Mahinmi. The sophomore from Stanford is the guy. He’s not a scorer but he could work hard on the defensive end of the floor with his energy.
-- Mauricio Mendoza
Serge Ibaka

-- Fan Voice Vote
27 Darrell Arthur
New Orleans has a bunch of power forwards already but Arthur is the best prospect left on the board and he's too good to pass up (plus "a bunch of power forwards" is Hilton Amrstrong, Ryan Bowen, Melvin Ely, and Chris Anderson).

Arthur is a freak athlete who can probably also play the 3 if he develops a better handle and a 3-point shot. He has been criticized for a lack of concentration and focus but New Orleans could be the perfect place to shake that reputation. He'll have Julian Wright, his former Kansas teammate, to teach him about being a rookie, one of the best point guards in the game, Chris Paul, to get him good looks, and a tough power forward with a sweet shooting touch to emulate in David West.
-- John Jacobson

Brandon Rush
Rush could fit in perfectly into the Hornets style of play and would make a good combo with Chris Paul in the backcourt. He is a good shooter and he is also capable of defending bigger guys and taking the ball into the lane. The Hornets don't have a great SG at the moment in Morris Peterson, and with Rush in the lineup, they could be even more dangerous. The Hornets are a quick team, and Rush could fit in nicely in the lineup.
-- nbaman023
28 Sonny Weems
With want-away Juan Carlos Navarro jetting back to Spain, the Grizzlies need to look no further than their own backyard for his replacement in former West Memphis High School phenom Sonny Weems. The 6-6, 203-pound guard was an NCAA Tournament monster for the University of Arkansas, torching Indiana for 31 points in the first round before scoring 19 against heavily-favored UNC in the second round. Memphis GM/VP Basketball Ops Chris Wallace likes the local product. "Sonny is extremely athletic. He plays hard. He can put points on the board." I'm sold.
-- Jim Reilly
Bill Walker
There is no real promising big guy left at this point of the draft. That would be a need. But anyways, you cant really draft for need at #28, so you want some talent. And you can run a little risk. And that's where Walker comes in: Two years before, he seemed to be a sure lottery candidate, due to his talent, but injuries made him fall. But wait, didn't we talk about needs?

Here you have some: If he can stay healthy, he brings a lot to the Grizzlies: At first, a lot of athleticism, which is needed definitely. With a little help he can develop into a shooting guard, another need here, and at least he will be a solid and spectacular back-up for Rudy Gay. And maybe his windmills will bring some more people to the FedEx Forum. Any player who can fill more needs at this point? Welcome Bill!
-- beerlion

29 Sean Singletary
Joe Dumars is a man of action.

The Pistons want a big man and should have an eye on Jason Thompson. Unfortunately, there seems to be an on the ball guy (Weilamann) picking for the Sonics. Last season, Detroit successfully went with Rodney Stuckey from little known Eastern Washington. And Thompson is from Rider University, where his dorm room was a five minute jog from my front door.

But I digress.

Chauncey Billups will be shipped out of Motown for as much as Dumars can get but he may have to accept spare parts. That leaves a void at the point guard and with no center worth the selection; Singletary is the choice. He is the poor man’s Chris Paul and rumored to have lived in the same first year dorm as I did.

Taken directly from the geniuses at Singletary is extremely athletic and fast point guard who can take it coast-to-coast, either finishing, pulling up for a jumper, or finding a fellow teammate on the break. Handles the halfcourt offense efficiently and is a quick-handed defender. He is the only player in ACC history with 2,000 points, 500 assists, 400 rebounds and 200 steals. The three time All-ACC First Team selection, this season scored 19.8 ppg and dished out 6.1 apg.
-- Martin Sumners

Richard Hendrix
Antonio McDyess will teach him on the boards, and with Michael Curry as the coach, we need all the help on the boards that we can get! And it makes us younger. If we don't get 'Melo, we have a back up plan.
-- d city rulz
30 Alexis Ajinca
What was it that Kevin Garnett said after the Celtics defeated the Lakers? "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!"

The Celtics have not selected an international player in the Draft during the Danny Ainge Era, but that will change if Ajinca is still on the board. The 20-year-old 7-foot center may not necessarily be an immediate impact player, but he should fill an eventual need for Boston. Team Green certainly could take a talented point guard (to back-up starter Rajon Rondo) or long-range shooter (given Ray Allen's history with injuries), but given Ajinca's reportedly impressive workouts thus far, the Frenchman would be too tough for Ainge to pass up.

Kendrick Perkins will return as the starting center for the C's with Leon Powe and Glen "Big Baby" Davis expected to see expanded minutes next season off the bench. Ajinca would have time to grow into his role and get the chance to learn from Garnett. According to the NBA Draft Media Guide, Ajinca has "tremendous length and athleticism for a big man. Skilled offensively with a soft touch on his shot." Sounds like the description for the reigning Defensive Player of the Year.
-- Patrick Mulrenin

Courtney Lee

-- Fan Voice Vote

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