Mock Drafts

SECAUCUS, NJ, June 26, 2007 -- In most mock drafts, all 30 picks in the first round are done by one person. But you might get a better feel for what will go down (like which projected lottery pick could slip) by having a different people select for each team.

That's how we handled two mock drafts on On one side, you have one conducted by the experts here at headquarters. On the other, you have a mock draft conducted on the Fan Voice.

Pick Fan Voice
1 Kevin Durant
The consensus and "safe" selection will be seen as Oden because historically you draft a center as the centerpiece of your franchise. Not this time. Oden may be the next Ewing, but this isn't 1985. With small ball beginning to take hold, the onus is no longer on the big man in the middle, but on the scorer and playmaker. With LaMarcus Aldridge and Zach Randolph already on Portland's roster, Kevin Durant is not only the best player in the draft but the best fit for the Portland Trail Blazers.
-- Jon Loomer
Greg Oden
He has so much potential. He will be a great asset with him playing at such a well know university, and he is mentally ready for the NBA.
-- mccoy2007
2 Greg Oden
The Sonics are in need of a traditional center. He's a legit 7-0 who can change the game on the defensive end -- right away. To compete with the big men in the West, the Sonics need a shot blocker. Also, with Oden the Sonics don't have to worry about what to do with Rashard Lewis.
-- Mike King
Kevin Durant
He's a great player to fit in Seattle's system. One of his best qualities is being so very versatile and can play from a point guard to a power forward position. His great shooting abiliities, long wingspan, and youth make me certain he will be a key player in the Sonics' future for years to come.
-- nba231nba
3 Al Horford
Sure, the Hawks have made the mistake of going big over small in the last two drafts, but the third time's a charm, right? Florida big man Al Horford is arguably the most NBA-ready of any draftee and has a considerably different skill set than do Marvin and Shelden Williams. Simply stated, "Big Al" should become a go-to post player that commands a double team, a rare asset in today's NBA. Still, Atlanta will explore the possibility of moving down a spot or two to grab top point guard prospect Mike Conley of Ohio State, who will most likely not last until the Hawks are up again at No. 11.
-- Michael Levine
Al Horford
Horford will be a great presence in the paint for the ATL this season. He's also the most NBA ready. He runs like small forward. This was a hard decison.
-- jeff3006
4 Mike Conley Jr.
New GM Chris Wallace covets "strength and physicality" with this pick, but with Horford gone, Memphis must choose between a glaring need at point guard and the tantalizing promise and potential box office boost of three-time Tennessee High School Division II Mr. Basketball, Brandan Wright. As tempting as the UNC frosh may be, I would select fellow freshman Mike Conley Jr., the second Buckeye taken in the first four picks.
-- Jim Reilly
Mike Conley Jr.
I think he is the perfect fit for the Grizzlies since they do need a decent PG. In upcoming years, I expect Mike Conley Jr. to evolve in a good leader and a great PG. With that, I think he is ready for the NBA.
-- donut boy (kb24_lakers)
5 Corey Brewer
If this pick won't be in a package to bring back a highly-sought veteran, and since Oden didn't fall to No. 5 (after that first pick you can never be sure), the Celtics will be happy with the 6-9 forward from Florida. Brewer is NBA-ready defensively right now -- he can guard all three perimeter positions and will log minutes right away against guys like LeBron James. Brewer has played in big games and will do the small things on the court, which is a needed skill on a very young team. Brewer also has solid offensive skills around the hoop and is a good set shooter from the outside.
-- Darren Misener
Yi Jianlian
I believe he has great potential and is sure to be an All-Star in years to come. He will be effective whether he plays at SF or PF, and should have few problems adapting the to the NBA's style of play. His 3-pt shot should improve in time, making him feared on offense, and the defense will struggle to guard him as he can also get to the rim.
-- amare_stoudemire1
6 Jeff Green
Yi Jianlian refused to work out for the Bucks. That's fine by me. The Bucks don't need another shooter, although the last time they passed on a 7-foot shooter from overseas, it didn't turn out too well for them. (Whatever happened to that guy? Ohhhh, right.) Joakim Noah also gave the Bucks the verbal bum's rush. Too bad, a high energy guy with long arms who doesn't need the ball to be successful would have fit in well here as well. Plus, it would have added to Milwaukee's already impressive hair cult. So with those two down and with Horford, Conley and Brewer gone, the Bucks have a decision: Do they want to wait or do they want help now? I am convinced, had the Bucks not been beset by an injury bug, they'd have been in the postseason. I think they need help now. And while Brandan Wright made a favorable impression on the Bucks brass, I think the Bucks need to go Green at No. 6.

Georgetown's Jeff Green can help the Bucks right away as a nice SF/PF combo who can play two positions, shoot a little, defer to veterans. That, and he has some meat on his bones. Plus, he delivered the goods at Georgetown while the skinny, skinny (Did I mention he was skinny?) Wright is all potential. When you have a chance to make the playoffs, you pick the guy who can help you get there now (especially in the East), not the guy who can maybe get your there down the road.

Jeff Green it is.
-- Rob Peterson

Corey Brewer
Brewer was the one of the best perimeter defenders in college playing at Florida. The Bucks could use a good defender and he's also an extremely good passer and shooter for his size.
-- goodfella82
7 Yi Jianlian
I was not targeting Yi at No. 7 for my Wolves, as Corey Brewer and Jeff Green were my preferred choices. That said, I like Yi more than other bigs like Spencer Hawes and Joakim Noah because Yi is more athletic and I place a premium on that characteristic across the board, but especially with bigs. Whether the Wolves trade Kevin Garnett or not, they still need a big and Yi would fit the bill--provided Brewer and Green are off the board.
-- Rick Kamla
Brandan Wright
What better way to replace one of the longest players ever? You replace him with a long player. Wright is the best prospect other than the two giants. If he gets a jump shot, he will be KG.
-- xaznkidx
8 Al Thornton
Charlotte lacks a scorer and frontcourt depth. Al Thornton proved himself at Florida State, mainly carrying the whole squad in a competitive ACC conference. He's a relentless, versatile player who is a terrific scorer and solid defender. He will fit new GM Rod Higgins/new coach Sam Vincent's suspected style perfectly. He can slide into the power forward role to address the lacking frontcourt need, as well as slide into the small forward role to address the scoring need. No one knows what the Bobcats will do with Gerald Wallace this summer, and Thornton provides nice insurance should he leave. Now, the Bobcats do have similar talented players with Wallace and Walter Herrmann, but this gives them the flexibility to make a trade and land an off-season big name. Complemented by Emeka Okafor, Gerald Wallace and Raymond Felton, the Bobcats will have a potent scoring attack.
-- Justin Lyons
Joakim Noah
He helped lead his team to two consecutive championships in Florida and I belive that Noah, being a big man, will help out the Bobcats because they do not have a consistent big guy. He will have to devolop better shooting skills but as soon as he does that he will devolop as an All-Star. He will also give excitement to the Bobcat team.
-- dablaze
9 Brandan Wright
The Bulls are playing with house money here with this bonus pick and should select the STEAL of the draft, Brandan Wright.
-- John Hareas
Julian Wright
Wright entered the 2005-2006 NCAA season for the Kansas Jayhawks as the pre-season Freshman of the Year in the Big 12 Conference. And I think He will be a good back-up forward for the Chicago Bulls.
-- kb24 96
10 Joakim Noah
New coach Reggie Theus stated the obvious when discussing last year's 33-win version of the Kings. This team needs help defensively, and bad, having ranked 24th in the league in points allowed per game (103.1), 28th in blocks per game (3.23) and last in rebounding (38.93). With that said, the choice is Florida's Joakim Noah, who fits in nicely on the Kings frontline. Noah's presence on the glass and around the basket should not only help Brad Miller bounce back from his hugely disappointing 2007 season by freeing him up to play away from the hoop and direct the offense as one of the league's best passing big men from the high post, but also allow Ron Artest (assuming he isn't traded) to gamble even more on the perimeter.
-- Andrew Pearson
Jeff Green
I think Green's Lamar Odom style of play is exactly what the Kings are looking for. He would bring lots of energy into the Kings line up which will hopefully give them more of a drive to reach the playoffs. His defense will add to an already terrific defensive team, so he should slot right in. As he has several offensive threats, he should be able to help his teammates get open looks, but also score himself sometimes. His high basketball IQ and tremendous feel for the game means he is sure to be a star.
-- amare_stoudemire1
11 Javaris Crittenton
Point blank, the Hawks cannot come away without a much-needed point guard to show for their pair of lottery selections. With Conley off the board, the best of the rest are Texas A&M's Acie Law IV and Georgia Tech's Javaris Crittenton, two very different players. Law, who has a scorer's mentality, is the more proven commodity, having averaged better than 18 points as a senior to become a finalist for the Wooden Award. But Crittenton is an inch taller, three years younger, a superior athlete, an Atlanta native, and better fills the traditional distributor role. He posted double-digit assists four times his freshman season alone, while Law did so five times total in his four years at A&M. Despite rumors that Billy Knight might have already made a promise to Law, Crittenton should be the Hawks' point guard of the future.
-- Michael Levine
Acie Law
Acie Law earned Consensus First Team All-American honors as a senior. He was also a finalist for the Naismith and Wooden Awards. Named the winner of the 2007 Chip Hilton Player of the Year Award. A member of the Wooden Award All-America Team. Named First Team All-Big 12 his junior and senior seasons. Named Honorable Mention All-Conference as a sophomore. Finished collegiate career at Texas A&M's third all-time leading scorer with 1,669 points, third in assists with 545 and sixth in steals with 156.
-- big_in_2008
12 Julian Wright
The most talented player left on the board is 6-8 Kansas forward Julian Wright. He has more than just great athleticism, he understands how to play the game. Anyone who watched the Jayhawks last season saw that they were at their best running the offense through Wright at the high post. He makes great decisions and is always in the right spot, which a heady point guard like Andre Miller would greatly appreciate. Think Lamar Odom without the jumper (yet).
-- Maurice Brooks
Al Thornton
Thornton is the offensive power that the 76ers are looking for. He his great range and can blow by opponents on his explosive first step. He plays the defenders weaknesses and has the lateral movement needed for guarding his man.
-- dirk is the 1
13 Rudy Fernandez
The possible loss of Desmond Mason combined with the questionable health of Peja Stojakovic creates an immediate opening and need for a swing player, so why not grab one of the most explosive Euro players to enter the league in some time? It may look like a bit of a reach, but taking Rudy Fernandez here provides Chris Paul with a constantly moving target and an outstanding option on the break. During his time in Spain, Fernandez has developed a reliable jumper out to 3-point range and is probably the best finisher in the draft. He'll be fun to watch with a great point guard like CP3.
-- David Simon
Spencer Hawes
He is just too good of a player to pass on with this selection, and I think he will provide the perfect offensive complement to the Hornets' current big men.
-- they banned o canada
14 Spencer Hawes
The Clippers, sitting at 14, had a choice of several top prospects still on the board to choose from, including Spencer Hawes, Acie Law and Nick Young.

The uncertain status of Shaun Livingston and age of Sam Cassell made a point guard attractive, but Law is a scoring point guard, not what the team needs. Young can put the ball in the hole as well, but he doesn't do anything that different from swingman Corey Maggette. Hawes is a talented 7-footer who has earned praise for his skills and toughness. The fact that the organization already has Elton Brand and Chris Kaman allows Hawes to come in and be a third 4-5 in their big man rotation, taking pressure off of him to produce immediately. If he reaches his potential, the Clippers get a steal at 14. If he fails to ever produce significantly, the Clippers are no worse off. Good big men are hard to come by, so the pick is Hawes at No. 14.
-- Brad Friedman

Javaris Crittenton
An excellent penetrator off the dribble thanks to a great first-step. A fine passer and sound decision-maker. Quick-handed defender who can rack up steals in bunches. A strong free-throw shooter with adequate range on his jump shot.
-- big_in_2008
15 Rodney Stuckey
If you have followed the Pistons even a little over the last few years, you certainly know the team is one of the better defensive units in the league but suffers from lengthy scoring droughts -- especially when its starters are on the bench. So, paramount for the Pistons in this offseason is to find some depth, specifically at the point guard and center positions, and somebody who can provide some reliable scoring. As Pistons president Joe Dumars said earlier this month, the team is targeting young, athletic players who can have an impact now. One such player is Rodney Stuckey, who many believed to have received a promise from the Pistons. The Eastern Washington combo guard averaged 24.4 points over his first two years in college before declaring for the Draft. But "Hot Rod" does more than just score, as this season he ranked second in the Big Sky conference in assists (5.5 apg) and steals (2.5 apg).

Another issue the Pistons must address is a backup at the point behind Chauncey Billups. Javaris Crittenton could have filled that role, but was taken four picks earlier by the Hawks. Acie Law, still available, has more of a score-first mentality so we'll bypass him at 15 and instead take Stuckey, who is a good ballhandler and can find minutes at both guard positions in Detroit.
-- Jeff Dengate

Nick Young
He is a great young player and could provide the Pistons with a lot of talent in the next few years. He is too good to pass on from this point in the draft.
-- heatrchamps32
16 Nick Young
Gilbert Arenas blogged "I want an aggressive scorer," with the Wizards' No. 16 pick and a scorer he shall receive with Nick Young, a 6-6, 200 pound swingman out of USC. You have to love Young's physical measurements (both MJ and Kobe had the same height/weight when they came into the league) and his 53 percent shooting from the floor and 44 percent shooting from deep in his junior season resulted in the second-highest scoring average in the Pac-10 (17.5 ppg). With Washington potentially losing two scoring swingmen (Roger Mason and Jarvis Hayes) to free agency this offseason, Young fills a need and should keep the Hibachi happy.
-- Dave McMenamin
Alando Tucker
Fast developing and getting overlooked - he could develop into a good addition to the Wiz.
-- rj86
17 Thaddeus Young
With no intentions of dealing Jason Kidd, the Nets are still in a win-now mode (no matter what their intentions are with Vince Carter and-or Richard Jefferson). And while there are some interesting bigs available (Big Baby and Sean Williams being the most intriguing to this writer), there's not necessarily a can't-miss prospect among them. So, if a player like Thaddeus Young is still available, New Jersey should take him without hesitation.

Young isn't the banger-shotblocker that they need, but he could still earn some burn at the four in addition to the three, especially since he's willing to work on the defensive end of the floor.
-- John Schuhmann

Josh McRoberts
The Nets really need a good power forward (especially since Mikki Moore may be leaving to free agency), and McRoberts could provide a spark on offense, on the boards, and on defense. He has a great talent, and he and Nenad Krstic could be a pretty good frontcourt in the near future.
-- teee17
18 Sean Williams
The Warriors are a legit playoff team with a few holes that must be filled. One is the absence of a true inside presence. Don Nelson loves his teams to play an up-tempo style and has no problem bringing in players that others may shy away from. With his ability to run the court and play strong defense, Sean Williams would be the best fit for the Warriors. He is a terrific shot-blocker that could contribute immediately for Golden State.
-- Jeff Paolini
Tiago Splitter
I did my studying on the draft and realized that Splitter whould be the best player on the board at the time. The Warriors need a center to take some pressure off Baron and Richardson. A center could mean a title in the future for Golden State.
-- win the east cavs
19 Gabe Pruitt
The Lakers will not, repeat, will not trade, Kobe. However, the Smush Parker experiment is over. The Lakers need a backcourt player, or frontcourt player for that matter, who can consistently hit an open jump shot. Perhaps, Vlad Radmanovic, can return from snow boarding injuries and find his way in the triangle offense. But to sure up this lack of perimeter shooting/scoring, the Lakers take hometown product, Gabe Pruitt.

The 6-4 USC combo guard should not be intimidated by the bright lights of LA and brings athleticism and excellent shooting range. His lack of point guard skills is not an issue with ball handlers like Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom in place. His point production, due to early season injuries, slipped this past season, his junior year, to 12. 5 from 17 ppg in his sophomore season but his health is fine now and his numbers at the next level will reflect this. Pruitt also is a good defender and can guard point and shooting guards.
-- Martin Sumners

Giorgos Printezis
After watching Team USA get spanked by Greece, I think the NBA should keep a close eye on players from Greece. He's noted the most for his hustle and heart on the court and could really help get the blood pumping in the Lakers as a passionate spark off the bench.
-- pmoney2184
20 Acie Law
Promises, promises. Acie Law IV supposedly had verbal assurances from Atlanta and the Los Angeles Clippers that he'd find a home with them. In this mock draft, Law has slipped all of the way to No. 20 and he's going to be a steal for the Miami Heat. One season removed from winning the NBA Finals, the veteran Heat showed their age with a plethora of injuries throughout the season and were swept out of the first-round of the playoffs by Chicago. While the Heat have not worked out Law, they could not have expected this once lottery-bound point guard to fall into their hands. The 6-foot-3, 185-pound Law averaged 18.1 points, 5.0 assists and 3.3 rebounds for Texas A&M last season. Much like the NBA player he compares himself to, the 22-year-old All-American has a pension for hitting clutch shots. In a couple of years, Law and Dwayne Wade could comprise the most dangerous backcourt in the league.
-- Patrick Mulrenin
Jason Smith
He will provide great young talent and could play at the center sometimes while Shaq and Zo are getting old. He could be a great backup for Haslem.
-- heatrchamps32
21 Derrick Byars
With very few experienced college players in the draft, the Philadelphia 76ers should take advantage of a player who has experience. Derrick Byars played four years in college and led Vanderbilt to the Sweet 16 of the 2007 NCAA Tournament. Byars can be a great supplement to Andre Iguodala and Kyle Korver. He has a great ability to slash to the basket and hit the jumper.
-- Maurice Brooks
Rudy Fernandez
Rudy has the athleticism and versatility to show his skills in the offensive end. He can be compared to Manu Ginobili because of the slashing and driving he does past his man for easy layups, or the kick out to his teammates for the open jumper. He has the ability to step up and score when needed. His long arms enable him to grab rebounds on both sides of the court and can even block some shots. He is a great defender because of his long arms and can generate steals and see the passing lanes well. Overall, not many guys like him have his combination athleticism and skills which should make him a great NBA player.
-- dirk is the 1
22 Tiago Splitter
Splitter, a solid rebounder, also runs the floor well and a good set of post skills. At 6'11'', he provides the Bobcats with the frontline help they need. His mobility and quick hands allow him to be effective both offensively and defensively. Not only that, but he'll be able to keep up with Raymond Felton and Gerald Wallace (if he stays) in transition. He'll provide some help off the bench, being a scrapper on the boards.

With young talent and cap room to spare, the Bobcats will address the lack of veteran leadership and other needs via trade or free agency this summer.
-- Justin Lyons

Derrick Byars
Byars is a good shooter who averaged 18 points a game. He will help on the shooting and passing side for the Bobcats. He's very well balanced on all aspects and will mesh well with everyone on the team.
-- dablaze
23 Arron Afflalo
We're overwhelmed with delight Arron Afflalo's there. He's 6-5, he has size. He was the Player of the Year in the Pac-10! Does anyone else, anyone, smell another Josh Howard here? How does he fall this far? In essence, we traded down from the No. 9 pick to No. 23. The Bulls can have their pick at No. 9 with Brandan Wright. We still get a guy that we had 12th on our board. And now he's there at No. 23. We're definitely taking the best pick available.
-- Tony Stewart
Wilson Chandler
He has good athleticism and hops. He can really get up and attack the rim and is a very good rebounder and shot blocker. He can score inside or step outside and hit the three. He has very good NBA size. He averaged over 30 minutes a night both years in college, playing in a big-time conference. And that's why I think the knicks need a big man that can shoot and rebound the ball.
-- cartman19x
24 Jason Smith
Phoenix worked out four projected lottery picks (Corey Brewer, Joakim Noah Jeff Green and Brandan Wright) on Tuesday. And it wasn't because it expects them to drop to the 24th or 29th position. But if the Suns can't strike a deal to move into the top 10, look for them to go big with the first of two selections. Jason Smith is an athletic 7-footer who runs the floor well, constantly finds ways to get open down low and can hit the mid-range jumper. He was ranked as the eighth best athlete at the NBA combine.
-- Mike Slane
Marco Belinelli
With picking at 24, all the best big men have been taken, making it more worth it for the Suns to pick the better guard than the lesser forward/center. Marco is a fantastic shooter, very athletic, very coachable and the Suns would expect to see Marco develop into a solid guard in the NBA.
-- alc_ban
25 Alando Tucker
Thanks to all the GMs that passed on this guy... Where do we work?

I liked Derrick Byars at this pick from Vanderbilt because I thought there was no way Alando Tucker from the University of Wisconsin would fall this low. The Utah Jazz, who are in dire need of wing talent to play off of the dynamic duo of Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer, get the Big 10 Player of the Year, a First Team All-American, the leading scorer and offensive rebounder in Wisconsin's history as well as this past season's Big 10 leading scorer. The guy single-handedly beat Ohio State earlier in the season and scored 20 points a game despite every defense in league being designed to stop him. He is ready to step into the NBA and contribute immediately, with his upside being in the neighborhood of Michael Finley. Tucker also is a high-character guy, which fits in well with Sloan and the Utah fans.
-- Stefan Swiat

Thaddeus Young
It's kind of a surprise pick. Rodney Stuckey can be a better fit for Utah, but Young's offensive potensial is better than him, I think. Now Utah can trade AK47 for a shooting guard. Also Thaddeus can bring media attention to Salt Lake City.
-- elc3m0
26 Nick Fazekas
The Rockets strengthened the point guard position by trading Juwan Howard for Mike James, eliminating one perceived need. The trade of Howard also solidified Chuck Hayes' starting position as the team's power forward. With the return of swingman Bonzi Wells, Houston needs another offensive threat up front to take pressure off Yao Ming. Hayes and Shane Battier both bring a strong defensive presence, but the team needs another frontcourt weapon off the bench.

Nevada star Nick Fazekas may seem like a bit of a reach here, but he would have went higher if he had left school earlier and his size (6-foot-11, 240 pounds), scoring production (three straight seasons over 20 points a game) and range make him a logical fit for the Rockets here.
-- Chris Bubeck

Daequan Cook
He can score points in a hurry. He also has a great mid-range to three point shot. Also the Rockets need young and healthy players.
-- _nugg33t_
27 Morris Almond
As mentioned earlier, the Pistons need to bolster their bench to give a rest to those overworked starters. Jason Maxiell should continue in his development this year, as should Amir Johnson, but questions surround the remainder of the frontcourt. Antonio McDyess can opt out of the final year of his contract -- he has not yet done so. Chris Webber and Dale Davis are both unrestricted free agents, not to mention another year older, and could retire.

So, that leaves the Pistons with a glaring need and a number of decent options with their second first-rounder this year. Left on the board are Glen "Big Baby" Davis, as well as Syracuse's Darryl Watkins, 7-1 Bosnian center Stanko Barac and seven-footer Artem Zabelin. The team has gotten a look at all four, but I'm passing on each for now.

There's a chance any of the latter three could still be available when the team picks again at No. 57. The possibility exists that none of these players would be ready to contribute much in the next year or two anyway, so I'm taking the best player available right now: Morris Almond.

Almond should not have fallen this far, but because of this year's deep draft, his draft night pains are Detroit's gains. Almond is able to contribute immediately and would, like Stuckey, give the Pistons another scoring option off the bench. He's an intelligent ball player, able to work without the ball and run off screens to get open looks.
-- Jeff Dengate

Rodney Stuckey
If he is still avaiable at 27, he would fit good with a veteran Pistons team. He could be a big scoring option for them, and would fit very well.
-- teee17
28 Marco Belinelli
I briefly considered taking Josh McRoberts with the 28th pick (ending the Spurs' trend of only drafting foreign-born players) but I just can't bring myself to pass on Marco Belinelli. With Elson, Horry, Duncan, and possibly Oberto returning for another run at the title, I'm putting off drafting youth at the F/C position in favor of the flashy 6-5 shooting guard from Italy. Belinelli's tendency to take wild shots should be tempered by the veteran experience of his teammates. If Belinelli can improve his handle he could provide backup at both the 1 and the 2. He even kind of looks like Ginobili.
-- John Jacobson
Herbert Hill
Herbert Hill can score a decent amount of points and would be a good center for the San Antonio Spurs. Hill has good low-post skills and good footwork with his back to the basket. He also runs the floor well for a big man. His good lateral quickness and leaping ability makes him a solid defensive presence.
-- knicks2869
29 Quinton Hosley
Will Steve Kerr pull an Isiah-like surprise move and take a sleeper late in the first round? Already having taken a big man with the 24th pick, the Suns should look for an athletic, defensive-minded swingman who fits their fast-paced style of play. Quinton Hosley, who has been compared to both Shawn Marion and Bruce Bowen, can run with the best of them and showed that he plays much bigger than his 6-foot-6 frame by averaging 9.0 rebounds during his two seasons at Fresno State.
-- Mike Slane
Petteri Koponen
Being so late in the draft, choosing a big man might be risky and a team should probably make a trade in order to get an established big. Instead the Suns should take somebody that has a better shot at making it in the NBA. Koponen is quick, agile, and he can shoot from a distance. He has fantastic basketball IQ. Playing behind and developing under the wing of Steve Nash, Koponen can develop into a decent player and can help the Suns out.
-- alc_ban
30 Aaron Gray
Who knew that I could have the same type of success with a mock draft as I do with my fantasy league drafts? First I get the projected ninth and 16th picks with the 12th and 21st selection and now I get 7-1, 280-pound Aaron Gray from Pitt to fill the middle. Remember, Joe Smith and Alan Henderson are both free agents so the Sixers need depth in the frontcourt and Gray starred at all of the predraft camps. During his junior season, the Pennsylvania native became the 10th player in school history to average a double-double (13.9 points, 10.5 rebounds). He helped the Panthers earn a spot in the NCAA Tournament during all four of his years. Gray has a soft touch around the basket and solid footwork on the low block. He and Samuel Dalembert can potentially be a force in the middle against much smaller Atlantic Division opponents.
-- Maurice Brooks
Taurean Green
Taurean will have no problem transitioning to the NBA three point line, as he shot 57 percent at the Orlando Pre-Draft Camp. He can hit the shot with set feet or on the move. He knows how to create his own shot and isn't afraid of going in the paint despite his size. All in all, he has a tremendous combination of slashing, shooting, and play-making abilities. Combine that with his high level of experience playing winning basketball, Taurean can develop into a dependable point guard.
-- dirk is the 1

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