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As he gets ready to enter the NBA, University of Connecticut point guard Marcus Williams will share his thoughts on workouts, his fellow Draftees and the Draft in his 2006 Draft blog.

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    June 29 -- Iíve made it! Iím officially a New Jersey Net. Even though I was picked 22nd, I donít think everything is about the pick and what number you go. Chris Paul said something along those lines today. He said during last yearís draft, he thought he would go No. 2 to Atlanta, and he didnít.

    Then he thought he was going to go to Utah, and he didnít. He was finally taken by the Hornets and look how that worked out for him. It turned out to be a great fit and he showcased his skills. That just goes to show, when you step into a situation, you have to take advantage of it.

    Iíve had to overcome a lot, but Iíve had a lot of people there for me along the way. My family has always been there for me and Coach Calhoun has been a huge influence.

    He has been there through thick and thin. Through my greatest times, he was there cheering me on and when I wasnít playing so well, he let me know about it. Through my toughest times, he was there in my corner fighting with me. I talked to him a couple days ago, and he said, when everything is over, to let him know how it all went. All he wants is a thanks.

    June 28 -- Sitting here in front of the stage, Iím just trying to block everything out, but itís tough. We all watch the projections on TV, but I donít get caught up in it. At this point I donít have any clue where Iíll be picked. Just to be in this situation is a blessing. Whether you go high or low, just to be sitting in this room is incredible considering the guys who are here. I mean they are supposed to be the best.

    When I finally get called up there, Iíll feel that the hard work finally paid off. Iíve been playing this game for a long time, and to be rewarded with something like this, with something you love to do, it doesnít seem like it is a job.

    Thinking about the whole draft, with the possibility that there could be six guys from UCONN selected, it just shows the work of our coaching staff and Coach Calhoun and the things he can do for you. The past two years, we didnít have a lot of McDonaldís All-Americans, but coach just seems to keep putting together great teams. It just says something about the program. If all six go, then you have to take a step back and say, wow, Iíve been playing with NBA guys all year.

    Weíll see what happensÖ.

    June 27 -- Hey everyone. I just finished up my last workout on Monday in Boston and I am pretty tired. I was in Toronto on Friday. Both went pretty well. Overall Iíve had seven workouts with five teams. The Celtics and Raptors brought me in twice.

    At these workouts you go through the same thing pretty much. You get out there, you stretch, you shoot and then they basically put you in one-on-one and two-on-two situations with whoever else they have brought in to work out. Iíve been going against Rajon Rondo of Kentucky, Randy Foye of Villanova, and Mardy Collins of Temple a lot.

    When the workouts are over, most teams tell you the same thing, that you had a good workout and that theyíll talk to you soon. Then you go through interviews with the front office people who try to get a better feel of who you are and how you act.

    The most exciting part of the whole draft process is the first couple of weeks of tryouts. By now, itís just a little tiring and Iím kind of ready to get it over with.

    Tuesday we are doing a lot of things with the league, photo shoots and media appearances and stuff. Then itís on to the big day on Wednesday.

    Iím still amazed I am even here. Everything is just a blessing being in this situation. When I first got to UCONN, there is no way I could have predicted that I would have the chance to go this high. I wasnít even sure with one year left at UCONN if I was going to enter the draft.

    But a few weeks after the season ended, Coach Calhoun called the underclassmen Ė me, Josh Boone and Rudy Gay Ė into his office and told us that there was no reason for us to return to Connecticut. We had proven ourselves during the season. When we decided to declare, everyone on campus was happy for us. It was a real great environment.

    Williams can't wait to shake Commissioner Stern's hand, but doesn't want to wear what Jalen Rose did.
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    With the Draft getting closer, I have been talking to all those guys from school. I talked to Rudy the other day. Rashad Anderson and Denham Brown said their workouts were going fine. Hilton Armstrong is in New York and Josh is going to be in Connecticut watching the draft. Everyone has said things are going great.

    The team that selects me will be selecting a player who can offer leadership on the court and make the game of basketball easier for everybody. In that sense, I would compare myself to Jason Kidd Ė not that I am in his class at this point Ė but because of our size similarities and the things we do for the team.

    In Boston, Coach Rivers was saying that he likes the up and down game, which is how I have been playing in high school and college and is a style that I am very comfortable in. With the guys they have in Boston that can run the floor, I think I would be a perfect fit there.

    Weíll see what happens though. This draft is going to be one to watch with all the trade rumors going around. I really like LaMarcus Aldridge and Brandon Roy. They were in Orlando with me for the pre-draft camp and I think they are both going to be something special.

    Outside of knowing who will select me, the only surprise left is the suit that I will be wearing on draft night. I would love to share my fashion sense with you guys, but I donít even know what it looks like. It is honestly a total surprise Ė for me and for everyone watching. So tune in if you want a peek at the threads. I just hope itís not red with pinstripes or something like thatÖ