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As he gets ready to enter the NBA, Memphis Univeristy swingman Rodney Carney will share his thoughts on workouts, his fellow Draftees and the Draft in his 2006 Draft blog.

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    June 27 -- One day before the draft and man was it hectic. I got into New York Monday night around 6:00 and since then I have been busy. Tuesday morning I was up at 7:30. I did an interview on NBA Radio on Sirius. After that I had to get back to the hotel for the photo shoot. They took all kinds of photos from all different angles and poses. They even took shots with the photographers on ladders above us.

    When that was over, we did some interviews for the media and then we got a little break for lunch Ė thatís right, that all took place before lunch. In the afternoon, we took part in a basketball clinic for kids run by Jerome Williams, the Junkyard Dog, who used to play for the Knicks and a bunch of other teams. I thought that I was done with workouts before the draft, but we were doing all kinds of drills with the kids Ė ballhandling, shooting, passing. Jerome did a lot of the talking. We were just following instructions and answering questions about what weíve gone through in our lives to get to this point.

    Carney poses for the cameras on Tuesday in New York.
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    When that ended, we finally got a chance to head back to the hotel and rest up for tomorrow. It was a real hectic day, but I understand all the media stuff. They need to be ready for the draft just like we do. So itís alright.

    There is actually a draft party Tuesday night that I am looking forward to at the 40/40 Club owned by Jay-Z. I have never met him before, but it would really be something special if he was there and performed a song for us.

    On Wednesday, we have a few more things to do, another photo shoot I think and a meeting for the parents and players. Then itís off to the draft.

    I donít know what will be going through my head when my name is called Ė a lot of emotions for sure. A lot of the other guys feel the same way. I talked to Rudy Gay last night, and he is real anxious to see where he is going to go. Iím just looking forward to getting called up there, especially with my family there and all. Iíve got a pretty big group going Ė my mother, my father, my little brother, my big brother, my uncle, my aunt and my girlfriend. My mother is definitely in awe of the whole thing.

    Everyone is wondering what I am going to do once I get drafted in terms of making that first big purchase, but I donít have anything in mind just yet. Iím gonna wait until I am officially on that NBA roster before I do something like that. Then who knows, maybe a car, a houseÖAnyone have any ideas?

    Carney Reaches the Big Apple
    June 26 -- Itís almost time for the NBA Draft in New York City and I am going through a range of emotions. I am anxious. I am nervous. I am excited. But most importantly I am ready to join the NBA.

    Monday I was in Philly to work out for the 76ers at the Wachovia Center. Iíve been nursing a sore ankle the past few days so the first thing I did when I got to the gym this morning was to ice it and then tape it up before I hit the court. I ran through some light workouts and took a tour of the arena with my mom and the coaches.

    Then I met with a psychologist who confirmed Ė thankfully Ė that I wasnít crazy. Just kidding. The questions were a little strange, but every player who works out for the Sixers goes through it, which eased my mind. When that was all over, I rushed to the airport to catch my flight to NYC and prepare for the big day.

    As the Draft approaches, there has been talk that I am more of an athlete playing basketball, than a basketball player who is an athlete Ė an athlete who canít shoot the basketball. I couldnít disagree more.

    Throughout college my shot has improved and I continue to work on it every day. It all comes down to hard work, something that got me to where I am today and something that developed in public school back in Indianapolis. And it will be something that helps me continue to improve, particularly when it comes to my ball handling and footwork. If I can improve my offense, my footwork on defense and my athleticism, then I should be able to compete with anyone at my position on the court.

    Carney wouldn't mind raising the Conseco Fieldhouse roof as Reggie Miller once did.
    Ron Hoskins/NBAE/Getty Images
    The NBA holds big things for me, but it also holds big things for my teammate at Memphis, Shawne Williams. I expect Shawne to be picked in the Frist Round, anywhere after the 18th pick. Shawne has tremendous upside. Heís very long and he shoots the ball well for a player his size. Heíll score in the NBA, and score often. But the best thing he brings to the court every game is his heart.

    We talked to Coach Calipari recently, and he had encouraging words for both of us. Coach told me to have fun out there and that this was my moment. Heís helped me so much through this whole process and he told me that there was nothing to do now but get drafted. He believes in me and believes that I will be a success in the NBA.

    Iím really not sure how the Draft will work out, but I have a feeling that Toronto is going to take Andrea Bargnani from Italy No. 1. As for myself, it would be cool and certainly a perfect ending to my collegiate career if I end up being drafted by the Indiana Pacers (with the No. 17 pick). I think Iíll be picked higher than 17 though, but it would be special to go to Indiana and have the chance to lift the hometown crowd to their feet with my game. If that didnít work out, though, I would love to be teammates with Steve Nash. He has the ability to raise any playerís status who is on the court with him.

    Time will tell though.

    Is it Wednesday yet?