Williams provided key frontcourt depth off the bench to help North Carolina claim the 2005 NCAA title. Named ACC Rookie of the Year and was a unanimous selection to the ACC All-Freshman Team. Also earned All-ACC Honorable Mention honors.

Scouts consider Williams a tremendous physical talent with the basketball skills and work ethic to match, who can play inside or out. He's a good defender in the paint and out on the wing and can guard either forward spot. In short, scouts love his versatility and his potential.

Williams, who arrived in New York city with his family on Sunday, will provide NBA.com with his thoughts on the events before, during and after the Draft.

"Hello, Commissioner Stern. Do you like my suit?"
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By Marvin Williams

June 29 -- The wait is finally over. Iím officially in the NBA. There was some suspense at the beginning, thinking that maybe Milwaukee would select me but when I heard Andrewís name called, I was happy for him. I was also excited because I had a better idea of where I was going to end up. I cannot even put my feelings into words when I was picked by Atlanta. It was unbelievable, a dream come true for me to be selected so high and to get an opportunity to play in the NBA.

My selfless approach to the game will not change my rookie season. I will be the same basketball player that I was that got me to this point. People question my attitude and wonder whether I will survive in the NBA. I will be fine. I am so tired of hearing people talking about how I might be too nice for the NBA and all that. That is how I am off the court. I am definitely a different guy on the court and I think a lot of people saw that last year.

Atlanta is a good fit for me. The city has a nice feel and I think I can go there and contribute. They already have some other good young players, too. Josh Smith is very athletic. He can run, jump and play good basketball. I think we are pretty similar in style.

The Hawks also have Josh Childress who is more of a two-guard but he can do a lot of the same things as Josh and me. I am looking forward to playing with these guys. They are young and I will be able to learn about the game right along with them.

To be honest, it be will tough going from a national champion to a lottery team. Atlanta had a tough season last year and I had a really good season at North Carolina, to say the least. It will be different. We may not win as much as we would like to next year. No competitor likes to lose, whether it is one loss or a hundred losses. You try to win every time you go out there. It will be tough. But we are still rebuilding and hopefully we can win more than last year.

It will also be an adjustment learning to play the NBA game. I still need to figure out the pro game and take care of my body a little better than I do. But I am not worried about making the adjustment to Atlanta. I am not used to big cities but I will be fine. I can adjust and that is what I will do. My dad will also be down there with me. He will not live with me, but he will be in Atlanta, close by. Off the court will be easy for me. That is the last thing I am worried about. I just want to go in there and focus on playing basketball. I am going to work as hard as I can and try to become a better player.

My dad is actually my favorite basketball player. Growing up I admired Kevin Garnett, but I just love my dadís game. I used to watch him play when I was younger. I looked up to him and he taught me how to play the game. After the Hawks drafted me, he told me just to go in there and work hard. That is the same thing he has been telling me for my whole life.

It was also exciting to see three of my UNC teammates go in the lottery. We were all happy for each other. We won a national championship together and we are entering the NBA together. Some people think that fifth pick might have been too high for Raymond Felton, but I think it might have been too low. He is a great basketball player. He can do a lot more things than people realize. He will be a great pro.

The fact that he and Sean May will be on the Charlotte Bobcats will also be great for them. They are huge names in North Carolina and Carolina people will always follow them. Charlotte is just a couple hours away from Chapel Hill and I am sure Tar Heel fans will make the drive down there all the time to see those two. It would have been great if I ended up on that team, too. But Atlanta is not too far away. I will definitely keep in touch with those guys. Rashad McCants ended up a little lower than a lot of people thought. I have no idea why that happened. I did not work out with him, so I really cannot say. You would have to ask him.

I am really tired because I have been running around all day on Tuesday. In the morning I did the CBS Morning Show. I left around 7:30 and got to the show around eight. I was with Sean May, Chris Paul and Deron Williams. We were only there for about 30 minutes. After that I had some breakfast and we had the playerís meeting. It was just guys talking about the league. We talked about business, fans and how to conduct yourself off the court.

Later in the day, we had the Commissionerís lunch. It was nice. Commissioner Stern came around to the tables and spoke to everyone and their families. It was really nice to meet him. He is a really good guy. He carries himself with class and he is a very smart man who is obviously good for the NBA.

Then, finally, it was time for the Draft. In the Green Room, it was my mom, my dad, my step-mom, my agent and Coach Williams. The suit that you saw me in, well I picked out the material and the design. Itís a sharp color.

There has been a lot of talk about the new age limit. If it helps the NBA, then I am all for it. I do find it a little tough, though, that you can tell a man that he cannot work for his family at the age of 18. But it will definitely help the NBA with guys going to college.

Going pro was a tough decision for me, but I think I made the right choice. I talked to my parents and Coach Williams a lot and I prayed a lot. Today I fly to Atlanta for a press conference and I am excited to start my career as a Hawk. The season canít start soon enough.


By Marvin Williams

The Lottery hopeful is having a ball so far.
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June 27 -- I've been in New York City for barely 24 hours and it's already been a whirlwind experience. I touched down at LaGuardia around 8 on Sunday night and headed straight to the Big Apple, checked in my hotel and just chilled with my mom and dad and brothers who made the trip with me. I low-keyed it.

I knew I had a full day planned on Monday but I didn't want to focus on my schedule until the morning. I just want to enjoy the moment with my family. This is my first time ever in New York City. I haven't really gotten a feel for it since I went straight to the hotel but I'm sure I will on Monday.

Monday morning I attended an NBA Player Development meeting early at my hotel where representatives from the league office discussed the transition to the NBA. There are a lot of adjustments to make whether it's finances, relocation, living on the road, media demands not to mention actually playing.

After that session, all of the players had their photos taken by the NBA Entertainment photographers and then we had a one hour media session with reporters. Each player was assigned a table and reporters surround you asking you questions about your background, which teams do you prefer to play for. At Carolina, I was used to a lot of media coverage but this room that we were in at the hotel was packed with reporters and photographers.

After lunch, me, Andrew Bogut, Chris Paul, Danny Granger and Channing Frye visited a recreation center called Dunleavy Milbank Center on West 118th Street early afternoon. The NBA arranged the trip called Basketball and Books and Bob Lanier, the Hall of Famer, was the master of ceremonies of the event. There were about 16 players in all and we were all placed in small groups in which we read to the kids. In my group was Rashad McCants and Yaroslav Korolev. After the reading portion was over, we put on a clinic focusing on passing, shooting and dribbling skills. We also signed some autographs. The kid are big basketball fans. We had a lot of fun.

After that, we boarded a bus and headed to the NBA Store in Midtown. We were on Center Court and did some interviews on NBA TV for a roundtable show. Fans asked a lot of the same questions some of the reporters asked liked which team we wanted to play for, who are favorite teams are, stuff like that. People congratulated me on the Tar Heels winning the NCAA title, lots of NC fans out here. The Store was really nice. They have a lot of great jerseys and other merchandise. I didn't buy anything but I'm sure I will be back there to shop.

After the NBA Store event, I headed to the ESPN Zone for a bunch of interviews for SportsCenter, Cold Pizza, ESPN Radio and also did an ESPN.com chat. We ate well when we were there, burgers, wings, you name it, they fed us well.

After that, I went to the Garden for an ESPN pre-draft show. It was exciting to be there, especially knowing that in 24 hours, I'll be a member of an NBA team.

Overall, I had a really good time hanging out with the other players. Everyone is really cool. I have known Chris Paul for a while so it was good to hang out and talk to him before our big day. We did not really talk about the draft or our expectations even though I get more and more excited for it with each passing hour. This has been the slowest day for ever because I am so anxious for tomorrow night.

This whole experience is really a dream come true for me. Everybody wants to get up on that stage and shake Commissioner Stern's hand. It will be nice when that happens. I have my suit all picked out, but it will be a surprise for tomorrow night. I was not even going to show my mom, but she made me put it on for her last night. My two brothers also got a peek. I'm sorry but everyone reading this will have to tune in to see what I'm wearing.

Now that I've gotten a little feel for the city I have to say that it's a little too busy for me. All the people that I meet are great, but it is just so big with so many people running around. The closest city to where I grew up in Bremerton, Washington was Seattle and New York is much, much bigger. I do not really even go to Seattle all that often. I'm having a great time in New York but I guess I am more of a small-town guy.

Which team will take me?

I don't know but I am very confident that I will end up in a good situation. I only worked out for two teams, Atlanta and Milwaukee and I thought both went really well. I visited each city the day before each workout. The Bucks and Hawks each gave me a tour of their facilities and I got a chance to see the cities. After that I went to dinner with the coaches. Then you wake up the next day, work out, and you're off. I thought I was prepared for a lot of the various dribbling, running and shooting drills the coaches run you through. I wasn't really nervous because once you get running and playing, your adrenaline takes over.

I liked both cities a lot, but Milwaukee has more of small-town feel. Atlanta seems a lot busier and a lot bigger. But I would be more than happy to end up in either place.

I am looking forward to going back to my hotel and hanging out with my family and friends. I have been so busy I have not really even gotten the chance to talk to them today. I think they went on a tour of the city. It will be good to kick back and relax before tomorrow. I'll need my rest. I'm going on the CBS Morning Show, which is followed by a players meeting and then it's off to a David Stern Luncheon. After that, I'll get a chance to chill before the draft.

I wonder how much sleep I'll get tonight?