Nothing is more exciting for a young hoops player than to be selected in the NBA Draft. and were able to participate in the most thrilling moments in these young men's lives when we chatted with them moments after they were chosen in the 2005 NBA Draft.

Read the chat transcript for Julius Hodge and see how he reacted.

SportsNation The ShowGirl: (10:33 PM ET ) Julius is here ... and by far the best dressed!

SportsNation  Julius Hodge: (10:34 PM ET ) Hey everybody.

Maricela from CA : Wow! Julius...Congrats in making it in the NBA....How do you feel? Are you ready for Denver? I will always remember all the games at State but in particular, the defeat against DUKE, two years ago...Denver is a nice a bit like NC.. We will remember you at NC State and the great heart you have for basketball...Keep that passion in the NBA and have fun as you did at NC State. Congrats again, see dreams do come true when you play with your heart. SEE YOU AT A GAME SOON!!!

SportsNation  Julius Hodge: (10:35 PM ET ) Thank you. It's a great feeling. Jubilation when I heard my name called and picked by the Nuggets. My brother has been telling me for two weeks, ''Denver, Denver, Denver!'' He had a gut feeling, a premonition as people call it. I told him, big bro, you don't know. I didn't know, but here I am and I feel like this is definitely the best fit for me.

New Nugget Julius Hodge.
Nathaniel S. Butler
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Jeff from Ann Arbor: Congrats! Julius. I'm glad to see someone like yourself who played the game the right way get rewarded with a first round draft. Although you can play multiple positions, which do you think will best suit you under Coach Karl? Look forward to it!!

SportsNation  Julius Hodge: (10:37 PM ET ) I think that under Coach Karl -- the young humorous guy he is -- the best position for me will be on the court. I see myself as a guy who can play multiple positions, whatever he wants me to do. If he wants me to run through a brick wall, I'm willing to do it. I feel like this is the best suit for me ....and I'm not talking about my suit!

Jenzen: Julius, what you wearin?

SportsNation  Julius Hodge: (10:38 PM ET ) I'm wearin a creme suit with a mint shirt with some Italian cut shoes. I knew, more than anything, not where I'd be drafted, but that I'd be the best dressed guy on the night. I almost went with a lime shirt, but my mom liked this one. That's what counts!

Wonderboy: Hey Julius, do you have an NBA nickname ready for us?

SportsNation  Julius Hodge: (10:39 PM ET ) I'm just the Jules of Harlem on my way to stardom ...

John: julius, how are you feeling going to the nba to play alongside with melo?

SportsNation  Julius Hodge: (10:40 PM ET ) It's definitely a great opportunity, he's a great young player. I'm going to have to be ready every night and everyday in practice. I think we'll play well together. He is a young guy, very likable, we are already friends so I think it's going to work real well.

knickerbocker1: Julius how do you feel about playing with Jarrett Jack?

SportsNation  Julius Hodge: (10:42 PM ET ) Jarret Jack was always one of the players in the league that I always loved to watch well. He was asking me before the draft where I was going. He said, 'Julius, where you going, I want to chill with you!'' Now, here we go. It's a great feeling and he's a hardworking guy so I think it will work out real well for the two of us together in Denver.

smcrawfo: Julius, everyone here at state is so proud of you! We'll miss seeing you play at the RBC center but will continue to watch you play for Denver! Good LUck with everything!

SportsNation  Julius Hodge: (10:44 PM ET ) Thank you for the support. My four years at NCState were great. I'll miss you, but don't feel so bad because you have Cedric and Gavin ... and my boy Little Head Ced you're going to have the highlights from now on. Everybody, thanks for logging on, it's definitely been great. Thank you!