The No. 2 pick chatted live following his selection by the Detroit Pistons.

Sam from Australia: Gday Darko, do you think you will need to alter your style of play to adjust to the nba?

Darko Milicic: (8:09 PM ET ) I have to learn a lot and I have to be a little stronger in the contact game.

Kavi: Darko how does it feel to be in the nba?

Darko Milicic: (8:10 PM ET ) I feel very good. I am really excited ... before coming in I was very nervous ... but now I am ok.

George K.: Do you believe you can live up to the rough expectations in Detroit?

Darko Milicic: (8:14 PM ET ) Yes. I believe in myself and I think that with hard work, I will be able to meet the expectations ... I will prove that their high expectations are right.

michael: do you think, you will make a impact in your rookie year?

Darko Milicic: (8:16 PM ET ) I will give my best, Michael!

Brian Las Vegas: Whats the best thing about being a part of the NBA?

Darko Milicic: (8:18 PM ET ) The basketball of course.