The No. 6 pick chatted live following his selection by the L.A. Clippers.

D'Angelo: hey chris how does it feel to be in the NBA?

Chris Kaman: (8:31 PM ET ) I'm really excited.

Sodes75: Hey Chris,How does it fell to be the first person from central to go to the pros in years?

Chris Kaman: (8:32 PM ET ) Good. I didn't know what to expect.

Freddy: Chris, are you hungry or excited?

Chris Kaman: (8:32 PM ET ) I'm hungry, Freddy ... actually I'm starvin' -- where's the food around here?

jason: chris, from mt.pleasant area ,great to see you get drafted this high . lots of hard work paid off. good luck!

Chris Kaman: (8:33 PM ET ) Thanks for the support Jason.

Jenna: What's your favorite food?

Chris Kaman: (8:34 PM ET ) Pizza, Jenna.