The No. 1 pick chatted live following his selection by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Amac: LeBron--what are your goals for this season in Cleveland?

LeBron James: (7:59 PM ET ) To get myself and my teammates better every day.

Ed: Hey, Lebron, do you think your ready to come in and play point guard in the NBA or would you be more comfortable on the wing?

LeBron James: (8:00 PM ET ) I would do any thing that coach Silas needs me to do to help the team.

Big Guy: Why the white suit? Didn't you see tapes of the Mailman?

LeBron James: (8:01 PM ET ) Not a mailman -- a MILKman!

Marc: Do you think you will make an immediate impact or take a few years like Kobe and KG?

LeBron James: (8:01 PM ET ) Yes, I think I can make an early impact for the Cavs.

Andrew: LeBron: Can you tell us if you will go into the Dunk comp at the All Star game and if so do you think you will win it?

LeBron James: (8:03 PM ET ) I'm not sure right now but if I enter I think I have a good shot.

greg: Hey lebron, can you say this is one of the most exciting days of your life?

LeBron James: (8:03 PM ET ) Yes, it shows that the hard work has finally paid off.

Damien: Lebron: Are you afraid of failing or not living up to expectations within the first couple of years?

LeBron James: (8:04 PM ET ) Nope, because I know the way I play the game excites the NBA and my new teammates.

LeBron James: (8:05 PM ET ) I gotta go folks. Thanks for you questions. NBA here I come!