The No. 12 pick chatted live following his selection by the Seattle Sonics.

Jimmy: Nick do you think you'll be able to fill that 'big man' void in seatle?

Nick Collison: (8:54 PM ET ) Yeah, I think I can be an option to score inside and score and I definately think I can help the team. I'll have a lot to learn like any rookie, but I'm going to work as hard as I can to adjust to the NBA game.

jay: yo nick how ya chillin' how important were those 4 years of college for you?

Nick Collison: (8:55 PM ET ) Four years were great for me. I learned a lot and improved every year. I've been through a lot of pressure situations and played on the biggest stage possible before the NBA.

Sanjay: Nick, Seattle seems to be shaping up nicely now with yourself and Luke are you liking your position?

Nick Collison: (8:57 PM ET ) I think Luke is very skilled, an unbelievable shooter and a competitor. I look forward to getting started and getting to know the rest of my teammates.

JHox: Nick, I love you since the day you landed at KU. When are you getting married?

Nick Collison: (8:58 PM ET ) I don't know maybe never ... i'm so far from even considering it.