The No. 3 pick chatted live following his selection by the Denver Nuggets.

J.Pablo, Chile: Hey Carmelo, can you say this is one of the most exciting days of your lives?

Carmelo Anthony: (8:21 PM ET ) This is definitely one of the most exciting days of my life. You dream about for years, but to actually hear your name called and shake David Stern's hand -- it's a great experience. Nothin' like it.

Steve-O: Carmelo Who are you looking forward to playing against this year?

Carmelo Anthony: (8:22 PM ET ) I look foward to playing against everybody in my position, that can make me better.

Jere Crosby: Carmelo, How is your shoulder feeling?

Carmelo Anthony: (8:23 PM ET ) It wasn't my shoulder, it was my back ... and it is feeling good. I've been getting a lot of treatment on it. Good to go.