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Who is the best sleeper pick in NBA Draft 2003 and why?

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Bell profile

Troy Bell, Boston College

Troy Bell has to be a major sleeper. This guy can score whenever he wants and definitely can control the game at the point. People talk about Ford and Hinrich, but you cannot forget about Bell. Watch him rise this year and beat out both of those guys in the league.
Derek, Valdese, N.C.

Troy Bell of Boston College is my sleeper pick. He single-handedly brought BC back to basketball prominence. A weak junior year can be attributed to an injured knee. Look for Bell to adjust quickly to the NBA and have teams kicking themselves for a missed opportunity.
Jared, Worcester, Mass.

I think the best sleeper pick of this years draft would have to be Troy Bell of Boston College. This kid has something special about himm that makes me think that he should be a great pick for a team looking for a point guard that can score and push the ball. He's got a great shot, he know how to score, shoot free throws, and can make clutch shots whether it be from the perimeter or anywhere else on the floor.
Richard, Cannon Falls, Minn.

Cook profile

Brian Cook, Illinois

The biggest draft sleeper is Brian Cook of Illinois. This guy can play ball. Solid frame at 6'9 about 240 or so, back to basket game, passes well for a big man, 10-14 foot jumper. He would be one of my top 10 picks.
Rashad, Los Angeles

Brian Cook. Long wing-span, great shooting touch, can shoot any where on the court, smart player, great free-throw shooter, quick release, taller than what people think.
Thomas, East Moline, Ill.

It's an absolute abomination that Brian Cook will not go in the draft lottery -- and therefore, not earn the immediate green that he deserves. No matter though -- going later in the first round will provide a forum for him to succeed with a better team, and prove what a great player he is. Mark it down -- Brian Cook will be the STEAL of the draft.
Dan, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Jones profile

Dahntay Jones, Duke

I think Jones of Duke is a sleeper. Even though people think he will go in the second round he can drive, create for others, play good defense and knows the game.
Julia, San Jose, Calif.

The biggest sleeper has to be Dahntay Jones. He had a major impact in Duke and is a proven scorer. He's got amazing jumping ability and his jump shot is getting better. He would be a steal in the second round.
J.R., Maspeth, N.Y.

The best sleeper will be Dahntay Jones from Duke. He's athletic and had a pretty good camp. He will be this year's Carlos Boozer, who also went to Duke.
Brian, Cleveland

Gardner profile

Jason Gardner, Arizona

I believe Jason Gardner of Arizona is the best sleeper pick in the NBA Draft 2003 - he's an underated floor general with speed and ball control that has kept Arizona at the top of the polls during his tenure. He set the school record for minutes played, Lute couldn't afford to sit him down long.
Joe, Long Beach, Calif.

I think Jason Gardner is a big sleeper. In college he was one of the leaders on his team as a freshman, and if he can bring that to the NBA like so many other players when they first entered, he will explode in the next couple of seasons. He already has the skills to become the next Gary Payton.
Bryant, Indianapolis

Jason Gardner. Although he is extremely small and not doing well in pre-draft camps, he would be a much higher rated prospect if he were the shoot first guard that scouts think he is. But he thought of his team first and that's why he didn't have monster numbers like he had or could have had.
Enoch, Tempe, Ariz.

Collison profile

Nick Collison, Kansas

Hard to call a guy this visible a sleeper, but Nick Collison is going to fall way farther than he should with his talent. Teams will pass on him because he's not an ESPN highlight guy, and he can't ride the Euro frenzy wave. I love his game, and I think he'll make a lot of people sorry they passed him over.
Bruce, Rochester, N.Y.

I think the biggest draft sleeper this year is Nick Collison from KU. I don't care what people say about his free throw shooting in the championship game against Syracuse ... he's always been a great all-around player that has proven through USA basketball that he can play with the pros.
Reena, Dixon, Calif.

If you watched March Madness you could see that Kansas' Nick Collision should be a lottery pick. He's a proven player, and I think a lot of teams are missing out on him.
Alex, Toronto