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With LeBron James, Darko Milicic and Carmelo Anthony set as the top three picks, who should go fourth in NBA Draft 2003 and why?

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Bosh profile

Chis Bosh, Georgia Tech

Discussion about the fourth pick in the draft should start and end with Chris Bosh. He has everything NBA teams rant about wanting: Size, speed, athleticism and -- the draft buzz word -- potential. Even if Toronto trades the pick, Bosh deserves to be the fourth overall selection.
Ryan, Wallingford, Conn.

Chris Bosh of Georgia Tech will be the fourth player selected in the draft by the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors need MAJOR help in the frontcourt to supplement the backcourt scoring of Vince Carter. Bosh's athleticism will make him difficult to guard, and his youth makes him a great investment for the future.
Huey, Hollywoodland, Calif.

I think the Toronto Raptors should select Chris Bosh even thought he is a little too skinny. Bosh has the talent and he has the post-up that Toronto needs. Also, he could extend his range up to the three point line.
James, British Columbia

I feel that Chris Bosh should go fourth in the draft, the reason being that the Raptors need somebody down low to complement Vince Carter and open lanes for him. Bosh is probably the best athlete in the draft and there is no way the Raptors could let him pass.
Jon, Auburn, Mich.

Ford profile

T.J. Ford, Texas

The fourth pick has to be T.J. Ford. The only thing that he's missing is confidence in his jump shot. He's a leader on the court and can give any team a jumpstart. T.J.'s defense is underrated as his quickness helps him with steals. As many people don't think he should be in the top 10, he's my pick for who SHOULD be fourth in the draft.
C.J., Anniston, Ala.

I believe T.J. Ford from the University of Texas should go number four because in spite of his height, he scores, steals, rebounds, and gives assists. He is like a Steve Francis.
Krish, Houston

The number 4 pick should be T.J. Ford because of his quickness and his incredible passing ability. He is the most talented passer since Jason Kidd.
Wang, Albany, N.Y.

Wade profile

Dwyane Wade, Marquette

Dwyane Wade. Quite simply the surest selection in the field at No. 4. Silky-smooth driving to the basket, where he always finds a way to finish. Tremendously patient and unselfish. Has an excellent feel for the situation during game, taking over when Marquette needed him to all year. Explosive leaper who can deliver facials. Superb young man off the court. Despite size, he will compensate with tremendous jumping ability and wingspan, and will be able to play shooting guard, his natural position, rather than convert to a point guard. Ready to make an immediate impact.
Andy, Valencia, Calif.

Even though it won't happen, Dwyane Wade should go fourth. There's just something about this guy. He'll contribute in every relevant statistical category, including the most important: wins. If he's on the board and my Bucks don't take him, I'm shopping for a new team.
Drew, Milwaukee

I think Wade should go fourth. He'll score 15 a game, and if Vince stays healthy, it will be like him and Tracy all over again.
Tanner, Colorado Springs, Colo.

I think Dwyane Wade should go fourth because the Raptors don't really have a dependable point guard, and his athleticism would be a great complement to Vince Carter.
Ben, Bellevue, Wash.

Sweetney profile

Mike Sweetney, Georgetown

If you take a look at the Raptors lineup, they have two great shooters in Vince Carter and Morris Peterson. Many of their big men are getting old, so I think they should try and scoop out a big man. To tell you the truth, many teams are looking past one of the most athletic players in the draft, Mike Sweetney. He would be perfect for the up-tempo offense and he averaged about 10 rebounds in college. Give him three years, and he could be selected into the All-Star Game.
Tyler, Janesville, Wisc.

Mike Sweetney. Hands down the best big man in the draft. Great hands, great footwork, plays solid D, can step in now and produce. Probably will get overlooked because everybody wants the two kids. This is a man, and mark my words, will probably be the best player in years to come out of this draft.
Bobby, Columbia, Pa.

I think Sweetney from Georgetown should go fourth because he is a workhorse and he will rip it up in the NBA.
Tyler, La Pine, Ore.

Collison profile

Nick Collison, Kansas

Nick Collison is hands-down the fourth pick. I've never seen a guy control the boards and the post like he does. Also factoring in that without Jeff Graves, KU had no other low post threat.
Mark, Washington, D.C.

I think that many people have slept on Nick Collison. I am by no means a KU fan, even though I live in Kansas. I just think that Nick is a proven winner, he has proven himself over the years. I think he should be without question the No. 4 pick in the draft. The raptors need a contributor now that can help elevate some of that pressure from Carter. I think Nick is that person.
D'Angeloo, Olathe, Kan.

I think Nick Collison of KU should be taken as the fourth pick. He can definetely rebound and has a pretty good jump hook. I'd say he's between a Raef LaFrentz and a Drew Gooden. I predict that he would average about eight points and seven rebounds per game.
Danny, Manila, Philippines