NEW YORK, June 25 -- How will the first 13 picks play out in NBA Draft 2003? We interviewed two scouts -- one from an Eastern Conference team, and one from a Western Conference team -- and here are their predictions for the lottery teams.

No. 1: Cleveland Cavaliers
Likely pick (according to our scouts): LeBron James, G, 6-8, 240, St. Vincent-St. Mary's H.S.
West scout: "They have a lot of chemistry, but they don't have a leader. This kid can be a leader, even though he is a high school kid."
East scout: "I'd be excited if I were them. He can handle the ball and play one, two or three. He's a 20-point scorer right off the bat. He's that good."

No. 2: Detroit Pistons (from Memphis)
Likely pick: Darko Milicic, PF, 7-0, 245, Hemofarm Vrsac (Serbia & Montenegro)
West scout: "They need scoring. I see them taking Darko and moving Ben Wallace to four."
East scout: "With Milicic, they can't go wrong. They also need a backup point guard."

No. 3: Denver Nuggets
Likely pick: Carmelo Anthony, SF, 6-8, 220, Syracuse
West scout: "This team needs a point guard and is desperately looking for another post player. You would say, 'How does Carmelo fit into that?' A team that wins 17 games can use anything."
East scout: "They need scoring. I think Carmelo can get 12-13 points a game. I don't see anyone other than Carmelo, the next five best guys aren't capable of scoring like that."

No. 4: Toronto Raptors
Likely pick: Chris Bosh, PF, 6-10, 210, Georgia Tech
West scout: "I think they really need and have interest in a point guard. Their post players, like Antonio Davis, are getting older, so they need youth in the post."
East scout: "They could go either way, depending on the coach they hire. Some coaches like Alvin Williams and his defense, while other coaches may want a guard to push the ball on offense. Then again, the coach may not have a say. They also need post players."

No. 5: Miami Heat
Likely pick: Maciej Lampe, SF, 6-11, 240, Universidad Complutense (Spain)
West scout: "With 'Zo's situation, they need a center. They had a great find last year in Caron Butler. They also desperately need a point guard."
East scout: "Like Denver, they need scoring. They may look at a point guard like T.J. Ford. He's not that great defensively, so they may pass on that and go big."

No. 6: Los Angeles Clippers
Likely pick: T.J. Ford, PG, 6-0, 165, Texas
West scout: "They need to fill two roles, point guard and center because Andre Miller is gone and Michael Olowokandi is gone. They're fairly stocked at the other positions."
East scout: "They could lose three or four guys to free agency. If they don't re-sign Miller, they may go after a point guard."

No. 7: Chicago Bulls
Likely pick: Dwyane Wade, SG, 6-4, 210, Marquette
West scout: "They need a two. And if you consider Tyson Chandler and Eddy Curry fours, then they need a center as well."
East scout: "They may go two guard. They also need someone to backup Jalen Rose. They could also trade down, get same guys down the road. I don't know if a two guard should be drafted that high."

No. 8: Milwaukee Bucks (from Atlanta)
Likely pick: Nick Collison, PF, 6-9, 255, Kansas
West scout: "They would swap all three of their centers they have now if they could get a solid guy at center."
East scout: "They will take either a point guard or a power forward. They won't take a two or three and they're not going to take a center."

No. 9: New York Knicks
Likely pick: Chris Kaman, C, 7-0, 255, Central Michigan
West scout: "They have their two (Allan Houston), their three (Latrell Sprewell) and plenty of fours, but they don't have a true center. They also need backups for the twos and threes."
East scout: "I think they need help at point guard, but Ford won't drop that low."

No. 10: Washington Wizards
Likely pick: Jarvis Hayes, G/F, 6-7, 220, Georgia
West scout: "They're definitely going to need a two. Larry Hughes hasn't proven himself yet. They definitely need a two."
East scout: "They need something at every position. If they get Jerry Stackhouse back, they'll be set at two. They'll look for depth and take the best player available."

No. 11: Golden State Warriors
Likely pick: Kirk Hinrich, PG, 6-3, 190, Kansas
West scout: "Depending upon what happens with Gilbert Arenas, they'll need a point guard.
East scout: I'm guessing point guard for sure, because they don't know anything about Arenas as to whether they keep him or not. That's their only galring weakness, if they think they might lose him."

No. 12: Seattle SuperSonics
Likely pick: Luke Ridnour, PG, 6-3, 175, Orgeon
West scout: "They need a true post player, a four or a five that can play with his back to the basket."
East scout: "They love the European big guys. And depending what happens at point guard, they may look to a point guard. A point guard or Euopean big man, probably a power forward more than a center."

No. 13: Memphis Grizzlies (from Houston)
Likely pick: Mickael Pietrus, SG, 6-6, 220, Pau Orthez (France)
West scout: "They thought they had a great one in Drew Gooden, but they traded him right away. Lorenzen Wright's a center, but he would be a four on most teams. They need a center."
East scout: "They kind of have a bit of everything and they seem to be a team intent on making trades. With Jerry West, anything is possible. They've had good success with Pau Gasol, so maybe they'll go European again."