Bill Raftery gets the insider perspective of both worlds. As a color analyst for the New Jersey Nets, he sees every NBA team and knows what kind of talent it takes to be successful in the pros. As a college basketball broadcaster with ESPN and CBS for 20 years, Raftery also gets to follow a player's development process and knows who's got the goods to make the jump to the NBA. Raftery sat down with NBA.com and evaluated the top college prospects in the 2002 NBA Draft, plus rated the best of the rest as to who might be a late-round steal.

Jay Williams, Duke, Guard - Junior

NBA Draft 2002 profile
A lot of people feel he can walk in and run a team and I think that's what everybody looks for, an Andre Miller-kind of a career. Whoever gets Williams would get a guy for 10 years and it's a valuable commodity to have. Chicago is starting to get better. They had a lot more confidence at the end of the year under Bill Cartwright. Golden State is another team -- to me they would be perfectly suited for Williams. Cleveland has a cornerstone with Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Miller and that would be similar with maybe a Golden State so he drops in my mind as the perfect situation if they were able to get him.

Mike Dunleavy, Duke, Forward - Junior

NBA Draft 2002 profile
I think Dunleavy is a great player. I can envision him playing for Sacramento, Dallas or New Jersey and having a career that everyone would get a bang out of. If he does go to a certain team that plays a lot of power basketball, you know bang it inside --reminiscent of the New York Knicks where they wanted to be a power type of team -- he would have problems. I think he plays so many positions and plays them all so well. He has that Magic Johnson point guard mentality, a point-forward mentality. I'm very fond of Dunleavy. Physically he has gotten stronger, and he will get a lot stronger. Right now his growth spurt is such that its tough for him to keep on any weight. I know from his workouts at Duke, how impressed they have been that he has gotten a lot stronger.

Drew Gooden, Kansas, Forward - Junior

NBA Draft 2002 profile
Athletic, quick, goes a long way for rebounds, runs the floor, good defender, and shot blocker. He's really an ideal forward who will probably play center on a weaker team. He really knows the game and likes to play -- great attitude. There's a lot of upside on him too. I think thatís a terrific pick -- a Richard Jefferson-kind of pick only taller. The Knicks would jump to mind as a good team for Gooden or Milwaukee, Houston -- you know, where you can maybe shape him into a mobile center. He could move in, move out, and cause matchup problems with bigger, slower guys.

Dajuan Wagner, Memphis, Guard - Freshman

NBA Draft 2002 profile
He's an Oscar Robertson-type of kid, but not as big. Very strong and aggressive and very offensive-minded. He really knows how to score. He's a little bit like Allen Iverson in the sense that he is probably better at being the guy that gets the ball than the provider, although he can do whatever he wants. He's got great strength and is a good rebounder -- good skills around the basket too.

Chris Wilcox, Maryland, Forward - Sophomore

NBA Draft 2002 profile
Really Wilcox's stock has gone through the roof. It's like betting that he's going to get better. He's a turn-around jumpshot, face the basket kid -- hasnít really proven he can put it on the floor, yet. He's very quick, runs, has a good body and is built for the duration. He's not weak -- he possesses what looks like inner strength, has good elevation, blocks shots and his stock's gone up quite a bit for all those reasons. They think Wilcox only will improve.

Curtis Borchardt, Stanford, Center - Junior

NBA Draft 2002 profile
Borchardt is a big, strong, back-to-the-basket guy. Not a lot of guys play with their back to the basket. I've only seen him on TV, but I think he's one of those guys like Chris Mihm maybe, although Mihm has a better face-the-basket game. Borchardt has size and is a little more mobile than the Greg Ostertag that came into the league. The Knicks jump to mind as a team he'd fit in with. At some point if there's nobody that the Knicks can get, they have to think about some size, even if the kid is limited at this stage or age. Hopefully Borchardt can provide that in a year or two.

Caron Butler, Connecticut, Forward - Sophomore

NBA Draft 2002 profile
Butler would fit what the Knicks have with Allan Houston and Latrell Sprewell. Butler's a great wing player that loves to get up and down the floor. He has really worked hard on his jump shot and has a great pull-up jumper. He finishes around the rim, has great elevation and I think is a very good player. He is a Western Conference kind of a player, a Dallas kind of a player. He's a terrific offensive player.

Jared Jeffries, Indiana, Forward - Sophomore

NBA Draft 2002 profile
I wish he had stayed at Indiana. I think he's going to be a terrific player. He's like Wilcox in that he hasn't really learned how to play offense yet, but Jeffries has great upside. He runs and is a terrific defender because he really saves the guards -- blocks shots when guys get through. He passes well, screens well, has a good face-up jump shot. He's really worked on his three-pointer, although in the NCAA Tournament he didnít shoot it well against Maryland. He's a great kid, great attitude and would be a terrific pick. His ball handling skills have gotten better and he really seems to know the game. Jeffries looks like a great teammate -- wonderful to the guys on his team and I think he fits in when you try to build some character.

Best of the Rest

Dan Gadzuric, UCLA, Center - Senior: He doesn't know how to play offense, but he competes and rebounds and block shots. To me, thatís a great late pick.

Juan Dixon, Maryland, Guard - Senior: I think Dixon is great at anticipating defensively. He's not the guy you're gonna build your team but he's going to be a solid player. He comes in and can make shots, he guards, he hustles, and he works, that kind of stuff. A lot of times you donít need a star you need another body that knows how to play.

Matt Barnes, UCLA, Forward - Senior: What he does very well is he knows every facet of the game. He's worked to be an outside shooter now, which he didnít have last year. He was a tight end in football, so there is toughness about this kid.

Rod Grizzard, Alabama, Guard - Junior: He has great talent. Sometimes you look at him and he is unbelievable. Great range and he's athletic and then all of a sudden he does something crazy. But he's talented. The thing about Alabama players, like Spreewell and Derrick McKey, is they all got better when they got in the league and thatís what gives you some hope for Grizzard.