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CURTIS BORCHARDT, No. 18, Orlando (traded to Utah)
Borchardt's post-draft chat on

Q: Were you surprised about where you were picked?
Borchardt: No, but there were a few surprises in the first few picks. Different guys who I think some teams didnít think were going to be available at their pick were, so that kind of changes everything a little bit. I am fortunate that I landed with Orlando. They are a great team, and I had a nice workout there. I really enjoyed meeting that whole entire coaching staff.

Q: Talk about the emotions of being selected.
Borchardt: This is a dream come true. I canít wait to get out there and start working to get better and help this team out.

Q: Talk about the possibility of playing with Patrick Ewing.
Borchardt: Hey, if youíre going to learn from a big guy I couldnít think of anyone better. I really hope he comes back next year.

Q: What are your plans after you leave tonight?
Borchardt: Well I want to get out there as soon as possible and meet everyone in the organization. I want to get acclimated to my new surroundings and just get in there and show them I am willing to work. I know I need to improve as a player. I think I will have a tremendous opportunity to do that this summer.

CARON BUTLER, No. 10, Miami

Q: We were waiting for you in the interview room.
Butler: Man, I was waiting to come up here also. But it was a process.

Q: Talk about maybe sliding a little.
Butler: I thought I would go to Cleveland, maybe. But I knew the situation with Andre Miller and thinking about trading him probably next year for LeBron James or something. I knew what was going on there and we talked to Miami earlier today, and I knew that was good fit for me.

Q: Did you see Miami much last year.
Butler: No, not much last year. I just heard a lot of bad things about them, but we are going to change that.

Q: Talk about the fans chanting your name.
Butler: That was a lot of love from the city of New York because Iím a Connecticut boy, and Iíve been at UConn for two years. That felt real good because they recognized what I did at the University of Connecticut -- that Iím a pretty good basketball player and that they wanted me here.

Q: Since you dropped, will you play with a chip on your shoulders?
Butler: Most definitely. I donít see why I slipped so far in the draft. But I slipped to a good team and me and my agent and my mother and the rest of my family always said God would put you somewhere where he wants you to be. Itís a good vacation trip for my family.

JUAN DIXON, No. 17, Washington
Dixon's post-draft chat on

Q: What was the first phone call you made?
Dixon: To my brother. We couldnít even talk; it was so emotional. This is a great day. Besides winning the national championship, this is the best day of my life. I dreamt about this for so long. I had so many doubters on each level, I just stay focused, stayed hungry and go out and get some playing time

Q: How does it feel getting to play close to home?
Dixon: Itís a great feeling. Iím from Baltimore, I went to school at the University of Maryland and now Iím only 10 minutes outside of College Park, right in the MCI Center, so Iím looking forward to it. Itís good to be home. My whole basketball career has been in the Maryland, D.C. area. Itís good having people around me. I had a great situation at Maryland and now I have the same with the Wizards. Iím going to take advantage of it, continue to work hard and keep the work ethic that got me here.

Q: Are you surprised?
Dixon: No, I did well when I worked out for the Wizards. I was there with a couple of guards they were considering taking and I did well. I held my own, I shot the ball well and I played well, handled the ball well, which a lot of teams wanted to see me do, see some point guard skills.

Q: Was Michael Jordan there when you worked out?
Dixon: No, he wasnít, but I talked to him afterward and he said that they were considering. And it worked out for me.

Q: What did you think of the mock draft that had you going further down?
Dixon: I didnít pay attention to that stuff. I knew what I could do. I accomplished a lot in college and I knew what I could bring to the table in the NBA. I think I can make an impact right away.

MIKE DUNLEAVY, No. 3, Golden State
Dunleavy's post-draft chat on

Q: What exactly were you feeling when your name was finally called?
Dunleavy: I had a lot of butterflies going through me. When everybody said they were going to take me, I felt pretty good about it, but once you get in that green room and the Commissioner comes up, I was a little nervous about it. But once he finally said my name, it was a dream come true.

Q: What kind of advice did your parents give you in regard to entering the draft before getting your degree?
Dunleavy: First of all, Iím going to get my degree. That was never a question. Iím going to do that. They really left it up to me. They provided me with a lot of information and support, but ultimately, it came down to my decision. Tell you what, right now, I know 100 percent sure they absolutely are ecstatic with what Iím doing, and it makes me happy, and the whole family is happy about it.

Q: How much do you know about the Warriors?
Dunleavy: I know theyíve got a nice young core of talent out there and Iím really looking forward to it. I know Jason Richardson pretty well, Gilbert Arenas and [Antawn] Jamison. Those guys are guys to build around, and I think just like any team player, I think Iím going to fit in very well. Iím a team player and I just want to win.

Q: What does you and Jay Williams going second and third say for Duke?
Dunleavy: First of all, to have that honor of two guys picked in the top three says a lot for Duke, Coach K and our program, and I think Jason and I are really happy about it. Itís quite an honor, itís a dream come true. I can tell you when we came in as freshmen, to think in three years we would be here, I certainly didnít envision it. Maybe he did, but itís great. And as far as going from one program to another, Duke was great, Iím not going to look back, and Iím also not going to look back on what was going on with the Warriors and their past. I know that the last few years have been tough, but everythingís forward now. Itís all about the future.

Q: How much has your dad told you about life in the NBA?
Dunleavy: We havenít really gotten into it that much. Right now, itís just been all about trying to make my decision, what I want to do, and the last week or so, itís been about what team Iím going to go to. So Iím sure weíll sit down a lot this summer and weíll talk about how to be professional. I think I have an idea of how to be professional, but there are all kinds of things, the ins and outs of the game, on and off the court.

MELVIN ELY, No. 12, Los Angeles Clippers

Q: Is this the best case scenario for you?
Ely: The best case is health, warm weather and me playing. Iím just happy to be a part of that team. I know the players there real well. Quentin Richardson and Corey Maggette, I played with them in high school, and Iím just happy to be a part of it.

Q: Can you talk about the strong Chicago connection with you and Corey and Quentin?
Ely: I love those guys. Those are the guys I grew up playing with in AAU ball. We all know each other well and stay in contact. This is probably one of the best things that could have happened for me, being with players who can help you along. I know I wouldnít feel quite as lost. I have some people around who can help.

Q: Did you think this would happen?
Ely: You know what? The Clippers were probably the last team I thought I was going to go to. To tell you the truth, I thought I was going to Milwaukee or Indiana. Really, I just wanted to walk out of here with the job and just smile and enjoy the evening. I canít wait to talk to those guys and see what they think about it. Hopefully, I can end up helping them out. Iím going to go in there and do what I can do to help.

Q: Do you think this was possible for you?
Ely: If you would have asked me during my first year in 1997, I probably would have said you were crazy. I thought I was going to end up being a nice college player, probably get a job or get into coaching. Being under one of the greatest coaches in Jerry Tarkanian, he pushed me and expected the best from me, so a lot of the credit goes to him.

DREW GOODEN, No. 4, Memphis
Gooden's post-draft chat on

Q: Were you worried about your position?br> Gooden: I wasnít worried at all. I wouldnít have entered the draft if I was going to be in a position where I wasnít going to be able to sleep in anticipation of this day. Fortunately, I felt like I was one of the prospects in this draft that could sit back and wait for my name to get called and not worry about it as much.

Q: Has reality set in?
Gooden: Itís starting to set in. Thatís some good money.

Q: Did you major in business in college?
Gooden: No, communications so I could deal with you people. Thatís something thatís going to take some learning, some experience hanging on to my money, but really Iím just happy to be drafted.

Q: Did you think about playing close to home in California?
Gooden: Yeah, but then again Iíve been away from home. Iíve kind of grown to like that but the Bay Area is a nice place to live. I have a lot of family out there and friends, but then again, I also like being out on my own, too.

Q: Was there something in your workout with Memphis that led you to believe they would pick you?
Gooden: Yeah, because I knew they needed another versatile guy who could contribute on the front line. Iím not a single dimension guy, Iím a multi-dimensional guy and I can add to a roster that already has some versatile guys.

MARCUS HAISLIP, No. 13, Milwaukee

Q: How do you feel about going to Milwaukee?
Haislip: Milwaukee has a great coaching staff. I had a very good workout down there. They have a great group of guys. I am very excited about going there.

Q: Talk about what you can bring to the> Haislip: I think I can bring a lot of athleticism. I am good at blocking shots, running and up and down the floor hustling.

Q: Talk about the playing in the NBA.
Haislip: Everybody is a lot stronger. Every player night in and night out can play and you just have to get used to it. Defending some of the best players in the league every night will be a challenge.

Q: How did you feel when you heard your name called?
Haislip: I am glad the wait is over. My dream finally came true. I have been waiting and waiting, and itís finally here. I am excited.

NENE HILARIO, No. 8, Denver (traded from New York)

Q: How do you feel about going from New York to Denver?
Translator: Iím very happy to go to Denver. I think the situation for me there as a player is excellent. Iím going to develop as a power forward, and itís going to be great. I love the city.

Q: How do you think youíll fit in with the Nuggets?
Translator: Iím going to do the same thing I did with Vasco. Defensively, I will contribute a lot to the team.

Q: What was your reaction when you heard the booing from the crowd?
Translator: I didnít really know what was going on with them. At that moment, I was very happy, so to me, it didnít really matter.

Q: Were you surprised to be traded?
Translator: Of course, it was a surprise. But I enjoy both cities, and God wanted it that way.

Q: When are you going to Denver and learn more about the city.
Translator: I think Iím going tomorrow. Iíve already met the coaches, Iíve seen a bit of the city, and Iím looking forward to going back.

CASEY JACOBSEN, No. 22, Phoenix
Jacobsen's post-draft chat on

Q: How does it feel to be in the first round?
Jacobsen: People talk about the difference between the first round and the second round all the time, but the only thing I can possibly ask for in this situation is a place to play because the bottom line is, no matter how much money youíre making or where you get drafted, youíre not going to have a long NBA career unless you perform on the basketball court. I want to have a long NBA career.

Q: Did you work out for Phoenix?
Jacobsen: Yes I did, and it went really well. I had a hunch Phoenix was going to be the team. That brought a big smile to my face.

Q: What can you bring next year?
Jacobsen: I want my rookie experience to be a learning one. There are lots of things I need to work on, and I want to stay humble during this process and learn through the veterans and the coaches, what it takes to be an NBA player. But I am willing to step in right away if they need me. If they want me to play a smaller role, then thatís fine, too.

Q: Is the city of Phoenix a good fit for you?
Jacobsen: Iím a believer that things happen for a reason and Phoenix selected me for a reason. Iím meant to play there. I think that Phoenix probably has a lot more to offer for a guy like me than probably 95 percent of the other teams in the NBA. That might change. If you would have told me to list teams I wanted to play for, Phoenix would have been at the top of the list.

JARED JEFFRIES, No. 11, Washington

Q: Whatís it going to be like for you playing with Michael Jordan?
Jeffries: Thatís something Iím looking forward to. Itís kind of crazy, I mean, growing up and watching somebody thatís such a great basketball player, and now Iím having the chance in my first couple of years in the league to be able to play with that person and kind of learn from him, and feed off his basketball ability and his business knowledge, also.

Q: Is this something you expected?
Jeffries: Yeah. Coming into it, I had good workouts with the Wizards and I knew they were very interested, so I was kind of sitting back and looking forward to playing for them. This is a great situation for me, and I look forward to playing on his team.

Q: How does it make you feel to play for and with Michael?
Jeffries: Iím excited about it. He took an interest in me, looked at me, had the confidence in me to draft me at 11. Iíll come in and work hard and prove him right.

Q: What about playing for the Wizards in general?
Jeffries: I know Tyronn Lue very well, Etan Thomas, Jahidi White, Chris Whitney, Christian Laettner, I know all those guys. Iíve been around him, Iíve seen them some, and itís just going to be a chance for me to really kind of build with the team. Itís a team on the rise, definitely with a lot of young guys. Kwame [Brown] is going to be an unbelievable player when he gets a couple of years under his belt, and I look forward to being a part of that.

Opening statement: First off, regarding the trade, we always have to look at the players that played so many games for our team and helped us win so many games, so itís always tough to trade players Ė Marcus Camby, Mark Jackson Ė and we wish them well. We thank them for everything that theyíve done. So, that is certainly the first thing we talked about. Having said that we are very excited to get Antonio McDyess in the trade. He obviously was the key component for us in the trade and you can tell from the size of the deal what we think of him. We are very excited and anxious to get under way with him on the team. This is a good day. As always, we believe itís a fair deal and a deal that will help both teams. Certainly, Denver did some very good things today and we feel good about that. The other part of the deal Ė a smaller part Ė was the 25th pick and to get a player like Frank Williams who was rated very highly by our scouts was a nice surprise. We are excited he was on the board at No. 25.

Q: How certain are you that Antonio McDyessí knee wonít be a problem?
Layden: As you know we donít talk about injuries, but the deal is always conditioned on players passing a physical. Weíve exchanged all medical information.

Q: The fans didnít react too positively.
Layden: One of the things about New York and we all know this about the fans in New York are very passionate. Thatís one of the great things about being in the Garden and having the draft in New York. Our fans are very knowledgeable; they are well read. We always do season ticket holder forms and believe me itís amazing at how up on things the fans are. I think we appreciate everything our fans know and they bring to it. Thatís whatís itís all about Ė the debate and thatís what makes this a great city.

Q: How does this change the dynamic of the team?
Layden: It gives us another big player to put out on the court, a player who has had a tremendous success. We are excited heís coming.

BOSTJAN NACHBAR, No. 15, Houston
Nachbar's post-draft chat on

Q: Do you know a lot about the Houston Rockets?
Nachbar: Yeah, for sure. I know a lot about the NBA. I know the team. I know Steve Francis, the whole team. I know Rudy Tomjanovich, I think heís a great coach. The Rockets just drafted Yao Ming, and I think that in a few years we could be a really good team.

Q: Talk about playing with Steve Francis.
Nachbar: I think it will be great. Actually, last season I played with Tyus Edney in Italy, who is kind of the same player and likes to play a fast kind of game, and I like to play that way. Thatís why I am so happy because I know that Houston plays the game that Iím good at.

Q: Did you have an indication that you were going to Houston?
Nachbar: No, not really. There were a lot of rumors going around and I was just hoping that it would happen, that I would go to Houston, because if I were choosing that would be my team. It happened and I am just happy about it.

KAREEM RUSH, No. 20, Toronto (traded to L.A. Lakers)

Q: What was your brotherís reaction when you were taken?
Rush: He was at the table with me. It was kind of feeling emotional because I thought I was going to go a lot higher. I donít know what happened, but Toronto is a good situation. Vince Carter and Hakeem [Olajuwon] are up there. Iím not coming in expected to do a lot of scoring or whatever. Iíll just go and try to contribute.

Q: Are you relieved that the process is finally over?
Rush: Yeah, itís a big weight off my shoulders. Iím finally drafted and I realize a dream that Iíve always dreamt about. Iím going to a great situation, so I couldnít be happier.

Q: Was there one particular pick that told you that things were going to go a little differently than you thought?
Rush: The Indiana pick. I felt really strong about Indiana. They relayed the same to me Ö hey, they didnít pick me. So, Iíve got to deal with it. And now Iím in a situation where Iíll go up there and work hard. And Iím going to do that. I didnít work out for Toronto, and I had no idea they were going to draft me, but I was happy to get up.


Q: Were you surprised about going No. 9?
Stoudemire: Surprised, not really. I was hoping I would go top 10. Phoenix is a great place to live and start a career, so I am happy right now.

Q: Talk about being ready to play in the NBA.
Stoudemire: I think I am at a pretty good point right now to be a nice rookie, but in order to be a great player I have to work on my game constantly and consistently. I have a lot of work to do.

Q: Did you get a sense Phoenix would pick you?
Stoudemire: Not really. I really wanted to go to Phoenix, which is why I stayed and worked out twice there. It worked out for my benefit.

Q: Talk a little bit about the current team in Phoenix.
Stoudemire: I know the team. I know Penny Hardaway. Penny and I talk a lot, and I am sure he can help me out with a lot of things.

Tskitishvili's post-draft chat on

Q: What were your emotions when you heard your name called?
Tskitishvilli: My heart was bumping. I was so happy. This was my dream and my wish to play in the NBA. I was excited and surprised.

Q: What do you feel about playing in Denver?
Tskitishvilli: I love Denver, it is a very nice place. I like the General Manager, Kiki (Vandeweghe). I donít know yet who is coach, but I am sure I will like him.

Q: How do you feel you will do in the NBA?
Tskitishvilli: I am ready, that is why I came here. I am excited about playing in Denver and I am ready to go.

DAJUAN WAGNER, No. 6, Cleveland
Wagner's post-draft chat on

Q: Talk about going to Cleveland.
Wagner: It feels good because this is my dream. Iím just happy to get it over with. Itís been a long two months.

Q: What was difficult about it?
Wagner: You know, because of size. Stuff like that.

Q: Talk about the backcourt with you and Andre Miller.
Wagner: I think weíll be real good because Andre Miller is a real good player.

Q: Were you surprised going six?
Wagner: No, not really. My dad just told me to go to the workouts and do my part and show them what I could do.

Q: Are you happy?
Wagner: Yes.

Q: Talk about the questioning about your height.
Wagner: Really, it just motivated. Because I know what I got. You have to go up there and do it. There were a lot of people doubting.

Q: What do you say to people who argue that you came out too soon?
Wagner: I just got to show them Iím ready; just do it on the court.

JIRI WELSCH, No. 16, Golden State (traded from Philadelphia)
Welsch's post-draft chat on

Q: How surprised are you to go at this point in the draft?
Welsch: Iím not so surprised. I expected the 16th pick. Iím just happy Iím going to Philadelphia, and Iím going to be a member of the 76ers. I think itís a great team, and itíll be a great honor to play for them.

Q: Did you work out for the Sixers?
Welsch: Actually, I havenít. I was a little surprised because they picked me without me working out for them, but I think things will go well for both of us.

Q: How much do you know about Allen Iverson?
Welsch: Heís a great player. Heís a great scorer, and heís the leader of the 76ers. All the teams concentrate on Allen, and it gives a chance to the other players on the floor. They get more space, they get more room, and I think that I can use that room to get some shots and my plays.

Q: Was there any prospect of uncertainty in your mind as the draft went on?
Welsch: Tonight, I donít think anybody should feel uncertain. This is a great night for everybody who gets drafted, and itís also a great night for me. Iím just very happy Iím getting to achieve something Iíve been working for my entire career.

(After getting traded to Golden State)

Q: Whatís your reaction to getting traded?
Welsch: Nothing surprised me. I knew about it, because Philadelphia picked me at No. 16 and I didnít work out for them. So I knew I was going to get traded, and Iím really excited. Now Iím really excited Iím going to be in Golden State. I worked out there and I met with the general manager, Garry St. Jean, and we had a great talk, so Iím looking forward to going there.

Q: Can you talk about getting to play with Mike Dunleavy and all the young players the Warriors have?
Welsch: Actually, thatís the best part. Thereís going to be a lot of young guys, and I guess everybodyís going to get a chance. I think itís going to be really exciting to see us playing together and improving as a team.

Q: Does it make it more exciting to be part of an organization on the rise?
Welsch: I went through it once already in my career in Europe. I became a part of a young program that rose, so I hope itís going to finish the same way in Golden State. It will be nice watching us grow.

CHRIS WILCOX, No. 8, L.A. Clippers
Wilcox's post-draft chat on

Q: What are your thoughts?
Wilcox: I think it will be a great thing for me to go to the Clippers. There are a lot of young guys on the Clippers and they are an upcoming team and I think I would fit in well out there.

Q: How will you fit?
Wilcox: I think Iíll fit good. Those guys like to run the ball and thatís part of my game, so I think Iíll fit in well.

Q: Are you disappointed that you werenít picked by New York?
Wilcox: A little bit, but everything happens for a reason. I just want to make it into a positive and have a great season for the Clippers. It really doesnít matter to me because Iím not with the Knicks. Now Iím just hoping everything works out well for me, and hopefully I have a great career in this league.

Q: Are you looking forward to playing with Elton Brand?
Wilcox: Yeah, it would be a great thing with both of us having ties to the North Carolina area. It will be great to go to war with those guys and have them help me get better.

Q: Do you worry about playing time?
Wilcox: No. This is the normal experience for everybody. I just want to go in there and play my game, and hopefully I can get a spot, but if not, it will come in time.

Q: Were you hoping to be in New York?<
Wilcox: Yeah. There was a lot of talk than the Knicks wanted me bad. I thought I was coming to New York, but it didnít work out and I donít mind going to the Clippers. Theyíre a great team, and hopefully I can help that team win some more games.

JAY WILLIAMS, No. 2, Chicago
Williams' post-draft chat on

Q: Talk about being picked by the Bulls.
Williams: I just look forward to playing. The whole draft thing has been crazy, finding out where you may go, where you may not go, whoís going to move up in the draft, whoís not, whoís going to come in the draft, whoís not. Iím just really happy right now to get to go to a great city like Chicago. I was born around this area. Iíve always been a city kid. I always played basketball in New York City. Now, I get a chance to go to another city that is really known for basketball. Iím really excited about going there and having some fun.

Q: You grew up a Knicks fan. What was your feeling toward the Bulls then?
Williams: Of course, you always wanted the Knicks to win. I always was a Knicks fan. Right now, Iím completing a dream. It is a great city. They have a great staff and they still want to win. So, Iím really happy that Iím going to a team that wants to win.

Q: What does it feel like being the No. 2 pick and being about 20 minutes away?
Williams: To be home Ö a lot of people had to travel cross-country to come to the draft. For me, itís a 20-minute ride from my house. This is always where I dreamed of playing, and itís kind of weird because Iím going to come back here and play against New York. But this is a dream come true. The next dream is to try and become all this other stuff in basketball at the next level, and try to get my team to win.

Q: What excites you about playing in Chicago?
Williams: First of all, for them to go through a couple of down years, like there have been, Iíve watched some of their games and they have great fan support. No matter what, they are always behind them. They could lose by 20 and the next time they play they still get the same attendance. Next thing I look at is the players: Tyson [Chandler}, Eddy [Curry], I mean Jalen [Rose]. They have a lot of great players and they are young and they are very talented. And they want to win. Thatís something Iíve known my whole life, so hopefully, we can get that going.

QYNTEL WOODS, No. 21, Portland

Q: How do you see yourself fitting in with this team?
Woods: I think I fit in good. With Scottie Pippen there I think he can help me with my game.

Q: Are you surprised you went this late?
Woods: Yeah, Iím sort of surprised, but Iím not disappointed.

Q: Does this show you that you canít listen to talk leading up to the draft?
Woods: It was just how the picks went. It was just different picks, the international players.

Q: what was it like sitting there waiting for your name to be called?
Woods: It was nerve-wracking, but I dealt with it.

Q: What will be your toughest adjustment?
Woods: Probably my strength, working on my strength as hard as I work on my game.

Q: How hard was it for you to fall to 20?
Woods: Iím comfortable with the first round. It just means I got some work to do.

Q: What kind of work?
Woods: A lot of work, hard work.

YAO MING, No.1, Houston
Yao's post-draft chat on

Q: Can you fully comprehend what being the No. 1 pick in the NBA means to you and to Chinese basketball?
Translator: This is now a new start in my basketball life. This is a new league in front of me for me to play, so it will be a new challenge for me. I know there will be a lot of difficulties in front of me, but Iím confident that I will learn from the NBA and improve myself and improve Chinese basketball in the future.

Q: Do you anything about your future teammates?
Translator: One of the players, Steve Francis, heís the one I should know because he has a lot of commercials in China.

Q: How are you feeling right now?
Translator: I am excited for the new NBA season to start. I will try my best to learn about the team and learn about all my new teammates, so I will do my best for the Houston Rockets.

Q: What will you contribute to the team?
Translator: First of all, I will rebound for the Rockets. Then, basically, I will play defense for the team. I will also show in the offense all the skills I can now do.

Q: Are you looking forward to play for Rudy Tomjanovich?
Translator: Yes, of course I will be very happy to work with Coach Rudy Tomjanovich because eight years ago that was the first NBA team I watched win the NBA championship from China. So Rudy was the one who first made me feel that the NBA is so excellent. So I will be very happy to go the Rockets to play the game with him.

Q: What team are you most looking forward to playing?
Translator: The L.A. Lakers. I just want to play the best center.

Q: What are you goals?
Translator: I want to go the NBA to play a better game because the NBA has the best players in the world. So my purpose in going to the NBA is to play against the best. I think to play in the NBA my target is to win.

Q: Do you have any words for the United States?
Yao (no translator): I am very happy to join the Houston Rockets. Hi Houston, Iím coming.