The NBA Draft returns to New York City for a second straight season after being held in various NBA cities over the past decade. Here is a look at the locations where the draft has been held recently:

1991 - New York City
1992 - Portland
1993 - Auburn Hills, Mich. (Detroit)
1994 - Indianapolis
1995 - Toronto
1996 - New Jersey
1997 - Charlotte
1998 - Vancouver
1999 - Washington, D.C.
2000 - Minneapolis
2001 - New York City

There are 57 total draft picks in the 2002 NBA Draft, the same number as last year. The Minnesota Timberwolves forfeited their first round pick the past two seasons as part of the penalty assessed by NBA Commissioner David Stern for salary cap violations. The first round will be numbered 1 through 28, and the second round will be numbered 30 through 58.

After the NBA Draft Lottery was conducted, four NBA teams had two picks in the first round. They are Houston (1, 15); Denver (5, 25); Los Angeles Clippers (8, 12); and Phoenix (9, 22).

Five NBA teams had no first round selection following the Lottery. They were Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Minnesota and Seattle.

Second round picks have become a hot commodity in recent years, as clever general managers have obtained very good players without the three-year contract commitment inherent in first round selections. Following the Lottery, Milwaukee (34, 42, 48) had three second round picks, while Chicago (30, 44), Memphis (32, 46), Washington (39, 40), Portland (43, 51) and San Antonio (56, 57) all have two.

Among the players chosen in the second round in the last five years are: Rashard Lewis (Seattle), Cuttino Mobley (Houston), Alvin Williams (Toronto), Todd MacCulloch (New Jersey), Ruben Patterson (Portland), Eduardo Najera and Greg Buckner (Dallas), Lee Nailon (Charlotte), Michael Redd (Milwaukee) and Jarron Collins (Utah). Expected to join the NBA next season are Marco Jaric of Yugoslavia (Clippers) and Emanuel Ginobili of Argentina (San Antonio), who were both second round selections.

In the early days, the draft used to last as long as teams desired, with the proceedings ending only when every team tired of calling out names. As late as 1973, the draft lasted an amazing 20 rounds (at least it did for the fledgling Buffalo Braves, who needed all the players they could get after winning only 21 games the season before). In 1974, the league adopted a 10-round draft, a format that stayed in place until 1985, when it was scaled back to seven rounds. In 1988, the draft was shaved to three rounds and to its current length of two rounds in 1989.