Kansas forward and First Team All-American Drew Gooden has exactly three weeks before his NBA future is determined at Draft 2002 on June 26. A projected top five pick, the 6-10 is spending his time working out at home in California and visiting teams. But he took a break from his draft preparations to attend Game 1 of the 2002 NBA Finals between the Lakers and the Nets, so we put him to work participating in the cybercast. He answered fan questions throughout the game and will be checking in once a week until the draft with an exclusive diary.

Following is the transcript from Gooden's cybercast chat on June 5.

dmac2000ws, los angeles: who do you favor in the finals?

Drew Gooden: The Lakers - this is my last year to cheer for my team.

jak: who did you idolize growing up? who u like now?

Drew Gooden: Grant Hill and Michael Jordan ... I like Dirk Nowitzki now.

Jay (Philippines): Hey Drew .... you have a strong chance to be in the top 5 if not top 3 in the draft.... any preference on the team you wanna play for?

Drew Gooden: The team that pays me the most money! Either California, Texas or Florida.

Ron Pajers (Babuyan Islands): Hiya Drew ... love your moves ... which of the current players would you say is similar to your style of play?

Drew Gooden: I would say I'm a mix between Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki.

Jampol (Quiapo): Hi Drew ... who do you think will make an impact (aside for you off course) in this year's draft?

Drew Gooden: I would say Caron Butler and Jay Williams.

nek(acapulco): DREW: Good luck in the draft ! What do you think The NETS can do to slow the LAKERS? GO OU!

Drew Gooden: Try to force them to take bad shots and eliminate second-chance points.

Molly: Hey Drew, How do the NBA finals compare to the NCAA finals?

Drew Gooden: I think it's a totally different atmosphere. I think the intensity level is about the same, but the pace of the game is night and day.

Tara: How long have you been playing ball for?

Drew Gooden: Since I was five. Organized basketball since seventh grade.

Mr Pids... Papua New Guinea: Hi Drew ... most of the mock drafts have Golden State picking you ... any thoughts on that team?

Drew Gooden: I'm a Bay Area kid and I would love to play for my hometown team.

Todd/Owensboro: Hey Drew, what was the hardest and easiest things about the college game?

Drew Gooden: The hardest thing would be the spacing, letting double teams occur easier and the easiest thing was having fun.

James Ileto : Hi Drew ... have you seen Shaq today?? Awesome!! Think you can contain him when you get to the NBA?

Drew Gooden: Honestly, I don't think anybody can hold Shaq. You've just got to try to force him as far from the basket as possible.

BigBob (Teaneck, NJ): Drew will you be coming down to Rucker Park (NYC) this summer to play with the bigboys?

Drew Gooden: I'm going to work out and play in a lot of LA summer leagues.

Netsrule1: Hey Drew, how many games do you think the series will last

Drew Gooden: I don't know. The way that the Nets fought back tonight indicates it could be a great series.

chris (compton): u ever play with any of the lakers or nets?

Drew Gooden: I played with Brandon Armstrong in the eighth grade and against him in high school. I also played against Brian Shaw.

The Outsider: drew- where are you from?

Drew Gooden: Originally from Oakland


Drew Gooden: I think I have a good chance.

Moderator: Thanks to Drew for participating in the cybercast! Tune in on Thursday, June 6 for the first entry in Drew Gooden's exclusive draft diary!