An exclusive first-person account from Kansas forward Drew Gooden

June 5: Good-bye Kansas, hello NBA
June 12: Taking measurements in Chicago
June 20: Back on campus at Kansas

June 26: This weekend, I just basically took three days off from my last workout, relaxed and enjoyed this time with my family and my friends. I'm just trying to be patient, waiting for my name to be called. I went out to some clubs, ate out with my family, did a lot of stuff.

We got out here on Monday. This is really my family's first time to New York, so they did a lot of sightseeing, but they've been on their own mostly with that.

As far as me, going out, hanging out with my friends at night, going to some nightclubs and just spending time being around my family and friends. I haven't really had a chance to just be around them. It's funny that it takes me being in New York to finally have time being with my family and my friends.

Yesterday, I had do some stuff for a got milk? ad, then we had a player-parent NBA meeting. I did a lot of snapshots, then some sound bites with ESPN. It was basically three hours with the media. Over and over, 'where do you think you're going to go?' It's the same as it was with college, like getting recruited for college all over again. Where do you expect you're going to go? Who do you think is going to get you? Asking little stupid questions like that. If I knew where I was going to go, we wouldn't need a draft day, you know?

Then I did a show at the NBA Store with Caron Butler (Connecticut) and Chris Wilcox (Maryland). That was cool. It was a cool experience for me to be out there. I had fun, played some games with the fans and then afterwards, we did some shopping. I bought a couple authentic jerseys -- I bought a retro Julius Erving and a Jordan jersey.

I got to take my family out on a little shopping spree yesterday. We went out and bought a lot of clothes. It's the first time I've really been able to take my family out and buy them something they wanted. That's been the most exciting part for me.

My brother and sister are both here, along with my parents. They're really excited about the draft -- they can't wait. I think they're just as excited as I am.

We had a great meal at Justin's last night before we went out. You know, it's Puffy's soul food restaurant and I had some fried chicken, with candied yams and macaroni. I can eat anything, but that food was really great.

I slept fine the night before the draft, not to mention I got in late anyway, so it's not like I was tossing and turning. Like it's the first day of school, when you were a little kid in elementary school. You were excited to be going back, to see all your friends you haven't seen all summer. It's not like that. I got my rest.

But I didn't get to sleep in this morning -- we had another meeting and now I'm about to go have lunch with the commissioner and my parents. I finally get to meet Commissioner Stern.

It's almost over and like I said, I'm just sitting patiently, waiting for my name to be called.