Moderator: Obviously, we can't have the No. 1 pick, Yao Ming, stop by because he stayed in China for the draft. However, we were able to chat with him on the phone and we'll now show you what he said.
Moderator: How do you feel about being the No. 1 pick?

Yao Ming: I'm happy. I am looking forward to getting a lot of challenges. And I am happy that it is over.

Moderator: Who are you the most looking forward to playing against?

Yao Ming: Every center. Although I know that it is not so simple. Not so easy.

Moderator: What will be the biggest adjustment to playing in the NBA?

Yao Ming: I think it's the atmosphere or the environment.

Moderator: What do you know about your new team, the Rockets?

Yao Ming: In terms of games, as far as I know, I don't think I know so much about the Rockets. After I have joined the team, I will do my best to learn. The second point, I think the arrangements by the guards. The first game I watched of the NBA were by the Houston Rockets on TV. Steve Francis is very good.

Moderator: What will be the biggest adjustment to living in America?

Yao Ming: Maybe the dining, the cuisine.

Moderator: What will you remember the most about your draft experience?

Yao Ming: Just getting it over. I am happy everything has been decided.

Moderator: Thanks to Yao Ming for taking the time to talk to us over the phone!