Chris Wilcox joined for a live chat shortly after being drafted by the Clippers with the eighth pick overall.

Rocky(Middletown, Ohio): To any pick that happens to come across my question: What do you think is the most difficult aspect of the NBA besides the 82 games and physical play?

Chris Wilcox: Just trying to get adapted to where you're going and playing against a lot of great guys in the league.

James(Bessemer): chris are u happy that clippers drafted you?

Chris Wilcox: It's a great thing, the Clippers being on the West Coast will be something different for me, being a little bit farther away from home.

aaron: hey chris how do u plan to contribute to your team

Chris Wilcox: I think I will contribute a lot to them. I like their style of play. They have a lot of young guys and I'll fit in with their up-tempo game.

SchMoke (N'awlinz Hawnitz): Chris! Are you ready for Shaq?!

Chris Wilcox: It's not just me having to get ready. Hopefully everything will work out.

Jordan W. (Burlington) : How far do you think LA will be able to go next season?

Chris Wilcox: I think they can go far. They're a rebuilding team and hopefully everything will just fall into place for us. Hopefully we can keep our heads up and go hard every game.

Tommy (NYC): Chris Wilcox- I had hoped that you could have stayed here in NY instead of leaving after the draft, but that isnt happening. How do you feel you can help your new team?

Chris Wilcox: I feel I can help them in a lot of ways. The main thing is I bring a lot of intensity to the game.

Joe (Staten Island): Chris, now that you know what pick you were in the draft and what team has selected you, are you glad you made the early leap to the professional level?

Chris Wilcox: Yeah, I'm happy I made that jump to the next level because I've done everything there was to do in college. I think now it's time to test my talent at a different level.

Joe (Clark, NJ): Chris, how do you think you'll fit in the Clippers, with Elton Brand at power forward already?

Chris Wilcox: I think it will be a great thing. Elton Brand is a great thing and I can feed off of him. Hopefully I can learn a lot and me coming in and being a power forward can help my game out a lot.

Jordan W. (Burlington) : Who are you goign to miss the most form Maryland?

Chris Wilcox: One of my friends named Calvin McCall.

Moderator: Thanks to Chris Wilcox for stopping by!