Jiri Welsch joined NBA.com for a live chat shortly after being drafted by the Sixers with the 16th pick overall. His draft rights were later traded to Golden State to complete an earlier deal, but he stopped by before he knew he would be playing for the Warriors.

Corey Glenshaw: Do you think you can come right into the NBA and make an impact?

Jiri Welsch: I think it will take just a little bit of time and a lot of work during the summer, but I think I can be ready in November when the season starts. I'll be ready to contribute.

Chris(Windsor,NJ): Jiri, how is it going to be playing with Allen Iverson?

Jiri Welsch: It will be great. Allen is a great player, exciting, a great scorer. I'm definitely looking forward to being his teammate.


Jiri Welsch: No, I haven't actually. I haven't worked out for Philadelphia but I guess I'm going there tomorrow so I'll get the chance to see the city and the people. I've heard it's a great city and the people over there are great so I'm curious.

Jerome(Toronto): Jiri how do you think you will help Philly?

Jiri Welsch: They've been having problems with injuries by the perimeter players last season. I'm a perimeter player. I can play three positions and with outside shooting and a desire to go to the basket. That's how I can help.

Austin from Clovis: Jiri - Who did you idolize the most in the NBA when you were growing up?

Jiri Welsch: I was in the Czech Republic and I didn't get a lot of chances to see the best NBA games when I was a little kid. But I guess everyone around the world knows Michael Jordan. He was my idol and someone I wanted to become like.

Joe(Union,NJ): Jiri how do you plan on adjusting to life in the US along with a hectic NBA schedule?

Jiri Welsch: America is definitely a different culture. Everything is just so big over here than in Europe, but I don't think I'm going to have any major problems. I left home when I was 18 years old so I've been living for four years on my own. I think I'm going to handle this with no major problems.

Jordan W. (Burlington) : Jirio, How excited are you about playing in the NBA?

Jiri Welsch: Who's not excited about playing in the NBA? I guess it's every basketball player's dream to play in the NBA and I've been dreaming about it my whole life. Today was a dream come true for me. I'm just very excited and happy I'm going to become an NBA player.

Moderator: Thanks to Jiri Welsch for stopping by!