Bostjan Nachbar joined for a live chat shortly after being drafted by the Rockets with the 15th pick overall.

AndyfromAustria: Hey Bostjan: I saw some of your games with Treviso; What do you think will be the biggest difference between NBA and European games??

Bostjan Nachbar: The living itself,is just going to be, I'll have to adjust to the American way of living. For the basketball, I'll have to get quicker and stronger, which every kid coming into the NBA has to do, so I won't be any different.

Jordan W. (Burlington) : Bostjan, What do you look forward to in the NBA?

Bostjan Nachbar: I'm looking forward to playing with the Houston Rockets. I'm very excited that I got the opportunity to play here. Not many people have. My wish is just to make the team better.

Abel (Dallas, Tx): Bostjan, How do you feel about going to Houston?

Bostjan Nachbar: I'm very happy about it. That was my secret wish, going to the Rockets. I made a few workouts in the States and that was my favorite. I liked the personnel, I liked the coach and I hoped if something was going to happen, it would happen with the Rockets.

Jenifer (Morris, Illinois): Hey Bostjan, who is your NBA role model and why? Good Luck this upcoming NBA Season!!

Bostjan Nachbar: Toni Kukoc, Scottie Pippen and Grant Hill. I think those are the players that describe my game the best, just to be a versatile player who can do everything on the court. That's who I am.

houston: nachbar- how do you feel you will fit in with yao, steve, and the rest of the gang now in houston?

Bostjan Nachbar: Great. That was the reason why I liked the Rockets because they play an uptempo game and that's the game I like and that's what I am successful at. That's the way we played in Italy this season. Plus, we have a big guy under the basket now who is really going to help us.

Austin from Clovis: Bostajan - What were your feelings when you heard you were drafted into the NBA?

Bostjan Nachbar: I thought I was going to cry. It was so unbelieveable. I had my dad and my brother beside me and they were so excited too. It's something that doesn't happen every day. I've been watching the NBA for 15 years and it's just great.

cody-washington: Mr. Nachbar, being a foreign player, do you think that living in the states will be a huge difference?

Bostjan Nachbar: I think getting adjusted to the food. The food is just so much different back home and I'm really going to miss my mom's cooking. Basketball-wise, the game is so much more physical and that is what I'm going to have to adjust to. But I don't have any problems with that. Everyone can get bigger.

Abel (Dallas, Tx): Bostjan, what do you think you can bring to the Houston Rockets?

Bostjan Nachbar: I think just a forward who can run and score. As I described my game before, not just that. I want to contribute everything - rebounds, assists, defense. I think what they would expect of me is to bring a little bit of everything to the team.

aaron: bostjan so how will you be celebrating tonight

Bostjan Nachbar: I don't think it's going to be anything special. It's going to be special but I'm not going to party like crazy. I have my dad and my brother and we'll be together. I want to remember this night and we'll just be together and talk about my future.

Martinsville: Bostajan-Who will you be most excited to compete against in the NBA?

Bostjan Nachbar: Kobe Bryant, I think. I think he's just a great player and I would love to play against him. He's just a winner and it's always a challenge to play against the winners.