Casey Jacobsen joined for a live chat shortly after being drafted by the Suns with the 22nd pick overall.

Zulu: How did you feel when you heard your name called?

Casey Jacobsen: I felt proudnaand grateful. At the same time, it was nice that my family was here. I wasn't expecting to come to the draft and to be here was truly andhonor for me and it was something I will never forget, ever.

Sam (Folsom, CA): Casey, What do you think are the strong points of your game?

Casey Jacobsen: My competitiveness. I always want to work hard and improve my game in any way I can. Scoring the basketball is a strength and in particular, shooting the three point shots. But at the start of my rookie year, defense is going to be my primary focus.

Abel (Dallas, Tx): Casey, What do you look to accomplish this year in the NBA?

Casey Jacobsen: I hope that it's a positive learning experience. The only thing I can ask for in my rookie year is the opportunity to contribute to a good basketball team. Other than that, I don't have any expectations.

Jordan W. (Burlington WA) : Casey, what are you excited about most is the NBA?

Casey Jacobsen: Playing against the best players in the world. The off-court things that the NBA has to offer are fun, but I want to be careful and humble. I'm the most excited about playing.

Matt (Jarrettsville, MD): Casey~~~Where do you see yourself in the NBA? Where did you find those shoes?

Casey Jacobsen: I see myself as a two guard or a three guard. I got my shoes two years ago as a gift from a friend and I only wear them once or twice a year on really special occasions.

Austin: Casey, do you think playing on a team with stars like Shawn Marion and Stephon Marbury will help your career? How?

Casey Jacobsen: I'm really excited about learning from established veterans. I have a lot of areas I can improve on in my basketball game and I'm hoping guys like that can help me develop into the player I want to be.

Tom Hill(Robbinsville, NJ): Since you were one of the limited number of players invited to actually be present at the draft, did that give you assurance that you would be a mid-first round draft pick after being on the 1st-2nd rd bubble for awhile?

Casey Jacobsen: I wouldn't have come to the draft if I wasn't sure this was going to be a great experience and I was going to be picked in the first round. I would have been fine to watch it at home but it was more enjoyable here (and more stressful).

Gavin (Anacortes, Washington): Casey, are you nervous about going to the NBA? Playing against guys like Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant?

Casey Jacobsen: I'm not nervous about playing because I've worked very hard to get here. If I had to play against the Lakers every night, then I'd be very nervous.

Moderator: Thanks to Casey Jacobsen for stopping by!