Mike Dunleavy joined NBA.com for a live chat shortly after being drafted by the Warriors with the third pick overall.

adam: Mike are happy with the Warriors choosing you?

Mike Dunleavy: I'm really excited about it. They've got a good young group of talent that I look forward to contributing to.

Lou (Phoenix, AZ) : How much of an influence did your father have on your game while growing up?

Mike Dunleavy: He's had a big influence both on and off the court and he's really helped me out with my basketball skills and with my recent decision.

Sam (Folsom, CA): Mike, how does it feel to play for a team that already has such young players as Jason Richardson and Gilbert Arenas

Mike Dunleavy: I'm excited about it. I think I fit right in. Although the guys are young, they have the mindset to improve and win as soon as possible and I want to bring a winning attitude myself.

Eric(Chicago): Mike D. - What was the best thing that Coach K taught you that will help you the most in the NBA?

Mike Dunleavy: I think Coach has helped me out a lot with basketball. I've learned more from him about how to conduct yourself off the basketball court, which I think will carry me very far in life.

Coen: Mike I which position do you see your self coming season? Starting on SF or PF? Or maybe a 6th man? What do you think?

Mike Dunleavy: First and foremost, I think I'm just a basketball player, but I see myself playing small forward.

Jordan: Mike, What is the thing you will miss most at Duke?

Mike Dunleavy: The thing I'll miss the most about college is my teammates who I enjoyed playing with and building relationships with over the past three years.

Tom Desser: Mike- How do you think you'll be able to adjust to the nba your rookie season?

Mike Dunleavy: The biggest adjustment for me will be getting used to the style of play and the NBA lifestyle.

Moderator: Thanks to Mike Dunleavy for stopping by!