Juan Dixon joined NBA.com for a live chat shortly after being drafted by the Wizards with the 17th pick overall.

Anthony Wu(Springield VA):Juan Dixon ~ How does it feel to stay at home?????

Juan Dixon: It's the greatest feeling in the world. I have a lot of love and support at home in the DC area and I'm looking forward to playing with the Wizards.

Jon: Juan D, congratulations. I thought you should've gone higher in the draft, and I think you'll do well in the NBA. What do you have to work most to be successful in NBA play?

Juan Dixon: I think I have to make that transition from shooting guard to point guard. But I'm not going to really do anything different. I'm going to continue to be aggressive on both ends of the floor and hopefully things will work out well.

Cody WA: Jaun, do you think you were the most underrated player coming into this draft?

Juan Dixon: I wouldn't say that. The draft is based on a lot of potential. I put in a lot of hard work the last four and a half years at Maryland and I accomplished a lot. I wouldn't say that I was underrated but the Wizards saw that I was a valuable player and they picked me. So I'm looking forward to playing for them.

Abel (Dallas, Tx): Juan What do you think are your strong points on the court?

Juan Dixon: My court awareness, my offensive skills, defensive skills. My goal is to try to be an all-around basketball player and that's what I'm going to bring to the table at Washington.

Darnell: This question is for Juan Dixon, should he decide to swing by! Hey Juan! Since you are staying here in the DC area, how are you going to stay focused on basketball being so close to home???

Juan Dixon: No, I played at Maryland and it's half an hour from home so I had a lot of family and friends. I'll stay focused when it comes to basketball just as much as I do now. I can't let any distractions get to me.

Lexi (DC): Juan, what did you have to do to get to where you are today? You are a GREAT player and the other teams made a mistake for not picking you, but good luck with the Wizards!

Juan Dixon: It's simple. Continue to work hard and that's exactly what got me here, hard work. It's nothing different.

Ben DeGrasse (MD): Jaun- how much did staying the 4 years and having that championship run at Maryland help you to get where you are?

Juan Dixon: I think in the last four and a half years I experienced a lot. I played in a lot of big games and a lot of pressure situations. My teammates and I had to step up. I think the Wizards saw that I have a big heart and I'm a winner.

James Logan (Newport News, VA): Do you think Michael Jordan's possible return had and impact on the Wizards draft picks and trade?

Juan Dixon: I'm looking forward to playing with him. What better person to learn from than Michael Jordan? Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to play alongside him, but if not I'll still be able to learn from him with him in the front office.

Moderator: Thanks to Juan Dixon for stopping by!