Curtis Borchardt joined for a live chat shortly after being drafted by the Magic with the 18th pick overall. His draft rights were later traded to the Utah Jazz for the draft rights to Ryan Humphrey (No. 19) and Jamal Sampson (No. 47), but Borchardt stopped by before he knew he would be playing for the Jazz.

Kate RI: Curtis. How do you think playing at Stanford helped you develop your game? Who was a role model for you?

Curtis Borchardt: I had the opportunity to play for an excellent coach and many excellent teammates, four of whom are in the NBA with me. Just being able to compete against them day in and day out and Coach Montgomery made a world of difference for me.

Mike Jaffe(seattle): Hey Curtis B. - What, when you came out of High School in Seattle made you want to leave to go to Stanford?

Curtis Borchardt: I couldn't pass up the educational opportunity. That's what it came down to. I really liked Coach Bender and the staff and UW but I went down on my visit and the campus was beautiful. The staff was amazing and I didn't have a second thought about my decision.

Maria ND: Curtis, are you worried about your injury and now playing in the toughest league in the world, the NBA?

Curtis Borchardt: I think I'll always be kind of worried about my injury. What I have learned is what a privilege to be healthy and train hard every day. I don't worry about things I can't control. Am I looking forward to playing in the NBA? Yeah, I'm excited. It's something I've always wanted and I feel like you get better by playing against better players and it's a league where I can do that day in and day out.

Austin from Clovis: Curtis - How does it feel to play for a team that has star players like Mike Miller and T-Mac?

Curtis Borchardt: It's amazing. It's a perfect situation because I don't think I'll be asked to score that much because they have dynamic scorers. Being around players who are that talented allows anyone to learn from them and be awed by them. I think I'm going to be in a daze the first few days but I'll quickly made the adjustment.

Cody WA: Going from one coast to the other, do you believe being in Orlando can help you, with a great team and environment?

Curtis Borchardt: I think it's good. I didn't go to the University of Washington because I wanted to get away from home. I feel you grow as a person when you're not in an environment you're familiar with. My family lived in Ft. Lauderdale for a couple seasons when my dad played for the Buffalo Bills so I've lived in Florida before.

Abel (Dallas, Tx): Curits, What do you think are your strong points on the court?

Curtis Borchardt: I definitely feel like I'm more of a force on the defensive end, as far as rebounding and blocking shots. I also have a lot of versatility. I can shoot a lot of jump shots, which many posts can't do.

Jordan W. (Burlington WA) : Curtis- What went through your mind when your name was called to be drafted?

Curtis Borchardt: Just excitement. Like I've said before, Orlando is a team I really hoped I'd get to, but I didn't know if I'd be available. I had a great workout out there and I really look forward to being in that city.

Jordan W. (Burlington WA) : Curtis, What are your goals for the NBA next year?

Curtis Borchardt: I want to help my team win, any way I can and hopefully provide what they need me to do. If it's rebounding, I want to rebound. But my sole focus is helping my team get better and win.

Jordan W. (Burlington WA) : Curtis, Whjo do you look forward to playing against the most in the NBA next year?

Curtis Borchardt: That's a really hard question because there's so many great players. I don't know if I can answer that.

Grant L.(McMinnville, OR): How hard is it to make it where u are right now?

Curtis Borchardt: It's hard. I'm not going to lie. There's a lot of things you can't control to determine where you are picked. It takes a lot of hard to work to get to this level and a lot of luck as well.

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