After the dust had settled on NBA Draft 2002 and the flurry of late-night trades were completed, NBA director of scouting Marty Blake evaluated the final (for now) results for each team.

Second Round, No. 37: David Andersen, F, Kinder Bologna, Italy, Australia
Hawks also aquired guard Dan Dickau, the 28th pick of the first round, from Sacramento for a future first-round pick.

"They took Dan Dickau because they may not bring back Jacque Vaughn. Vaughn had a good year for them, but he complained he only made $580K. Do they feel Dickau is their point guard of the future and Jason Terry a two-guard? I don't know. David Andersen is pretty good, but they might leave him over in Europe for a year."

Second Round, No. 50: Darius Songaila, F, Wake Forest

"Songaila didn't want to play in Portsmouth and pulled out. But I think he can definitely make the Celtics and would give them some toughness. He was a first round talent. He's probably better than where they took him. They've got a lot of guys 6-7 and 6-8, but they don't have any rebounders and this guy's a banger. He should be able to play for them easily."

First Round, No. 2: Jay Williams, G, Duke
Second Round, No. 31: Roger Mason Jr., G, Virginia
Second Round, No. 44 (from Indiana): Lonny Baxter, F, Maryland

"The Bulls helped themselves. They need backcourt strength. Curry's coming on, Chandler's coming on. They have Rose, who can play the three. Jay Williams will come in and contribute right away. Roger Mason, I don't say that's a surprise because what happened was the foreign element really changed the whole aspect. If you look at his stats, he's a guy that can score. His father wanted him to come out. He's a great offensive player and if you look, he's always at the free throw line. He's 6-5; he's a spot-up shooter. Baxter came to Chicago and I thought he played very well there. He surprised everybody by showing up in great shape."

First Round, No. 6: Dajuan Wagner, G, Memphis
Second Round, No. 35: Carlos Boozer, F, Duke
Cleveland then traded Wesley Person to Memphis for No. 46 pick Matt Barnes, F, UCLA, and Nick Anderson.

"Cleveland changed its thinking somewhat when they took Wagner. Now did they take Wagner because Andre Miller might get traded? Miller's going to be a free agent next year and he wants the maximum. Who's going to give him the maximum? They're a bad team with Miller. Miller's a great player, but John Stockton only gets $8 million. You're going to pay Miller $18 million? Wagner can step in and play for anybody. He's going to be a big up-tempo scorer. Can he play the point? We've got shooting points -- yeah, he can play the point. He'll score as many points as Miller will right away. Boozer did not surprise me. They wanted an inside presence and maybe they thought the guy was a potential first round pick. I didn't think he played well this year."

Second Round, No. 55: Mladen Sekularac, G, FMP Zeleznik, Yugoslavia

"They're not going to bring him in."

First Round, No. 5: Nicoloz Tskitishvili, F, Benetton Treviso (Italy), native of Georgia
First Round, No. 25 (from Dallas): Frank Williams, G, Illinois
Williams was then traded to Knicks along with Antonio McDyess and a second-round pick in 2003 for Mark Jackson, Marcus Camby and No. 7 pick Maybyner Hilario, F, Vasco da Gama, Brazil
Second Round, No. 33: Vincent Yarbrough, F, Tennessee

"I thought Denver did very well. Tskitishvili will give them some size, although that pick was a mild surprise and set up the rest of the draft. They got Maybyner Hilario in the trade from New York and in that deal they also got Mark Jackson, who can play the point a little. Yarborough, if you can wake him up, he's one of the better small forwards out there."

First Round, No. 23: Tayshaun Prince, F, Kentucky

"I knew Tayshaun Prince was going No. 23 to Detroit. If they hadn't picked him, I don't think he would have gone in the first round. He can shoot the ball. I saw him play this year and I wasn't overly excited about him, but they need shooters. They had a lot of guys who weren't bricklayers, but weren't really good shooters."

First Round, No. 3: Mike Dunleavy, F, Duke.
Warriors also acquired No. 16 pick Czech Republic guard Jiri Welsch from the Sixers for a future first-round pick and a future first or second-round pick.
Second Round, No. 30: Steve Logan, G, Cincinnati

"Dunleavy's a very good player. He's 6-11 and he's going to be a great addition to the team. I think Logan's a terrific player. He's a hard-nosed guy. The Warriors had a lot of guys who were injured and a lot of guys who didn't play very well. They have to do some work on their roster. They've done pretty well with the draft. Logan's a steal. He's going to be terrific. They may just cut Larry Hughes, period. Jiri Welsch will start for them. The fact that they shipped off possibly two first round picks for him tells you how much they think of him."

First Round, No. 1: Yao Ming, C, Shanghai Sharks
First Round, No. 15 (from Toronto): Bostjan Nachbar, F, Slovenia
Second Round, No. 38: Tito Maddox, G, Fresno State

"Houston has Maurice Taylor, they have Moochie Norris, they have some very good guards in Cuttino Mobley and Steve Francis -- now they get the one piece of the puzzle, a center. You get a great center maybe once in your lifetime and a regular center every two and a half years. They got Yao. They're the one team in this draft that can maybe go from 21 wins to 51. They really helped themselves, I thought. They got Yao Ming and Bostjan Nachbar. Nachbar can play a couple of positions. Tito Maddox will be fine if they can keep him straight."

First Round, No. 14: Fred Jones, G, Oregon

"Too many teams will tell me, "I like Joe Blow, but if I was picking 16th, I'd take him. I'm picking 13th." It's a great example of what I've been preaching for years. If you like him, take him. Don't worry about him being too early or anything else. Fred Jones is a winner. Fred Jones is a terrific basketball player and I went up to Oregon for four days to watch him play."

First Round, No. 8 (from Atlanta): Chris Wilcox, F, Maryland
First Round, No. 12: Melvin Ely, F, Fresno State
Second Round, No. 41: Mario Kasun, C, Opel Skyliners, Germany
Kasun then was traded to the Magic for future considerations (protection of first round pick owed to Orlando goes from 1-17 to 1-21).

"The Clippers did very well getting Chris Wilcox and Melvin Ely in the first round. In fact, they may have too many players. Ely is as good a power forward/"center" as is in the draft. Now the question is, do they trade Lamar Odom? Because they're pretty well loaded."

First Round, No. 27: Chris Jefferies, F, Fresno State
Lakers then traded Jefferies and Lindsey Hunter to the Raptors for 20th pick Kareem Rush, G, Missouri and Tracy Murray.

"I think they might have taken Tayshaun Prince if he was still available, but they were lucky with Rush because he can shoot. Rush wouldn't get a shot in Toronto. They were a little scared of their shooters last year once you get around Shaq and Kobe. I don't know if they can sign my man from Augsburg, Devean George. Rush can shoot."

First Round, No. 4: Drew Gooden, F, Kansas
Second Round, No. 32: Robert Archibald, F, Illinois
Second Round, No. 46 (from Orlando): Matt Barnes, F, UCLA
Memphis then traded Barnes and Nick Anderson to Cleveland for Wesley Person.

"Jerry West told me they were taking Gooden. He has a high regard for Gooden's ability and if Jerry West thinks he can play, then the kid can play. Gooden is a very good basketball player. Jerry West did very well in getting a banger like Archibald. He's big, although he's not an enforcer. He's limited offensively in that he hasn't gotten enough shots, but that will change."

First Round, No. 10: Caron Butler, F, Connecticut
Second Round, No. 53: Rasual Butler, F, LaSalle

"Caron Butler, I call him a cute player because he does a lot of little things. He can score; he's a player sort of on the way of Brian Grant. He's 22 years old and played at Maine Central Institute and I think that helped him. He played very well at Connecticut. I think he can step into Miami and really help them. Butler was upset he went 10th. Paul Pierce went 10th."

First Round, No. 13: Marcus Haislip, F, Tennessee
Second Round, No. 34 (from Houston): Dan Gadzuric, C, UCLA
Second Round, No. 42: Ronald Murray, G, Shaw University (N.C.)
Bucks also acquired forward Jamal Sampson, the 47th overall pick from the Magic for center Rashard Griffith (originally drafted 38th overall in 1995).
Second Round, No. 48 (from Charlotte): Chris Owens, F, Texas
Bucks then traded Chris Owens to the Grizzlies for a future second round pick.

"Haislip's a big kid, probably 6-9. Milwaukee wanted big. I thought he sort of floated through his junior year at Tennessee, but he's got a big upside. Gadzuric made a mistake in not coming to Chicago, I thought, but Dan works hard. He can play the four, although he's not a great offensive player. He's got aggressiveness. Murray's a real talent. He can score. Sampson is 6-11 and has long arms. He was a great high school player but didn't want to go to college."

Second Round, No. 52: Marcus Taylor, G, Michigan State

"They want a back-up guard. They didn't have a first round pick, they lost Bobby Jackson and this guy has guts. They just had a free ticket and got a guy who, if he went back to school would have been a first rounder. He has first round talent but he just didn't want to go to school."

First Round, No. 24: Nenad Krstic, F, KK Partizan, Yugoslavia
Second Round, No. 54: Tamar Slay, G, Marshall

"I think Rod Thorn would have taken somebody if the player had been there. Rod actually had two first round draft choices this year -- one is Brandon Armstrong who didn't play this year. The other one is Brian Scalabrine, who they just picked up the option because he's a terrific prospect. So you didn't have either one of these guys most of the year so you're picking up two freebies. You have 12 guaranteed contracts and you'll only take a guy and guarantee him three years if the guy is an exceptional ballplayer. After analyzing everything, you get down to 24, you go for a 6-11 center who's probably 20 years old, is going to play another year or two in Europe and they don't have to sign him. They'll keep him over in Europe and let him develop on someone else's time."

First Round, No. 17: (traded to Washington for Courtney Alexander on June 25)

"New Orleans couldn't take a chance that the guy they wanted would fall to them. They wanted a big guard/small forward type. They were interested in one of two foreign players who as it turns out wouldn't have gone to them as they figured. So they made a move for Alexander, who played at Fresno State and was an accomplished scorer for the Wizards with two years under his belt. It was a helluva move for them."

First Round, No. 7: Maybyner "Nene" Hilario, F, Vasco da Gama, Brazil.
Traded Hilario to Nuggets along with Mark Jackson and Marcus Camby for forward Antonio McDyess and the No. 25 pick of 2002 draft, Frank Williams, G, Illinois, and a second-round pick in 2003.
Second Round, No. 36: Milos Vujanic, G, Partizan Belgrade, Yugoslavia

"They got McDyess and Frank Williams, which will help alleviate some of their slowness. McDyess has only played 10 games in the last two years and I don't think he wanted to stay in Denver so they'll try to work out one of these deals where he'll sign for the maximum before the trade goes through."

First Round, No. 18: Curtis Borchardt, C, Stanford
Magic then sent Borchardt to Utah for No. 19 Ryan Humphrey, F, Notre Dame, and No. 47 Jamal Sampson, F, Cal
Magic then traded Jamal Sampson to the Bucks for center Rashard Griffith (originally drafted 38th overall in 1995).

"Ryan Humphrey was a first rounder and he was one of the best players we had in Chicago. He had a concussion and took stitches over his eye. But he didn't miss any playing time -- he was right back out there on the floor. He is a terrific rebounder, he's a quick jumper and a terrific competitor. They need some guys who can rebound. He is a great basketball player."

First Round, No. 16: Selected Jiri Welsch, G, Czech Republic and traded him to Golden State for a future first round pick and a future first or second round pick
Second Round, No. 45: Sam Clancy, F, USC
Sixers then traded guard Speedy Claxton to the Spurs for forward Mark Bryant and No. 26 pick John Salmons, G, Miami, and No. 57 pick Randy Holcomb, F, San Diego State.

"Sam Clancy probably won't play next year. He would have been a first rounder as would have Chris Owens, but what they're doing is waiting until these guys recover from their injuries. Holcomb probably can play in the NBA. He's a great athlete who can leap and can block shots. He's 6-7 and has the chance to be a very good player. Salmons is one of our Chicago guys and can play two positions."

First Round, No. 9: Amare Stoudemire, F, Cypress Creek HS
First Round, No. 22 (from Boston): Casey Jacobsen, G, Stanford

"They're looking for someone who can come in and really bang and that's why they got Stoudemire. Stoudemire didn't go earlier than I expected because Phoenix really wanted someone who would come out and compete. They wouldn't take Kareem Rush there because they already have Shawn Marion. They also got Jacobsen because they're looking for somebody who can shoot. The last big guard they had was Rex Chapman, from Kentucky and Jacobsen can shoot. We knew he was going to go in the first round. We didn't realize he would go to Phoenix; we thought he might go to New Jersey."

First Round, No. 21: Qyntel Woods, F, Northeastern Mississippi CC
Second Round, No. 43: Jason Jennings, C, Arkansas State
Second Round, No. 51: Federico Kammerichs, F, Ourense, Spain

"Woods' mother called me and said she wanted her son known as the main attraction. He certainly drifted. But he'll fit in well with Portland. Jennings might be able to make their roster. They need centers -- they don't have a legitimate center. Jennings is huge."

First Round, No. 28: Selected Dan Dickau, G, Gonzaga and traded him to the Hawks for a future first-round pick.
Second Round, No. 58: Corsley Edwards, F, Central Connecticut State

"They traded Dickau and that means they don't have to sign their pick. The Hawks wanted Dickau and gave the Kings one of their accumulated first round picks. Otherwise, Dickau would not have gone in the first round. Corsley Edwards was a kid we snatched this year. He was the player of the year in the Northeast Conference out of Central Connecticut. We got him in the USBL and he was the best player there. He's a 6-7 skywalker."

First Round, No. 26: John Salmons, F, Miami
Second Round, No. 56 (from LA Lakers): Luis Scola, F, Tau Ceramica, Spain
Second Round, No. 57: Randy Holcomb, F, San Diego State
The Spurs then traded Salmons, Holcomb and forward Mark Bryant to the Sixers for guard Speedy Claxton.

"Speedy's really good, but there wasn't room for him in Philadelphia's guard rotation. San Antonio needed a back-up for Tony Parker. Is Speedy better at the two or at the one? I'm the one who found Speedy and brought him everywhere."

Second Round, No. 49: Peter Fehse, F, Germany

"Peter showed up in Chicago on crutches. They're not going to sign him. They don't want to sign him. They get a guy for the future. And when they sign him, they don't have to give him first round money."

First Round, No. 20 (from Seattle via New York): Kareem Rush, G, Missouri
Raptors then traded Rush and Tracy Murray to the Lakers for Lindsey Hunter and 27th pick Chris Jefferies, F, Fresno State.

"Kareem Rush wasn't going to get a shot in Toronto so they traded him. Lindsey Hunter has about $9 million coming. They're looking for a backup point guard so they took him. Chris Jefferies is sort of a wildcard."

First Round, No. 19: Ryan Humphrey, F, Notre Dame
Second Round, No. 47: Jamal Sampson, F, CAL
Jazz then traded both picks to Orlando for No. 18 pick Curtis Borchardt, center from Stanford.

"Borchardt was the second best center in the draft so he'll help them in that situation. Borchardt had three games of 20 each. He can run the court; he's probably seven feet. He's been hurt in the past."

First Round, No. 11: Jared Jeffries, F, Indiana
First Round, No. 17: Juan Dixon, G, Maryland
Second Round, No. 39: Rod Grizzard, G, Alabama
Second Round, No. 40: Juan Carlos Navarro, G, FC Barcelona, Spain

"Washington got Jared Jeffries and Juan Dixon, who's a winner. You have a kid who's a great competitor. He did not play in Chicago. I thought he would go somewhere in the first round -- I think Utah would have taken him, but he went ahead of them."