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Chat transcript: Draft Day, June 27
Rodney White

Rodney White joined for a live chat shortly after being drafted by the Pistons with the ninth pick overall.

Adam3 from at 9:27pm ET
What is the main thing you want to accomplish during your rookie year in the NBA?

Rodney White at 9:27pm ET
Really just proving myself and helping the team win.
DakotahBurns from at 9:27pm ET
Rodney- What NBA player do you think you match up well with?

Rodney White at 9:28pm ET
I think I'll match up well against anyone. There are talented guys in the NBA and it's definitely going to be a learning experience my first year. But I have intentions of going in there and making a big impact.
Staddawg at 9:28pm ET
Rodney-what was your first reaction when you heard your name and knew you were going to Detroit?

Rodney White at 9:29pm ET
My first reaction when I heard my name was maybe a scary thought that maybe I wouldn't be able to play to my full potential. But it was just another situation that I overcame. And the fact that I'm a Piston now, when they call your name for the NBA Draft, it still doesn't seem like reality until you shake David Stern's hand. But I'm definitely a happy individual right now.
Gustov at 9:29pm ET
Rodney do you think you can help get the Pistons back in the playoffs this year?

Rodney White at 9:30pm ET
Definitely. That's my first plan. I think that with a major player like Jerry Stackhouse, who is one of the best players in the NBA, me and him can play hand-in-hand.
Althea PeterSon from at 9:30pm ET
Rodney, how did college prepare you for your future career in the NBA?

Rodney White at 9:30pm ET
Just having to play hard every day and traveling more than you do in high school.
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