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Chat transcript: June 26
Prospecting Richardson

After a thunderous two years at Michigan State, Jason Richardson has emerged as one of the top guard prospects in NBA Draft 2001.

Richardson was named Second Team All-America by The Associated Press as a sophomore and selected to the First Team All-Big Ten Conference by the league's media and coaches in 2001. He was an NABC and USBWA All-District selection and a finalist for both the Wooden and Naismith awards. Perhaps most importantly, he knows how to play big in big games. He helped his team to the NCAA championship as a freshman and to the NCAA Final Four as a sophomore.

Richardson chatted live the day before the Draft, on June 26.
Dee from the Won-DO from at 1:54pm ET
If you had a choice of where you went in the NBA Draft, where would you go?

Jason Richardson at 1:54pm ET
Doesn't matter. Anywhere is good.
ghulam from at 1:54pm ET
Do you feel pressure while performing in front of the NBA scouts ???

Jason Richardson at 1:55pm ET
I don't feel any pressure. None at all. I just have to go out and perform. I put pressure on myself, but I don't feel it from the scouts.
mykel at 1:55pm ET
Who do you think the No. 1 draft pick should be?

Jason Richardson at 1:56pm ET
Tough question. I don't know. I guess I would pick Kwame Brown. He reminds me of Kevin Garnett. He's very versatile.
Mindaugas from at 1:56pm ET
What is your original position: shooting guard or small forward?
Thank you.

Jason Richardson at 1:56pm ET
Shooting guard.
Aaron England from at 1:56pm ET
How do you think those two years at Michigan State helped you?

Jason Richardson at 1:57pm ET
It helped me a lot. I became a more physical player, and became better defensively.
Ranil from at 1:57pm ET
Where in the draft do you expect to go and do you feel you had a better workout for a particular team?

Jason Richardson at 1:58pm ET
I think anywhere between three and seven, and I think I worked out well for all the teams.
Ryan McKenrick from at 1:58pm ET
Growing up what team did you always dream to play for?

Jason Richardson at 1:58pm ET
I didn't really have a particular team.
Pablo from Miami from at 1:58pm ET
Where do you rank yourself among other twos in the draft, and what is your opinion on the fact that your already getting comparisons to Vince Carter?

Jason Richardson at 1:59pm ET
I think I am pretty high as far as rankings for two-guards. As for the Vince comparisions, I think we are both explosive players, but I need to work on my shooting before I get to his level.
KJ, Detroit at 2:00pm ET
Congratulations on a very successful college career. I may be a little bias being a Michigan State fan and all, but people tend to discredit your games based on the 15 ppg you averaged last year. Do you think it was the system you played in? How long do you think it will take to adapt to the pro gram?
Good Luck, KJ from Detroit

Jason Richardson at 2:01pm ET
I feel like I had a very good career at Michigan State. We had a lot of players that could score at MSU, so scoring wasn't a big issue. I could develop in one year or maybe longer, it just depends on how fast I pick things up.
kerby from at 2:01pm ET
What do you think is the strongest part of your game?

Jason Richardson at 2:02pm ET
The best part of my game is that I play hard all game long. I give it up every time I play.
jamal from at 2:02pm ET
If you went to a rebuilding team, for example Vancouver, would you feel pressured to perform harder?

Jason Richardson at 2:03pm ET
I wouldn't feel pressure to perform harder. Wherever I go, I will play my hardest and help my team.
Steve from at 2:03pm ET
What advice have you recieved from if any MSU alums like Mateen or Morris?

Jason Richardson at 2:04pm ET
I haven't talked to them in a while, but they said that I shouldn't lose the work ethic that I have. Some players lose their work ethic when they go to the pros, but I won't let that happen to me.
DAVILLE from at 2:04pm ET
I know you have great athletic ability but how have you improved your jump shot that so many people criticize you on? And what are your goals for your rookie season?

Jason Richardson at 2:05pm ET
Last summer and this summer, I have taken 1000 jump shots a day. For next year, I want to be Rookie of the Year. I want to be known as the best player to come out my year.
Steve from at 2:06pm ET
Coach Izzo has always been supportive of his players. What are you going miss not playing for Coach Izzo next year?

Jason Richardson at 2:06pm ET
I will miss his yelling (laughing). He got me to play harder.
JohnKoskinaris from at 2:06pm ET
Hi Jason! How do you feel right now being a few hours away from the announcments?

Jason Richardson at 2:06pm ET
I am just anxious. I doubt I will sleep tonight. I just want it to happen.
Mak from hong kong from at 2:06pm ET
What have you done so far to prepare yourself for the NBA? Such as exercises and drills??

Jason Richardson at 2:07pm ET
I have been in L.A. for the last three months working with other players, trying to get my game the best it can be.
Chris from at 2:07pm ET
You are about to become a millionaire, what do you plan to do first with your new found fortune?

Jason Richardson at 2:07pm ET
Buy my mom a house.
JaMya Brown from at 2:07pm ET
Hey Jason! I know you are a great player, but what do think you'll be able to bring to the NBA?

Jason Richardson at 2:08pm ET
Excitement and energy.
PB from at 2:08pm ET
Jason at what time did you decide to go to the NBA?

Jason Richardson at 2:08pm ET
About a week after a season. I sat down with Coach Izzo and my family, and we decided it would be the best thing for me.
Curtis from Boston from at 2:08pm ET
How would you feel playing for the Celtics? Would you fit in with Walker and Pierce?

Jason Richardson at 2:09pm ET
That would a great team to play for. I have seen Paul on the West Coast this summer. Antoine and Paul are great players.
KJ, Detroit at 2:09pm ET
Who did you pattern your game after growing up? Would you be up for the challenge with guys like Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Allen Iverson and the likes taking over the league?

Jason Richardson at 2:10pm ET
I have been a Dominique Wilkins fan all my life. I think he was really underrated. I look forward to competing against players like Ray Allen and others. It will be a great challenge.
kyle schoen from at 2:10pm ET
In your first NBA game, are you going to be nervous at all?

Jason Richardson at 2:11pm ET
No, I don't this so. I will be amazed that I am in a NBA jersey, in an NBA arena, on an NBA court, but I think I can handle it.
Ed S. from at 2:11pm ET
What would happen if you were faced up against Jordan should he come back? How would you think you'd play? How would you feel, defending a legendary SG like that?

Jason Richardson at 2:12pm ET
That's when I would be nervous!! I would be in awe. He would probably score about 70 points on me!

Jason Richardson at 2:13pm ET
Thanks for everybody that has supported me and to all the fans that I have. Thanks a lot. God bless.
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