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Chat transcript: June 26
Q School

During the 2000-01 season, Quincy Lewis played in 35 games and averaged 3.5 points and 1.3 rebounds per game. Lewis was the 19th pick overall of the 1999 draft and averaged 3.8 points in 74 games during the1999-2000 season.

While at the University of Minnesota Lewis averaged 12.7 points and 4.0 rebounds in 127 career games. As a senior, Lewis was named Third Team All-America by the Associated Press and the NABC after leading the Big Ten and finishing sixth in the nation with 23.1 points per game.

Lewis was a member of the 1998 U. S. Goodwill Games that won the gold medal against Australia in New York City. He makes his home in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Lewis chatted live on June 26.
Gabe at 8:01pm ET
Do you have more fun playing in the NBA or did you have more fun playing in college?

Quincy Lewis at 8:02pm ET
Both are fun. But both are different.
Patrick B from at 8:03pm ET
Do you look for your role (as well as Scott Padgett, Jacque Vauhgn, Deshawn Stevenson) to be greater next year as the starters age even more?

Quincy Lewis at 8:04pm ET
Hopefully. I can't speak for Jacque. Hopefully Scott will be back. And hopefully we can all contribute a little bit more next year.
Ye from at 8:04pm ET
Who do you think was the hardest person you guarded?

Quincy Lewis at 8:06pm ET
For me, I think it would be Reggie Miller. Because he can shoot the ball further than out than a lot of guys. Pretty much wherever he catches it, he can shoot it.
Jason from at 8:06pm ET
How did it feel when you heard David Stern announce your name during the NBA Draft?

Quincy Lewis at 8:06pm ET
It was a great feeling.
Aaron from at 8:07pm ET
Hey Quincy! I just have 1 question to ask. When you were growing up, who was your "hero"??

Quincy Lewis at 8:07pm ET
I don't know if I had a hero. I just kinda took different things from different people. I liked to try and play like Walt Williams and George Gervin.
Senayit from at 8:08pm ET
With the draft coming up, can you relate to what's going through their mind (the players)???

Quincy Lewis at 8:09pm ET
Very well. Just the excitement of being drafted and knowing that you have the opportunity to play. But also having to deal with the fact that maybe your name won't get called.
Pat Brennan from at 8:09pm ET
Quincy what player do you think in the draft would be best for Utah?

Quincy Lewis at 8:09pm ET
You have to ask Kevin (O'Connor, Jazz VP of Basketball Operations) on that one. I think we're at a point where we'd just take good players right now.
Sean B. from at 8:10pm ET
What kind of player do the Jazz need to be a dominant team in the NBA?

Quincy Lewis at 8:12pm ET
Right now, I think as long as we got Karl and Stockton, we're just filling in around them. We just need good players.
Patrick B from at 8:12pm ET
What advice would you give to the prospects falling out of the lottery and futher back in the first round?

Quincy Lewis at 8:13pm ET
That you're going to be a part of a team. So go in and be in shape. And try to learn as much as possible. You're going to go in and try and be a piece of a winning team.
Dean (Sacramento) from at 8:13pm ET
Quincy, are you playing in the Summer Mountain Review for the Jazz this year?

Quincy Lewis at 8:14pm ET
I am. Just trying to improve on what I did and didn't do last year.
Michael at 8:14pm ET
What part of your game have you been working on the most this summer to get better?

Quincy Lewis at 8:14pm ET
Probably my strength and conditioning. Mostly weight lifting and agility and quickness drills.
Matt from at 8:15pm ET
Who do you think will go No. 1 in the draft?

Quincy Lewis at 8:15pm ET
Don't know. Haven't been keeping up that much.
Suman from at 8:15pm ET
What do you enjoy about living in Salt Lake City?
How will the Jazz's offense be altered with the new zone defenses? Will that benefit your game much (ie outside shooting)?

Quincy Lewis at 8:16pm ET
Obviously, you have to go to a zone offense. I think teams will design their offense people in their system that can shoot, try to find holes, open gaps.
Neal from at 8:16pm ET
What do you think about the long road trip next year when the Olympics are in SLC?

Quincy Lewis at 8:18pm ET
It might turn out to be a blessing because with all the long road trips, then you have a long home stand to look forward to. And if we're doing well, we're hard to beat here.
Denis at 8:18pm ET
What do you think about Andrei Kirilenko?

Quincy Lewis at 8:18pm ET
I think he's going to be a great player.
Kevin from at 8:19pm ET
If you don't continue on with the Jazz or even the NBA, what would you do with your life?

Quincy Lewis at 8:20pm ET
Teach high school science.
Jeff from at 8:20pm ET
Quincy, do you want Jordan back?

Quincy Lewis at 8:20pm ET
Yeah. I think it'd be great for the NBA. It'd be Mike.
morris from at 8:21pm ET
Q what kind of role will you have on the team this year?

Quincy Lewis at 8:21pm ET
I think my role will be the same that it was last year. Hopefully I'll get some more time, get better and take a bigger role with the team.
Matt S. from at 8:21pm ET
Who are you best friends, and worst friends in the NBA league?

Quincy Lewis at 8:22pm ET
Probably my closest friends are Bobby Jackson and Sam Jacobsen because I went to school with them.
Eddy from Chicago at 8:22pm ET
What court is the most difficult to play in?

Quincy Lewis at 8:23pm ET
I like Portland and Sacramento and Madison Square Garden because they're hardest. They're loud. The fans are on top of you. And it's just a great atmosphere.
steve holmes from at 8:23pm ET
What is your summer workout schedule? What are you going to add to your game to get more playing time and solidify the two for the Jazz? Thanks for your time Quincy.

Quincy Lewis at 8:23pm ET
Usually court work in the morning followed by weights and then extra running and shooting at night.
Bryan at 8:24pm ET
What do you do in the off-season? For Fun?

Quincy Lewis at 8:25pm ET
I hike, camp, rollerblade, mountain bike, play tennis and then I sleep.

Quincy Lewis at 8:26pm ET
I just want to thank the NBA, the Jazz and all the fans who support our team. And play hard.
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