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Chat transcript: Draft Day, June 27
Brendan Haywood

Brendan Haywood joined for a live chat shortly after being drafted by the Cavs with the 20th pick overall (rights traded later to Orlando).

stephanie at 9:48pm ET
Brendan: how does it feel ???

Brendan Haywood at 9:49pm ET
It feels great to be drafted into the NBA because that was one of my goals growing up. Not a lot of players get to meet those goals, but I was one of the lucky few.
sixpackofjelly from at 9:49pm ET
Brendan what was your reaction when you got called up to be drafted since you were the last player left?

Brendan Haywood at 9:49pm ET
It was a sigh of relief. I was the last man in the green room and was just glad to get out of there and get those cameras off me was great.
Brendan Haywood from at 9:49pm ET
You could be the main center, a big part, in the Cavaliers lineup. How do you feel about that?

Brendan Haywood at 9:50pm ET
I'm not sure if I'm going to be the main center. To say that would be a little premature because I haven't been up there to work out with them. But I'm very excited to be a part of the Cavs' organization.
Juan Angel from at 9:50pm ET
Brendan how does it feel knowing that you will face centers like Mutombo, Mourning, and Oneal?

Brendan Haywood at 9:51pm ET
You have to be a little bit worried because you know those players are so good. But you know it's a challenge and you accept that challenge and you go out there like they're anybody else. If you go in scared of them, they're going to eat you alive.
Chris Lin at 9:51pm ET
What type of things would you need to change to help you improve in the NBA?

Brendan Haywood at 9:52pm ET
First of all I want to come in the best shape possible. Everyone says it's very important for a rookie to come in in shape and prove that he belongs there. Secondly I want to work on my range, out to about 15 feet.
Bryan from at 9:52pm ET
Congrats on making it to the NBA. What are your goals for this season?

Brendan Haywood at 9:52pm ET
My goals for next season are to help the team in any way possible, whether that's helping anyone in practice by going at them really hard or going out there and grabbing key rebounds. I just want to help the team.
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